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YUNO: The Most Functional Performance Shot

Six proprietary blends for grab-n'-go shots utilizing spices and herbs shown to balance mental health + accomplish your unique goals

About the project

Do performance drinks do it right? Can you achieve optimal results by providing the same type of boost for compiling a spreadsheet to leading a meeting?
No, you can't. So we found a better way!

We at Food to Heal thought so too and created YUNO, the most functional performance shot that tailors to your unique needs through collections aimed at the needs of what you need to tackle, whether cognitive or social and inhibitory, and help you accomplish your specific goals.

YUNO’s Collections encompass six different functional collections – each collection's spices and herbs blend intended to provide the body tools for a specific function as well as promote balanced mental wellness. The Cognitive Packages include: Energy, Focus, and Memory to help you tackle your work and the Inhibitory Packages include Zen, Uplift, and Sleep to help you communicate and manage your day. Each of YUNO's Grab-n’-Go 2oz Packs are:

  • vegan (100% plant-based),
  • protein-packed
  • gluten-free,
  • nut-free,
  • allergen-friendly,
  • and made from a unique blend and treatment method of 20+ spices each collection.

All that’s left is for you to pick, tear, and thrive with YUNO!

 Supported by the Females Founders Collective and created by two co-founders, a food-scientist and an ai-product manager, for our friends and peers in college and in the workforce to do great things and feel good in the process. By understanding the unique nutrient and neurotransmitter needs for the brain to function at optimal targeted performance, the balance between the brain and body can be promoted to mitigate long term cognitive deterioration through intensive wear-and-tear under pressure and exposure to extreme neurochemical situations.

Rather than pumping our bodies and running till burning out, YUNO’s and Food to Heal’s goal is to help reduce burnout and promote balanced mental health among our communities and among folks like you and us to help sustainably and successfully tackle our goals ahead. If you use energy drinks and think there might be a better answer, please support us and be among the first to try YUNO so #YUNOYouBest!


What are the funds for?

YUNO Energy

YUNO Energy is designed to help you break out and achieve through spices and herbs including:

  • Tamarind,
  • Allspice,
  • Cumin,
  • Parsley,
  • and a number of others.

This blend contains ingredients researched and shown to help promote the necessary tools to avoid mid-day drowsiness, reduce stressors and promoting mood, and regulate the body's proper cravings for you to jump up and tackle your day.

YUNO Focus

YUNO Focus is designed to help you dive deep and reveal through spices and herbs including:

  • Ginkgo Biloba,
  • Cinnamon,
  • Rosemary,
  • Black Radish,
  • and a number of others.

This blend contains ingredients researched and shown to help promote the necessary tools for alertness and concentration, increase O2 bio-availability, and promotion of reduced distractions to dive back into flow and crush your day.

YUNO Memory

YUNO Memory is designed to help you recall and analyze through spices and herbs including:

  • Curry leaf,
  • Ginger,
  • Sage,
  • Fenugreek,
  • and a number of others.

This blend contains ingredients researched and shown to help promote the necessary tools to cut through brain fog, improve creativity, and improve the clarity of abstract thought helping you anticipate and be prepared for the day ahead.

YUNO Uplift

YUNO Uplift is designed to help you stay positive and thrive through spices and herbs including:

  • Lime Leaf,
  • Cardamom,
  • Lemon Balm,
  • Lavender,
  • and a number of others.

This blend contains ingredients researched and shown to help promote the necessary tools for elevating your mood and natural curiosity, reducing jitters with energy, and improving ease of communication helping you handle the day ahead with a one-up on your back pocket.


YUNO Zen is designed to help you calm down and stay optimistic through spices and herbs including:

  • Turmeric,
  • Dill,
  • Saffron,
  • Thyme,
  • and a number of others.

This blend contains ingredients researched and shown to help promote the necessary tools for thinking rationally, communicating effectively, and facing challenges to help you charge forth and deftly deal with the day at hand.

YUNO Sleep

YUNO Sleep is designed to help you have a more restful night through spices and herbs including:

  • Anise,
  • Horseradish,
  • Tarragon,
  • Nutmeg,
  • and a number of others.

