Alexandre Boucherot - Founder and CEO
Founder of back in 1998 (who said prehistory?), Alexandre is co-founder of Ulule with Thomas Grange. Passionate about unkown but talented DJs, Alexandre is one of those rare people who can enjoy a meal outside in the middle of the Parisian winter. Genuine suggestion box for the team, he puts his long web expertise to serve Ulule.

Mathieu Maire du Poset - Director of projects and communication
As a former journalist, Mathieu has been working on web projects for more than 10 years. Most notably he was reponsable for the web strategy of Marianne magazine and was deputy editor for the weekly site as well as head of web editorials at Profession Politique/Acteurs Publics and editor in chief of Mathieu is passionate about participative financing and the necessary mechanisms of communication for the success of your projects.

Arnaud Burgot - CFO 
A chartered accountant and  'to-do' list amateur, Arnaud is the guy who takes care of all things management at Ulule. After many years spent auditing, he responded to the call of his true passion, entrepreneurship, and joined the Ulule team as CFO. But it's not just the code of commerce that interests him! An ardent boardgame geek and western spaghetti fan in his spare time, he closely follows all legal and transactional issues at Ulule and can help clarify any legal, tax and accounting implications relating to transactions made via our platform.

Thomas Grange - Founder
Creator of in 2000 (when he was 16), Thomas is co-founder of Ulule with Alexandre. Passionate about code and cold soups, Thomas often picks up his banjo and harmonica, before settling down and make a technologic jewel of Ulule.

Florent Messa - CTO
Software developer, Florent allies an acute sense of urban style with extraordinary coding capacities. Witty, he's interested in all the evolutions of the new web. All necessary qualities in a man in charge of building the new version of Ulule.

Adrien Ménard - CSO 
Without a doubt, Adrien is the team member who spends the most time on the move. Whether by scooter, train or plane, Adrien is in charge of partnerships and commercial development. Former commercial director of Aposition (Aegis group), his time is divided between his immoderate (and unrelenting) love of football, and his desire for slick operations by developing the Ulule ecosystem.

Mila Colas - Director of Region and Territory 

Tsilla Kogel - Partnership Manager
Rubén Gutiérrez - Tean projects Spain

Annika Schlüter - Team projects Germany
Paola Khawatmi - Team projects
Yoann Le Roscouët - Product Manager
And all our greatings to all those who helped us during the adventure: 

Mélinée Bardet for her precious help and administrative meticulousness.

Laura Tomanin Vescovacci (on Ulule & on Twitter) Project manager, passionate about creativity and all the digital evolutions that can serve it.
 Cédric Begoc(@fifi_) for guiding Ulule's community with talent and his social expertise.
Rebecca Sims  for the English support, the many corrections and the mince pies.
 Benjamin Lavergne (@benjaminlav) for his financial assistance...priceless! 
 Stéphane Angel (@twidi) for building the site and being a good idea factory.
 Charlotte Karczewskifor the pattering, all the interventions on Vox and the dedication.
 Chloé Sallic for her How Tos, her dedicated help on Vox and the pre-release phase
 Julie Potvin for almost everything pretty on the site.
 Julien Nantiec for the motion design of our introducing video.
 Thomatome for the catching music of the same video.
 Pamela Poolefor her help on the English, her advice andwording solutions.
 Fabien Stimulak for the intro/outre of the videos How To.
 Lionel Girardfor his technical advice on Ulule Vox.

& friends, families, alpha-geeks, beta-testers, grocers, their friends, their families...Thank you !