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ZMIÉNA, from Kafka's The Metamorphosis

An insane short film, freely adapted from Franz Kafka

About the project

(下の日本語のテキストを見てください !!)


An uppercut,
a personal reimagining of
one of the greatest stories that fantasy/drama literature has to offer,
extremely rare on the screen.

David Lynch tried to adapt it. Polanski played it on stage. And we're going for it.

A short film like a scream.
A tribute to the power of Kafka's original short story
but with a totally new edge.

Kafka started his story with a character already transformed.
In Zmiéna, the hero, Greg, will wake up before the transformation...

This is the story of a nightmare in progress,
an unstoppable mutation, taking hold of Greg..

..until the end.

Starring Rurik Sallé as Greg,
a unique protagonist in a suffocating nightmare unfolding behind closed doors,
and outstanding make-ups by Jacques-Olivier Molon,
one of France’s SFX masters
(Mandy, Inside, Amélie Poulain...)!


(below and above, preparatory drawings for the film)



Click on the video on top of the page, or just below.. The crew tells you everything.




After publishing 8 explosive books since 2014..

Pierre was born in 1968 in Niort. Yes. As an actor, you might have seen him on the big screen, on TV and on stage. As a director and a writer, his movies won quite a few awards in festivals. He also wrote several plays, as well as a first novel in 2017.

Selective filmography

NÔ (EXIT) (2014)
Produced by Quatrième Gauche (Paris)
Starring Christophe Salengro
Public prize at FCMG
Francilien de Bronze at Festival de Courts-métrages francophones…

CASTE (2012)
Produced by Têtes à Claps (Paris)
Prix du Public at Festi’Ciné in Lussac
Mention at FCMM…

RESTO (2010)
Cowritten and codirected with Manuel Tribot
Produced by Têtes à Claps (Paris)
Best Comedy at Festi’Ciné in Lussac
Prix Coup de Coeur at Festival Ose Ce Court in Bischheïm…

Produced by Eklektik Productions (Bruxelles)
Starring Shirley Bousquet, Ophelia Kolb, Pierre Renverseau, Frans Boyer
Prix Spécial du Jury at Festival de Lussac

Produced by Promenades Films (Marseille)
Starring Fabrizio Rongione, Pierre Renverseau, Christophe Salengro…
Festival International du Film Grolandais in Quend
Prix Shorts TV Festival at Film Court d’Angoulême
2ème Prix at Festival de Lussac
Special Mention at Festival Ose Ce Court in Bischheïm
Sélection 13 ans by 13ème Rue…


Rurik will play Greg, the film’s only physical character.

He performs on french television (Groland), in a handful of short movies (Ninja eliminator 4Zombinladen) and in feature films (the main thug in Dead Shadows). An experienced stage actor (in the theatre, as an anchor, doing stand-up), Rurik has also impro-hosted hundreds of TV and web shows (+ ou - Geek, Mad Movies...). He's also a composer (see below).

Selective filmography

Groland, 9 episodes (2015-2019)

L’Affaire Marvin by Lewis Eizykman (2018)

Gary and Spocky by Yann Le Cornec (in english, 2018)

Le Travail du castor by Steed Cavalieri (2018)

Plus proche de l'info by Simon Amand (2018)

Les Rescapés de l'impossible Ep.2 by Mathieu Berthon (2017)

Breuvage by Marie Kalfon (2015)

Ninja Eliminator 4 : the french connection by Mathieu Berthon (2014)

Escape from Midwich valley by PH Debiès (2014)

ABC's of death « X as for XXL » de Xavier Gens (2012)

Dead Shadows by David Cholewa (2012)

Zombinladen by Clément Deneux (2011)

Die die my darling by François Gaillard (2011)

Welcome to Hoxford by Julien Mokrani et Samuel Bodin (2011)

Bloody christmas 2 : la révolte des sapins by Michel Leray (2010)

Le Réserviste by Mathieu Berthon (2010)

Imaginez by Max Zélenka (2009)



Jacques-Olivier worked on 60 feature films as a special effects make-up artist and technician, his talent is acknowledged all around the globe (with awards won in Sitges, Los Angeles, Boston, Amiens…) He even has the Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres title. Jacques-Olivier is also a director (Humains, co-directed in 2009, starring Sara Forestier, Lorànt Deutsch, Dominique Pinon and Philippe Nahon).

