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Yapouni's Murals & Avatars

Help make the hospital experience more fun for little patients and their family !

About the project

the first two products from his colorful and poetic universe
- a Cactus mural & Avatars -
... to make the hospital experience of little patients and the whole family - more fun!

A sticky poster - to be assembled and colored - that grows over the days and encourages even the youngest to express their emotions, their pain and to share moments of complicity with the entire family ... and with the nursing staff!


For the older ones, an avatar to create and customize - they can choose a natural element, animal totems, and facial features.
The goal? To allow them to reflect their emotions and strengthen their self-esteem!
(* suitable for all major creative little stars - in or out of hospital)

Our serious game project,
which is an educational game, on tablet, whose purpose is to allow children, from 3 to 8 years, and their parents to understand the process of care and de-dramatize hospitalization.

Yapouni needs your help to take his FIRST BIG STEP and
... to start his MISSION!

Contributing to the Yapouni’s murals & avatars project will allow us
to introduce the first fun tools in the daily life of hospitalized children
and take a step closer to producing our serious game, Yapouni!


to bring to life your child’s imagination?
And create your own language through pictures?

Rules of the game

1. Stick
the base of the Cactus poster on the wall to decorate your little star's room and set up the game
(don’t worry, it will come off easily!)

2. Play!
Every morning, your little star will be able to color and stick a bud on the base of the cactus ... and start again at night, with the flower of their choice
until their next care or hospital discharge



The Yapouni team would also like to associate you with its hoped success!

If, as a result of the campaign, we find the partners and the necessary funding*,
   we will offer the first version of the app (in addition to your purchase) 
who will have supported us in this first stage of the project!
Thank you so much 

What are the funds for?

And if we pass the level of happiness ($10,000), we put 80% on the development of the application ‘My Other Self’

If we reach
More than $10,000
ALL of our contributors will receive an "Animation Kit" - a tutorial for both young and old - to learn to draw (almost) as well as Disney or Pixar.

If you choose “I do not want any consideration”
You will received a big THANK YOU on behalf of the little patients in hospital 
You just contributed to the production of the serious game, Yapouni

Through the application your child will be invested with a mission. They are the doctor of Yapouni, a little red panda who is the same age, has the same tastes you have programmed, and the same illness as them.

About the project owner

We thank you to make 
Yapouni and its mission shine !

is a young producer who has decided to put her expertise and passion for storytelling, animation and immersive worlds, in the service of an impact project ... and a subject that is particularly close to her heart! Before creating Yapouni, Marianne followed a double degree in law (University Panthéon-Assas) and in commerce (ESCP Europe), then specialized in international co-productions of films and series.

is an illustrator and storyboarder, whose virtuoso pencil brings Marianne's imagination to life on paper ... and on a tablet! Mathilde learns the art of illustration during her Visual Communication course at Ecole Brassart, then enriches her knowledge by specializing in storyboard at the Gobelins School of Animation. She shares her passion with the youngest during creative workshops to awaken their imagination, and with adults by transmitting her know-how.

A big thank you to our trainee SIMON BADEDJI for his beautiful artistic work !
Student in 3D Animation at Isart Digital (Montreal), this digital art enthusiast is a great dreamer with his head in the clouds from an early age.