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Wonder Women of the World

Girl Power pouches and crossbodies changing the world? It's WWoW !

About the project


Thanks to you, the project became a reality !

You can now find our vegan accessories empowering women on our website at : .


Wonder Women of the World - WWoW is a French fashion accessory brand which aims to empower women. WWoW’s ethically-made products are co-created in France.

Each piece is unique, has been co-created between France and various countries around the world, and integrates authentic textiles handwoven by an artisan woman of the world.

For the first collection, we decided to highlight Cambodia and its coton ikats, made by the women of Watthan Artisans Association, in Phnom Penh.

This first story is written by many hands : first in Cambodia by the weaver women, then in France by our artisans who choose how to cut the patterns for each piece, and finally by your hands when you show what you stand up for.

We have taken particular attention to design so as to combine tradition, modernity and feminity.

Essentially, we are choosing to be a for-profit company, and we are in discussions to get B-Corp'd (like Ulule!).
We combine ethics with design, all the while remaining afordable. How? By reducing our margins. Because if we make beautiful accessories that no one can afford, we won't change the world.

Far from fashion standards, we decided to support local production and to use eco-friendly materials.

WWoW is thus a French co-production : our accessories are handmade by women in a back-to-work program, in a workshop right outside of Paris. This program allows women to build their confidence, all the while improving their sewing skills.

The materials are sourced from Europe and are chosen for their low environmental impact. That is why we do not use any animal material, our vegan leather being mostly made of cotton. In addition, all our linings are produced in France from recycled materials.

If we reach 200% of our objective, we will offer you a special edition made with PiñatexTM (made from the fibers of the tree's leaves, previously considered as "trash").

For each country, WWoW highlights local knows-how by presenting original accessories made by women from an association chosen for its social and environmental commitment.

Through our platform you will be able to learn more about their activities and support them directly. We have already started a blog (, in French at the moment) to present the partners we have met so far.

If Cambodia is the first country to be presented, new countries will be regularly presented. Our ultimate objective being to present the diversity of traditionnal handicrafts on a unique platform.

And to accelerate women's empowerment, we choose to make you give back 5% of each sale to an association working to support women.

You thus choose the project you want to see developed, having a direct impact.

For this first collection, I worked with Audrey, a talented leather craftswoman (who learned her skills working for Chanel). She agreed to develop a collection of pouches and crossbodies with vegan leather and Cambodian textiles. 

Diana Clutch

For your change. Or to put what is lost in your bag. Or for your sunglasses. We let you choose how to use it.
Dimensions : 17cm x 10cm x 4cm (6.7'' x 3.9'' x 1.6'').

Ulule Price : 25€ for Early Bird then 30€, with our emblematic Totebag ! 

Cassie Crossbody

You can hold it by hand or crossbody with the removable metallic strap.
There is a card-holder inside, matching the outside textile.
Dimensions : 24cm x 18cm (9.4'' x 7.1'').

Ulule Price : 50€ for Early Bird, then 55€, with our emblematic Totebag ! 
Considered future retail price : 65€, with no totebag

Choose your style !

* NEW * Troy Card Holder 

This is the first card holder made with Piñatex TM ! For an eco-chic style, the card holder can contain up to 3 cards (Visa style) and is closed by a snap.

Our emblematic Totebag

Enter the community with our totebag made with 100% organic coton by an NGO in India helping women.
Show with pride that "We are all Wonder Women".


We can only guarantee delivery before Christmas for our Early Birds, without any emergency case. We will do everything we can to deliver you as soon as possible, but it is more probable that deliveries be spread over the first trimester of 2017. Indeed, we work for now with a small workshop and we want to make our products with a slow fashion mind.

If you would like to gift one of WWoW's clutch or crossbody for Christmas but that you did not have an Early Bird pack, we will send you a nice greetings card upon request.

The choice of the style.
Once your have chosen your reward and it has been validated, we will send you an email within 48h to know your choice of style. You'll have time to decide which color you like most!

To see the products in real.
All the persons who have seen our products were surprised by their softness. So we have organised a few events for you to come and see them. 

  • Thursday 29 September, 18h-21h : Launch Party - Atelier Meraki - Paris
  • Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October, 10h-19h : Veggie World - CentQuatre - Paris
  • Saturday 15 October, 12h-19h : Vegan Place - Lyon
  • Saturday 29 October, 12h-19h : Vegan Place d'Automne - Place du Palais Royal - Paris
  • and every weekday in Paris : by appointment at Atelier Meraki, 14-16 rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011. Send us an email to [email protected] !

What are the funds for?

Your contributions will allow us to launch the first collection integrating Cambodian textiles, to cover general expenses, but most importantly, to launch the project !

If thanks to you we reach 150 presales, this is how our budget will be divided:

If thanks to you we go over this objective, we could go even further!

These are the next steps on WWoW's path:

About the project owner

Hello !

My name is Salomé, and I am 28 years old.

After a few experiences within the fashion industry, I decided to travel around the world and ended up in South East Asia. That's where I discovered the beautiful textiles and the impact of their sale on artisan's life. WWoW idea emerged in between paddyfield and starry skies. Although the idea was quite rough at that time, I knew I wanted it to convey values that are essential to me : open-mindedness, solidarity, transmission, and feminity. Yet, I didn't want to forget neither fashion nor France.

As an ethical consumer, a vegan, a traveller, and a girl, WWoW represents parts of me but I hope it includes a part of you too so together we can make it a reality.

So far, WWoW has benefited from the help of many friends, family members and various advisors.
Many thanks to the structures that helped us : La Fabrique Aviva, Atelier Meraki, BGE, Ticket for Change, EDHEC, Mouves.
And to all the persons who helped with an idea or a real hand : Judith, Daniel et Sylviane, Danièle T., Muriel C., Renaud S., Jean-Michel L., Amokrane A., Dorothée E., Habib Z., Sherif S., Marie-Charlotte M., Thibaut L., Intissar B., Sabrina M., Aline P., Audrey B., Brigitte, Anne G., Jérémy K., Mathilde D., Nitzan B., Gina D., Marine M., Hortense D., Pauline D., Anke R., Rosalie D., Anaïs M., Laetitia B., Fanny M., Carole H., Anaïs R., Alexandra L., Raphael D., Guillermo V., Margot S., Nils N., and all Meraki's residents !