Selective make-up filmography

The Emperor of Paris by Jean-François Richet (2018)

Mandy by Panos Cosmatos (2018)

Saint-Amour by Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine (2015)

Horsehead by Romain Basset (2014)

Boule et Bill by Alexandre Charlot and Franck Magnier (2013)

Mais qui a re-tué Pamela Rose ? by Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux (2012)

BloodRayne: The Third Reich by Uwe Boll (2011)

Le Deuxième Souffle by Alain Corneau (2007)

Inside by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (2007)

Arsène Lupin by Jean-Paul Salomé (2004)

Bon voyage by Jean-Paul Rappeneau (2003)

Amélie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2001)

Vidocq by Pitof (2001)

L'Humanité by Bruno Dumont (1999)


The movie poster was designed by JessX. Illustrator, JessX’s work can be seen predominantly in Distorsion’s publications (including the grimoire of the same name, and the "Le Cinéma français c'est de la merde !" books) and Speedball fanzine. He also does concert posters, strips, and owns a VHS copy of Abomination.


The director asked for it: Rurik will also compose Zmiéna’s soundtrack, "sounds, notes, transitions, rather than melodies", as Pierre Renverseau would describe it.
Composer in the heavy ghost-instrumental band Fugu Dal Bronx, Rurik also wrote scores for numerous movies, including about fifteen silent films by D.W.Griffith, songs for feature film Livid by A.Bustillo et J.Maury (2011), and a score for a very recent documentary dedicated to legendary FX specialist Douglas Trumbull, Trumbull Land by Greg Wallet, selected in Sitges, Lumière in Lyon, Utopiales in Nantes and screened at the French Cinémathèque. He’s also composed several atmospheric scores for exhibitions held in Japan and France.

Selected musicography

Original soundtrack for the film Les Silences de Johnny by Pierre-William Glenn (2019)

Original soundtrack for the film Trumbull Landby G. Wallet (2018)

Soundtrack for the exhibition Odyssée in France (2018)

Soundtrack for the exhibition Negative legacy in Osaka, Japan (2018)

O.S.T. for the exhibition Necronomicon Chronicles : From the desert city in Osaka, Japan (2017)

Main title for the web show (Titre Provisoire) (2017)

Soundtrack for the exhibitionNecronomicon Chronicles in Osaka, Japan (2016)

Music for the feature film The Shelter by John Fallon (Canada, 2016)

Adaptation of the main theme Le Corps de mon ennemi for Fugu Dal Bronx (2016)

Original soundtrack for the film Billy Trigger de C.Viel (Canada/USA, 2016)

Original soundtrack for the film Au Petit Péché de E.Péché (2015)

Main title for TV show + ou – Geek (2014)

Songs for the album Ti Nedo to Xtro by Fugu Dal Bronx (2012)

Songwriting and singing of songs for the film Livid by A.Bustillo, J.Maury (2011)

O.S.T. for 13 silent films by DW Griffith for french TV (2011)

Original soundtrack for DW Griffith's film The Avenging Conscience (2009)


Jeff worked on more than 50 TV shows, about 20 shorts, and twenty more music videos. That'll be the second time he's a DOP for Pierre Renverseau, after the short Resto 2 in 2015.


Graphic designer, book designer and poster maker living in Bordeaux, France. He studied graphic communication and Fine Arts, and got specialized in book design and film poster (re-releases in theaters of Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant, John Mc Tiernan's Predator, Three Billboards, Robert Altman's The Player... Marc likes to try many different stuff in his field, different methods, and never gets stuck in the same old techniques. He's a risk taker ! He worked on the graphic editing of all of Zmiéna's posters, as well as some of the graphic elements of this very Ulule page.

Site officiel


François Ravet has drawn the preparatory sketches for Zmiéna that can be seen on this page. He is a graphic designer, webdesigner, illustrator, musician in a several bands, webdesign and multimedia creation teacher, drums teacher.
He founded the Papier Pixel multimedia creation company. He's the producer of several websites and illustrations for print publications, movies, music, games.


What are the funds for?



This crowdfunding will allow us to make a movie as NUTS as it is in its director’s mind.

And that’s something.

Distorsion has published printed radical, uncompromising book since 2014. It is now delighted to be able to support such a distorted project and help bring a powerful vision to life, inspired by illustrious predecessors.


As usual, it’s between you and us!

The financial goal we set is only a minimum to bring project Zmiéna to life.. But the larger the budget, the bigger and better the movie. Explosive.

Make-up is sensational. The movie’s esthetics are tremendiously demanding.

We sure as hell are not planning on getting a job half-done.

And you are going to help make this project a reality.


We’ve come up with several ways for you to do that.

You can take part in the film’s journey, get litteral pieces of its History, a fantastic shirt, get your name in the credits, even visit the set or get a mask molded to your face by the make-up wizard !

We’re doing this movie all together. That’s the beauty of it.

Fuck yeah !


For you to print in your desired format ! That'll be gigantic !

Be the only ones, along with the film crew, to have the secret formula in your hands !

