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Jeremy Gignoux's first album

With the Acoustic Ensemble

About the project

I am a violinist and composer and lead a small ensemble (with two guitars and double bass). My inspirations are traditional musics, jazz and other improvised genres. After a couple years of playing shows, and polishing original tunes, I have recorded an album with the band. The tunes recorded are all originals, with a couple never heard by an audience.

The incomparable Wayne Garrett, Nathan M. Godfrey and Jason Valleau came to OCL to record with me. 

Now that the recording is done, I still need to get it mixed, mastered, duplicated, decorated. And for this I need your help!

As you can probably tell, the video was made before going in the studio, as I got too busy preparing for the recording to work on this page! Now that some bills are coming in, I got much more efficient.

Here is a taste of a tune of the album:

Here are some demos of songs to be featured on the album:


What are the funds for?

I set a reasonable goal, expecting to fund most of the project myself (or finger-crossed to get a grant), but for the best results the budget would look something like this:

Studio time: $600

Musicians: $3,750

Mixing: $600-$1,200

Mastering: $900

Art cover/design: $500-700

Plus printing, etc.

So, any donation above the $1,200 mark is greatly appreciated!

About the project owner

Nathan and Wayne have been playing in this project since the beginning. Their inclination for ragtime has inspired some of the tunes.


I only have had the pleasure of having Jason play my music a handful of times, and it's always been a treat. I'm really grateful to have him on the album. (Picture by the Nickelodeon Music Club)


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