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X Track 4 - an Indoor theme park in Lille

A new crazy sensorial experience, a unique sportainment aventure

About the project

X Track 4 is an Indoor theme park of virtual and augmented reality into extreme sports field.
The only theme park in the world able to provide you adrenaline in virtual reality thanks to sensorial without any risk or training.
Based in Lille, you can go beyond the limits enjoying an unforgettable sensorial experience. This innovative project has been thought by a team of experts.
This crowdfunding campaign would allow us to fund core structure and sets.

Are you ready to take part of this amazing adventure? Let's X Track 4's story begin.

Imagine a world where senses are awakened and freedom is the rule. A 1hour20 adventure which will propel you towards another world, a playful journey of discovery and sharing. X Track 4 will make your outing an emotional destination!

Live the adventure of your like at X Track 4, the new Indoor theme park gets ready to open in Lille.

Virtual reality theme park is a concept which has already been deployed in the USA, Australia, Asia and Europe.
Better known under the name of arcades, in France these parks offer interactive and captivating experiences organized by booth and present a craze for sure for whom provide the experience.

Rules: solving puzzles, zombie hunting, laser game ... immersed with a virtual reality helmet alone or in a team

The indoor virtual reality theme parks are intended for a broad audience: perplexed, skeptics, enthusiasts, geek, no geek or curious ...
From the age of 13, experiences can be discovered in family, friends or even with your company for a team building session.

Concerning augmented reality technology, some of you have experienced this already with the arrival of Pokemon Go in France in 2016 or with Snapchat.
How: through an existing set superimposing by virtuality using a tablet, a smartphone, an application or with the use of an augmented reality helmet.

By the end of 2018, X Track 4 hopes to open its first indoor virtual and augmented reality theme park dedicated to extreme sports in Lille.

X Track 4 experience is 1h20 storytelling.

You will be immersed in two distinct but complementary universes with a unique plotline..

Your adventure will begin within an augmented reality room named "adventure room". There, you will experience a game similar to the Fort Boyard television game. Between challenges, agility and strength, you will discover objects that will allow you to continue your adventure within the second room.
This second universe named "challenges room" will allow you to test extreme sports without risks and special training.

Sportive or not, come discover and immerse you in a world of adrenaline and sensorial.

Will you dare to go further and make the leap?

The Xtracker adventure begins in an augmented reality room during 40min.
His first mission will be to achieve challenges such as dexterity, agility and strength as in Fort Boyard television game, which will enable him to get back objects such as virtual reality helmets, harnesses, connected bracelets ... needed in the next step.

The Xtracker continues its 40-minute adventure in the successive room with its virtual reality helmet.
Its second mission will be to face thrills and adrenaline: imagine that you jump from the highest mountain top, that you take a wave of 30m high, that you fly above the mountains in Wingsuit at over 200km / h or that you walk on a beam at a altitude of 3000m!

X Track 4 is a young company seeking to establish in Lille by the end of 2018.

The whole project, from scenarios to the rooms sets has been thought by a team of passionate people who pool their know-how to make this indoor park a unique destination.

To date, in order to make your journey a unique experience, we have found several locations that could match our expectations. Scenarios are written and ready to be developed by our crazy team.

This space of approximately 600m2 will consist of a trendy bar (get ready for some surprises), two spaces where the xtrackers will live their adventure and a meeting room for your events, seminar or team building.

What are the funds for?

Opening an indoor park based on innovation and technology requires a large budget and complex logistics.

To finance this major project, X Track 4's team invested in equity. The next steps for this funding are bank loan and investors.

A successful campaign would allow us to start on the right footing increasing the initial budget dedicated to the construction of sets and the technological implementation. 

We want to offer our xtrackers a qualitative immersive experience meeting their expectations.

Help us writing the X Track 4's Story, join us !

Your donations will make the technology better having more choices in the equipment used. 

If we exceeded 10000 euros

The funds would be dedicated to the commercial lease and the right place to establish.

If we exceeded 20000 euros

The funds would be devoted to the development of this place both from the sets to the technological equipment. 

- Tickets

These tickets will work as vouchers when you make your reservation.
Depending on the reward you've chosen, you will receive a ticket from 1 to 7 people, using one a time.
The parts are designed to be played from 2 to 7 people. It will not be possible to book for less than 2 players. Your name won't on the tickets, you can offer them to a person of your choice.

Some rewards provide unlimited access to X Track 4 from 1 to 2 persons. Your name won't on the tickets but these tickets are valid for only one person of your choice.

- Invitation to the beta-test scenario before opening

If you went up there and saw the park before anyone else? Your contribution would allow us to build the perfect experience before the park opening. You will receive an invitation by mail to attend the beta test.

- Invitation to the next scenario X Track 4

New experiences make you feel crazy? Let your imagination run wild... X Track 4 changes its scenarios every 3 years. Participate to the next one !

- Invitation to the Bol d'Air adventure park

Do you like outdoor spaces and unusual adventures? The Bol d'Air adventure park located in the Vosges offers unique activities in France such as the Tyrolean with curves or the Tyrolean of 1km350 with a virtual reality option.

About the project owner

X Track 4 is a young company, but on the backside, there is a strong magic team with diverse and complementary backgrounds, united by two common passions: sport and  technologies.

Hey my name is Lina, I'm 31 :)

Let me introduce Fred :

And Fab':

Fab? OK nerver mind...It's him :D

Our biggest quality: we are behaving like children
(imperfections are nothing: S)

Join us to build X Track 4's Story and help us to make this project real !

Find us on facebook and instagram by clicking on the following icons!

Thanks :

To all our partners: GoRive, GoTouch VR, Bol d'Air, Entre2Nature and The Action Cruise