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The only wristband for real bikers

About the project

WOOLF The only wristband in the world dedicated to the real biker

You no longer have to worry about checking speed limits and other sensitive points, Woolf will do this for you. Woolf is made of high quality leather that is water resistant and specially designed for bike clothing. It is functional, thin and comfortable to wear even with tight gloves.

How it works

The dedicated app uses the leading world mapping speed limit service and other sensitive points guaranteeing maximum precision and constant updating. The closer you get to a sensitive point, the higher will be the frequency of vibration of your wristband, allowing you to arrive at the right speed.

Available for Android and iOS.

WOOLF: smartphone battery use.

We designed WOOLF app optimizing data exchange with our servers and in order to lower battery usage of your smartphone. WOOLF uses background localization services enabling itself only in the areas which contains an autovelox or another sensitive points. When outside active areas the operating system of your smartphone ensures that WOOLF battery usage is minimal.

+100,000 fixed and mobile speed and red light cameras

WOOLF takes advantage of the leading technology in global mapping and other data to bring you the highest level accuracy and constant updates.

  • Daily updates
  • Works in 67 countries, with 99% coverage
  • Speed cameras are checked on-site
  • Used from over 100 navigation devices producers all around the world like: Google Earth, Tom Tom, Garmin, Alpine, Sigic, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Fiat and many others.

Hardware Prototype

We made the wearable proto. Now we're moving into process engineering phase. Soon we will have the new electronic board ready with improved battery, and more powerful vibration.

Application Design

WOOLF connects to the smartphone (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth. Our app uses machine learning algorithms to avoid false positives and to ensure proper operation. You can set the desired level of notification and check your position. The use of data and the battery is optimized to ensure the highest level of efficiency.

Pre-order WOOLF now

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15.00 € shipment cost to US, Canada, Australia, UK and EU
30% off retail price
Receive free updates forever

WOOLF is designed for bikers, but saves money in your car, quad, van, truck and more. WOOLF doesn't need maps or navigation devices.

WOOLF has been featured internationally

Your Security and driving plasure are priceless.

Accessory of the year 2016 - 2nd

"Biker needs only to keep eyes on the road and enjoy the ride"

Talking about WOOLF

is not a radar scanner or detector, which is illegal in some countries. So it’s perfectly legal.

...it may actually make the roads safer for bikers and pedestrians

it is intended to keep your eyes on the road by providing data using vibrations.

What are the funds for?

We will invest resources raised via Ulule to improve production processes and app performance.
In this way we'll be able to start deliveries WOOLF by June 2017.

About the project owner

WOOLF Creators

Curriculum Vitae

Matteo Bissoli: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matteobissoli

Simone Camporeale: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonecamporeale/

Federico Tognetti: https://www.linkedin.com/in/federicotognetti/

Paolo Cappello:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/paolo-cappello/

WOOLF Testing Team

Our testing team is rocking!!! Federico, Giuliano, Alessandro and their ladies are melting the road to make WOOLF your best mate.