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YBRID New Album

Cd & Double Vinyl

About the project

Pressing of the new Album of YBRID scheduled for May 2018

CD Digipack and a Double Vinyl Album :


After almost 20 years of existence, YBRID has produced 7 CDs and a dozen EPs.
5 years after the last Album "Alkaest", she puts you to use to release this brand new album.

Support the Artistic Independence !!!

Your collaboration will be used to produce and release this new album in Cd Digipack version accompanied by a Double Vinyl Album.

In return, you will have the album in preview as well as the opportunity to have T-Shirts, badges, stickers, all this limited edition exclusively for contributors.

New album of an hour of music in various formats:

- Cd Digipack

- Double Vinyl

- but also in digital version

Exclusive packaging with the collaboration of Kahinienn Graphix for Artwork from the cover :












This will be the first reference of the brand new YBRID label, Kazar Records where will be referenced there later all of her various productions in all styles.

Description Album:

This new album is the crossroads of her various experiences since her debut where musicality rhymes with animality, where the springs of formatting are laid flat and thrown in the trash, offering fans of strong experiences, the record of all bets.

What are the funds for?

Production, Pressing and Communication

CD Album Digipack + Vinyl Double Album

- Audio Mastering

- Mechanical Reproduction Rights (SDRM)

- Digipack CD pressing

- Double Vinyl pressing

- Creation and printing of pockets and macaroons

- Designer's remuneration of the cover

- Promotion of the album via communication actions

- Making a video clip

- Ulule fees

- Manufacture of T-Shirts and Goodies

- postal charges

- Shipping boxes


1st level : 5000 € harvested

- Production of Digipack CD and Double Vinyl

- Realization of T-Shirts and Goodies (Poster, Badge, Stickers)

2nd level: 8000 € collected

- Digipack CD with booklet

- Double Vinyl in 2 parts

- Making a Video Clip

- Kahinienn Graphix, the author of the Artwork cover will get a higher remuneration.


3rd level: € 10,000 collected

Organization of a private party where all the collaborators will be invited !!!!!!!

About the project owner


YBRID has been around for almost 20 years now.

Beginning of Lives Acts in 1999, then she creates her own label Ark-Aïk.

With a total of 7 albums and 14 vinyls and over 400 dates in France and internationally, Ybrid is first recognized for her originality and artistic independence.

Last album in 2012 with "Alkaest", Ybrid finally comes back and for real with a new album that may disfigure more than one!

Album after album, Sylvie Egret aka Ybrid has been able to redefine the contours of the Industrial Techno scene and definitively impose her personal imprint.

Always present in her compositions, we find cinematic atmospheres and percussions, heavy and indutrial kicks with progressive and orchestral melodies.

Sylvie EGRET is above all a musician (guitar and piano studies at the French Conservatoire) a composer for the Theater and Dance Companies, as well as for Short Films, she also composed a whole work for philharmonic orchestra (Requiem Ex Machina).

Her complete discography in all styles currently includes more than twenty albums.

If you want to know more here it is :

Listen the last albums :



KHAOS DE VISCERA (Original Tracks) :

Site YBRID        - Facebook YBRID        - Youtube YBRID     - Bandcamp YBRID         - Soundcloud YBRID




5 € or more : Support

Thanks on the Facebook page

+ 1 new track reserved for contributors

10 € or more : Music

Previous consideration

+ Digital albumat your home before the official release

15 € or more : Pack CD ++

Previous rewards

+ Digipack CD Album + Stickers at your home before the official release


27 € or more : Double Vinyl Pack ++

Double Vinyl + Stickers at your home before the official release

+ Counterparties at 5 and 10 €


30 € or more : Pack CD +++

CD Album Digipack + Badge + Stickers

+ Exclusive Ulule Campaign T-Shirt at your home before the official release

+ Counterparties at 5 and 10 €


35 € or more : Pack VINYL +++

Double Vinyl

+ Ulule campaign exclusive poster (autographed or not)

+ Badge + Stickers at your home before the official release

+ Counterparties at 5 and 10 €

50 € or more : The YBRID Pack

CD Digipack + Double Vinyl

+ the exclusive Ulule Campaign T-Shirt

+ Ulule campaign exclusive poster (autographed or not)

+ Badge + Stickers at your home before the official release


75 € or more : Pack V.I.P. : Private Party 1 Invitation

Invitation for 1 person to the private party organized for the release of the new album

+ The YBRID Pack : Double Vinyl + Digipack Album + T-Shirt H or F + Badge + Stickers

Date and Place to be defined - current May 2018

Location: 1 hour from Caen / 1 hour from Rennes

100 € or more :
Invitation to the party + a person of your choice

Invitation for 2 people at the evening of the official release

+ The YBRID Pack : Double Vinyl + Digipack Album + T-Shirt H or F + Poster + Badge + Stickers


100 € ou plus :

- YBRID Samples KIT ( WAVE ou AIFF), Ulule campaign exclusive !!!

+ YBRID Pack (Cd + Double Vinyl + T-Shirt + Poster .....)
at your home before the official release

MasterClass M.A.O. PACKS / Computer Assisted Music Training


180 € or more : The M.A.O. pack Small

4 hours of training

+ YBRID Samples Kit

+ YBRID Pack (Cd + Double Vinyl + T-Shirt + Poster .....)

with an aperitif offered after

250 € or more : The M.A.O. pack Medium

1 day of training (or 7h)

+ YBRID Samples Kit

+ YBRID Pack (Cd + Double Vinyl + T-Shirt + Poster .....)


500 € or more : The M.A.O. pack Large

2 training days (or 14h)

+ YBRID Samples Kit

+ YBRID Pack (CD + Double Vinyl + T-Shirt + Poster ......)


850 € or more : The M.A.O. pack XtraLarge

5 training days (or 35h)

+ YBRID Samples Kit

+ YBRID Pack (CD + Double Vinyl + T-Shirt + Poster ..)


1000 € or more: YBRID in Live Act(excluding Transport)

2000 € or more : The Ybrid's ANGEL Pack
You are Maecene or the Angel Gabriel in Person !!

Are you a company : Become a partner of YBRID's musical project
Show your clients your support for Music Creation and artistic independence

Are you the Angel Gabriel  himself ?
All Previous rewards

+ follow me on the New Album Tour as a VIP during 2018 and 2019 !!!!



Counterparties - Additional info:

The badge :


The M.A.O. Packs :

Computer Assisted Music Course in my Studio in Lower Normandy in the South Manche (50)

(1 hour from Caen, Rennes and St Malô)

Relaxed atmosphere ;)

Location in the countryside surrounded by animals, 4 km from the sea and 10 km from Granville (50400)


- For all levels including beginners!

- Individual or maximum 2 trainees

- Software covered: Cubase
or Ableton Live (only for VSTi)

- Help with Composition and Music Production

- Vst instruments

- Recording

- Mixing, Pre-Mastering

- Realization of a Home Studio


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

Ask your question Report this project