Be included in the History of the film, for eternity !

Watch our make-up maestro explain his work, as the magic takes place, in an exclusive video only for you !

Become the happy owner of the film soundtrack by Rurik Sallé, scary, oppressive, in 320kbps HD quality ! Includes an EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACK for crowdfunding backers only !

While the film is in pre-production, while it is shooting, while it's getting edited, get the movie diary in real time ! Every new step will be documented, just for you, with exclusive photos, videos, interviews !

The ultimate magic book, with ALL the preparatory drawings and sketches by the the make-up maestro, the graphic artists + work notes and every other little secret.. This will be signed to YOUR NAME by the whole film crew !

Attend the movie premiere in France, and discover the movie you helped getting made ! The screening will be followed by a cool cocktail and drinking moment with the whole crew ! And if you can't be in France, you'll be able to follow the whole evening in real time with an exclusive link, wherever you are !

Incredible technology ! That poster is insane, and tear-proof. And washable ! The best medium to print a poster on, just beautiful ! Size XL !!

The beautiful film poster, magnificently printed on a 100% cotton shirt ! Unreal graphics ! Every size available, for man or woman !

Get an exclusive piece of the prosthetics used in the film ! A big piece of the creature, for YOU only !

Comme and witness the madness as it's going ! Spend a whole day on the shoot of Zmiéna in France, see the mutation in front of your very eyes, be part of the adventure, assist the director, the assistants, observe and talk with the make-up artist, wander on the set, and eat with the film crew ! A CRAZY experience !

Put your name in the OPENING credits of the film, where only the main and most important crew can be ! Be proud, just like we will be ! AND get your name also in the end credits !

Put your hands on one of the only 8 copies of the creature's head from the film, the final and most impressive transformation of our character Greg ! A head molded, painted and sculpted by our make-up magician himself, numbered and signed by the maestro ! Collector, unique, only 8 worldwide !

Here is the absolute madness. Spend a whole day in the make-up artist workshop near Paris, discover his craft, ask all the questions you want, manipulate his make-up art from some of his 60 previous feature films.. And GET YOUR OWN FACE MOLDED ! Experiment the thing just like the actors, under the virtuoso hands of the make-up maestro, and KEEP THE MOLD WITH YOU to do it again at home, as well as THE MASK OF YOUR FACE ! You can also do it with your hand. It also is possible to OFFER THIS EXPERIENCE TO SOMEONE ! Can you picture what an insane present that'd be ? "Say, I'm going to offer you the opportunity to get a mold of your own face by one of France's greatest movie make-up artists !!" An absolutely wild adventure, absolutely ! Limited to three people only !


About the project owner

is the production department of

Distorsion has published 8 bouquins since 2014 (see up there in the page), co-produced 13 episodes of the web show (Titre Provisoire), released two albums through the Distornoïz label (the Distornoïz compilation, and Quatre semaines dans la pénombre), produced 10 audio podcasts (Disto radio), organizes the Distodrome every month in Paris, and just produced a documentary, to be released on DVD for christmas this year.

Distorsion, a band of mutants who step on the cultural, artistic, creative dullness, and repair the ozone layer. This team was conceiving the magazine Metaluna, and some of us have wandered through many horizons, from print publications on fantastic cinema (Mad Movies, L'Écran Fantastique, Toxic) to heavy metal press (Hard n'Heavy, Hard Rock magazine), from TV (+ ou - Geek) to book writing, to vidéo on the web, screening in theaters, and production.


Since its creation in 2006, Têtes à Claps supported many creations in the music field, the movie field (short films, co-production, technical and artistic direction) and documentaries.

filmography fiction

Exit, 1st episode by Romaric Croisile and Mathieu Mazzoni (2016)

Resto 2 by Pierre Renverseau and Manuel Tribot (2015)

Jeudi by Agathe Predour (2015)

Caste by Pierre Renverseau (2012)

Dignement by Romaric Croisile / Co-Prod Cinesquad - WYDIWYG (2012)

Obsession by Nicolas Beuglet (2011)

Cuda’s Fiction by Romaric Croisile / Co-Prod Cinesquad - WYDIWYG (2011)

A Woman Revenge by Beryl Coutat / Co-Prod Cinesquad - WYDIWYG (2011)

Resto by P. Renverseau & M. Tribot (2010)

Instant T by Beryl Coutat / Co-Prod Cinesquad (2010)

Pour le Meilleur by Coralie Peronne / Co-Prod Eskwad (2010)

Cercles by Louis Albert Serrut (35mm - Kodak) (2008)

Vie Publique by Louis Albert Serrut (16mm - Kodak) / Co-Prod Escapade (2007)



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