This blend contains ingredients researched and shown to help promote the necessary tools for balancing Circadian Rhythm, improving nightly memory processing and improving daytime alertness to help you have the night YUNO you deserve and tackle the day ahead with a fresh mind.

And How Do YUNO's Collection Taste + Feel?

Early on we realized that if we want to truly provide a good source of performance for our colleagues, we needed to find out why they feel they needed the mid-day pickup to the midnight fuel. To bring necessary cognitive wellness effectively to people like yourself, we had to look past the assumption that a boost of unfocused adrenaline from a source of caffeine rushing through the body as energy, and rather, took upon the task of understanding the functional stressors stemming from environmental factors as well as lifestyle factors in a modern-day workplace.

Throughout 2018 and materialized our findings through six unique blends from spices and herbs researched to promote neurotransmitter production taking into expanding one's own baseline energy and maintaining cognitive wellbeing.

YUNO's Nifty Secrets

(One-of) YUNO's Secret: a special process that allows extraction of the proteins, fibers, vitamins, and the good stuff from our ingredients while balancing tastes and flavors to give you a balanced boost that helps you be you better, not shock your system.

About the project owner

The Mission Driving YUNO

Our mission through YUNO at Food to Heal is to improve mental wellness by unlocking the potential of spices and herbs helping you become the you YUNO you can be. Whilst the world seeks greater heights and looking into the data behind those who are affected for discovering the solution towards preventing a mental health epidemic – information has failed to educate those currently affected that spices and herbs, a pillar in modern day medicine and a major area of modern exploration, and our digestive systems are an essential component to our mental health. We do this for our communities by utilizing burgeoning research in Photochem and neuroscience to understand and discern critical herbs and spices shown to provide the tools for individuals to promote their own mental wellness and productivity through targeted change toward the gut, brain, and the gut-brain axis.

40% of employers are reporting that their employees are very or extremely stressed and 60% of employers are reporting their employees now have more mental health and substance abuse problems.

Currently, among employed adults, anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders are the most common mental health problems – to the point where deaths due to mental health isn’t a surprising topic anymore. Yet the issue of chronic mental health issues at hand was facing can be avoided through different lifestyle choices, is the leading cause of decreasing life expectancy + ballooning healthcare costs + decreasing employee productivity.

From those currently joining the workforce and will be joining the workforce in the coming years, 35% will be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, 25% will be diagnosed with substance addiction, and 20% will be diagnosed with a behavioral disorder.

The outlook is bleaker for the current generation currently joining the workforce, growing up in an environment where the adults in the society are themselves not bringing up mental or emotional pain because of unwillingness to directly face emotional health problems, and where the stigma associated with care seeking behaviors is even more negative by parents and familial figures than in the workplace by many minority communities. This is a ballooning problem with the Gen Y & Z population truly in the line of fire.

YUNO's Team

We understood then the necessity of mental health education and public understanding, not only awareness before the results of a lack of education & support begin affecting our peers and friends in a major way.

When Food to Heal started, both founders, Shenkeri and Bryan had just met and had began their own explorations toward this topic, Shenkeri breaking EU political stories at the same time she was helping educate corporations and schools on the importance of what we consume and it's direct and consequential impact upon mental health through her knowledge of spices and herbs, and Bryan designing models of analyzing topic perception from EEG at the same time as he was helping students engage with mental health activities at NYU. Yet even before this, Shenkeri's personal battles with anxiety, depression, and recovering from attempted suicide is where she first faced the "you know you're off" feeling and addressed it, as well as, and where her passion for spices and herbs fully took root to help her combat her own mental health issues.

Risks and Challenges

As we've learned from making our meals and products and testing throughout 2018, there are always challenges. The spices don't arrive on time, the dehydrator room breaks down, or a snowstorm forces shipments to temporarily delay (unlikely in summer, but hey, these days you never know). But we've faced these problems before and know how to solve them quickly and get back up and running. We're also used to manually shipping out quite a number of orders across NYC so with our new delivery and manufacturing partners, we are completely confident we'll be able to produce and deliver your YUNO's Collections to you on time for you to thrive.

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