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World Radio Paris - Launch over the airwaves

Community Radio Station in English in Paris

About the project

The WRP project was born in 2006 when a group of English speakers living in Paris met around the crazy idea of launching a radio station in English targetting the large Anglophone community in the French Capital.

Last year, the French Broadcasting authority (CSA) finally gave WRP a frequency to begin broadcasts, starting June 20 this year. WRP is a non-profit radio station, it needs support from listeners to pay for its equipment and broadcast fees. In exchange, we garantee a commercial-free high quality radio station, focussing on news-you-can-use when you are an expat in Paris, and bringing listeners great radio shows from partner stations like the BBC and NPR.


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What are the funds for?

The radio station will invest your funds in the following :


Step 1  >> 1,700€ - BROADCAST SET-UP FEE : REACHED !

This is WRP's financial contribution to the purchase of radio broadcast equipment (antennas, tower, and a digital 4 kilowatt transmitter) needed to cover the city of Paris and its surroundings, starting June 20th 2014. Anyone in Paris will be able to tune in in their cars, at home, or jogging in the park, for free, in CD quality !

This fee includes transmitter setup and three months of broadcast (energy, maintenance, monitoring, rent, insurance...) Without this, WRP will not be able to broadcast over the airwaves in Paris as stated in its 10-year license issued by the French Government. If broadcasts don't start on June 20th 2014,WRP will lose its license.

You may find this amount very low. This is because the broadcast costs are shared by 14 radio stations, all broadcasting from the same tower. Moreover, the transmitter's set-up is heavily subsidized by the City of Paris and other public institutions.

Step 2 >> 2,500€ - Essential studio equipment needed for live shows: mixing console, headsets, microphones, two computers for recording and mp3 encoding, one phone "insert" allowing to take callers on the air. We will also need a secondary "production" studio at some point, later in the year.

Step 3 >> 2,300€ - SACEM Music royalty license fee for one year (this will give WRP the right to broadcast copyrighted music onver the airwaves). Although WRP is primarily a talk station, we are required by law to pay for music rights.

Step 4 >> 2,400€ - A professional sound processor machine, for excellent audio quality. Absolutely necessary in order to have proper reception everywhere in Paris. A sound processor adjust audio levels and makes sure the listeners get a perfect static-free reception at home or on the go.



You may make one donation for each step. So you can get up to 4 gifts per household. Everytime a step is reached, we will call for more donations to reach the next step, all through February. Please tell your family, friends and coworkers about our campaign, this is a one-time opportunity for Paris to have an English-language radio station. 

Thank you for your donation. This project cannot succeed without your help.


Read our regular updates on our facebook page : 

Follow us on Twitter : @worldradioparis


About the project owner

WRP is 100% non-profit (based on the 1901 associations' law), no one receives a salary, all the money we get from donors and sponsors is invested in the radio itself. WRP is controlled by a board of 15 directors, mainly journalists and media experts, including NPR's correspondant in Paris, The Africa Report's chief editor, CNN's senior correspondant, a former BBC presenter and a communications' professor from the American University of Paris.

You can listen to WRP's online test transmission on . Our official start date is June 20, when every Parisian will be able to listen to WRP in their cars, at work or jogging in Bois de Vincennes !

For the first time, the BBC, NPR, DemocracyNow, RFI  (English) and many other international stations will be able to broadcast their best shows in Paris. In addition, our team of volunteer journalists and reporters will bring listeners great local contents to make your Paris experience truely exceptionnal.

We already offer over 20 local shows, with interests ranging from sports to fashion, from Paris' history to the latest trendy restaurants in town. We also offer the latest news bulletin for Paris at the top of every hour.

WRP, just like NPR, relies on listeners' contributions. So please make a donation today so that we can make good use of this broadcast license and bring great radio contents to the French Capital. 

Go to WRP's homepage


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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