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an eco-friendly and ethic brand !

About the project



W.Y.L.D.E. was created with the desire to offer a new way for people to participate in and appreciate fashion.

Through a process that is both eco-friendly and ethic, Wylde gives a second life to used, vintage pieces by creating new, unique, original and trendy pieces.

W.Y.L.D.E. is an exclusive and original designs with rock and contemporary accents. 

Créations [re]Made in France & [re]Worked by Hand with a strong identity for a sharp style resolutely trendy.




THE COLLECTION                

Today, I’d like to develop W.Y.L.D.E. further by proposing a second line of clothing: my own collection. Conceptualized, detailed and sewn in France. The collection will be produced in mini-series only and in ethic and humane conditions, of course staying close to the identity of the brand.

The CAPSULE collection pré-summer 2016 are 4 models with various printed and fabrics choices, all them inspired by the rock universe.

I decided to only use primary materials from France in order to reduce the need for transportation and to favor the local economy. 



The collection will be created by the Solidary Textile Workshop Mode Estima, based in Ile-de-France/ FRANCE.

The association and the workshop Mode Estime was created by Alice in 2014. Mode Estima proposes to handicapped and unemployed persons the ability to be reinserted into the community by learning how to sew.

The workshop is run by Patricia who, very touched by the project, became Alice’s “right hand man”. They welcome and train around 20 people, all while learning to work on their self-confidence.

It’s thanks to Charlene Amy, Aissatou, Misbahou and the whole team at Mode Estime that Wylde’s first collection will be created! 


The first collection of WYLDE has been completely designed !  But I need your help to finance the production and buy  all the primary materials for the bulk.

 I decided to make a crowdfunding campaign instead of going to the bank.

All pre-sales on ULULE will help me to produce the first collection and give new impetus to the brand.

 By supporting Wylde’s first collections, you will help me be able to invest in a production that is ethic, local and eco-friendly! So, please participate in Wylde’s history by become future clients and investors!


It is safe: if my objective is not achieved Ulule reimburse you fully!



I would like to thank all of you !

Depending on your donation, you can get a preview styles of CAPSULE COLLECTION pre-summer 2016 or another rewards. 

Bellow the pictures of the rewards. The clothes presentations are prototypes.
A number of improvements will be made for get a better finishes and sizes.

Each piece is crafted according to your choice of material and size and quantities will be limited. Those conférent the exclusive look!

Pre -summer 2016 - Collection CAPSULE 



The tote bag and goodies 


The Bag Totes WYLDE are 100% Organic Cotton with a digital printed Made in France. All the goodies are realized in France and personalized with Wylde logo.

Jewelry of  WYLDE & LA GEOMETRIE collaboration



A WYLDE création & LA GÉOMETRIE expertise ! 

The jewelry will be made by LA GÉOMETRIE brand, all the jewelery is made in Paris by hand.

Three models available: The shirt collar pins, the piped pockets pins and the "W" necklace.

The technique : Digital collage, engraved metal and wood. Every pieces are hand-cut, so every single one is special.


More details : 

1 -  The shirt collar pins                     2 - The piped pockets pins                   

Disponible printed:                              Disponible printed:                                   

- Black & White Leopard                      - Black & White Leopard                         

- Flowers Power                                    - Flowers Power                                     


                             Fixed by pins.                                       Fixed by pins.                                 
  Dimension: 5,5 x 3 cm                          Dimension: 8,5 x 1,5 cm                  


What are the funds for?

This crowdfunding will help me gather the necessary funds to buy primary materials and pay the collection production and goodies items.

With you we aim to raise 4 550 € to cover the vital financial investments required to take up our activity.


- 1400€ : Bulk of Pré-Summer 16 Collection with Solidary Textile Workshop Mode Estima .

- 1090€ : Primary Materials from France

- 500€ : Style's pattern and development of collection.

- 788€ : Goodies production and Delivery rewards.

- 435 € :  Management costs and accounting by the cooperative Coopaname

Sub - Total : 4 213€

- 337 € :  Ulule's commission  

Total :  4550

If thanks to you, I exceed the aimed objective, I can invest in the Summer 2016 collection, improve the quality of labels, re-worked the WYLDE website, etc.... But that, it's an other story...

About the project owner



Stylist and co- creator of the brand

I was born in the land of sun, samba and footbol ! And I like a croissant, cheese and wine !

Fashion and desire to dare another life brought me in France in 2008 . After a few years working in fashion in Brazil and France , I decided to follow my dream and to do otherwise, to launch myself and create freely.

To commit me in an ethical and responsible fashion appeared to me an evidance. And it was the starting point of the creation of WYLDE.

Avec Julie Vollet, mon ancienne associé, nous avons crée en 2013 WYLDE au sein de la couveause GEAI.

En 2014, je continue à développer la marque en solo afin de pouvoir vivre de cette mode que me passionné. La marque Wylde fait partie aujourd'hui de la la Cooperative de projet COPANAME.

With Julie Vollet, my fold associated, we have created WYLDE in 2013 within the business incubator GEAI.

In 2014, I continue to develop alone the brand to be able to live on this fashion that me fascinated. Today the brand WYLDE is a part of the Cooperative of project COPANAME.

WYLDE's familly

The project increases thanks to the invaluable advice of all those who believe in Wylde:

The team Coopaname who believe in the project and allow me to developper WYLDE within their cooperative. They follow daily the activity of Wylde through one advise and formations. They permetent me to mutualize the accounting services as well as several of the other activities based in Ile de France.

Brice Chevalier, with his sportsmanship and competitor iI advises to me and returns me to the hard reality of the business. During "apèro Wylde" we discuss the fixed objectives, the finance, the working distribution, the loads ... and one finished always with a motivation and positivism touch ! 

Hermine Mahieux with her boldness and connaisance in Modèlisme, she interpreted the WYLDE creations and realized the pattern for the 1st collection. And will realize certainly the next ones. 

Marylène Magnaud recently brings his help by advising me in the hard jobs of communications. Sshe speaks to me about the importance of a communication plan !

Elodie Gallois-Montbrun: video director 


Elodie Gallois-Montbrun: Vidéaste et réalisatrice de la vidéo WYLDE ! She understood the concept and the style of the brand since our first meeting. And she adopts to the project!

Nafissa Harvoire: with her look and  motivation she collaborates with Wylde as Photographer since 2 seasons. She makes amazing photos everything in a great atmosphere. 

WYLDE's friends : my first ones customers and supporter of the project. They allow me to realize Round Tables for a first market analysis! With the always constructive notices, her help me to move forward.

If you arrived up to there, Bravo! You learnt a lot on WYLDE!

I have want, capacities and perseverance for developper WYLDE. Give me the ways and support the project by becoming the ambassadors of the brand!


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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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