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Véronica Krafft

wondakammer Paris

My name is Véronica, I'm a French-Colombian designer.

I was born in Tennessee and I grew up in Holland, France and finally Tokyo. That's probably where my passion for colours and counter-cultures was born.

When I arrived in Paris to study menswear, I started collecting 80s printed shirts. At the same time, I discovered digital art, through websites like Computersclub and I took to the works of artists such as Rafael Rozendaal who makes websites, Mark Wilson who programmed computers in the 80s to create his paintings, or Françoise Gamma who creates gif art.

Before I decided to start my own company, I worked in fashion for 4 years. I worked as a designer, a fabric sourcer, a textile designer and a trend forecaster for high end designers, affordable luxury and fast fashion.

I realized early on in my career that some parts of my industry didn't align with my values. Because of this, I decided to combine my ethics with my aesthetics.

The idea of WONDA KAMMER was born in school from my desire to combine all the quirky things I love. WONDA KAMMER is actually a play on the word wunderkammer in German which means cabinet of curiosities.