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Wings of Desire - Learning to fly

A book by Håvve Fjell and Helene Fjell

  • It's here!!!

    Hello wonderful supporters!

    The day has finally arrived, the books are in the house!
    It lookswonderfuland I must say that I am more than a bit proud to see the result.
    Let me say it again: 
    Thank you all for your help!If it weren't for the fact that you believed in us and bought your copy before it was even made, it might not have been made at all.
    You should all be expecting your copy in the mail soon, we are in the prosess of sending it out with the best of help from our friend Stephan at Wildcat in Germany.
    But one drawback is that the book ended up being heavier than we budgeted for, and when packed and ready to go, weighs more than 2kg. In fact, the cost of sending one book is the same as a pack of 14..
    This means that we need to be a bit creative and see if we can send some of the books that goes to the same city in one parcel to save us from bankruptcy.
    And it also means that I am going to ask you to be a bit more patient and add a bit more time before you can sit with your very own copy in your lap and rejoice.
    If anyone of you feel the urge to be the local distributor in your area, please send me an email.
    All the Oslo-based people can pick up their books at Pinpoint Piercing.
    I hope you can all bear with us a bit longer and I promise the wait is totally worth it!
    Best regards,
    June, Håvve and Helene
    PS Media
  • Thank you <3

    We would like to thank all of you who believed in our book project and bought our book "Wings of Desire - Learning to Fly"! Massive hugs to all of you! We could not have done it without you <3

    For those of you who did not get to buy the book, do not despair! You can still buy it for 370 NOK/ 50 EUR until the 15th of June.

    Here's how: http://www.wingsofdesire.org/

  • Last week!

    Dear supporters.

    We only have 6 days left of the campaign. Now we need you to help us in these final days to make sure no one is missing out. We know the last 100 copies will be ordered if just those who forgot to get a reminder.

    Together we shall make it to 500! Please help us prove crowd funding is a great idea!

    Thank you for your support!

  • The real count 19.04.12 at 22.22

    Unfortunately the system counts the number of orders that have been placed, and not the amount of books ordered. The total count right now is 82 copies pre ordered! We are closing in on 20% funded! We have also received direct orders, once we get them added to the count we should bounce up a bit more. Now we really need you to go ahead and get your copies so we can see this book off to the printers ASAP! There is only 23 days left, no need to wait!

    Just did another manual count, we are at 189 books ordered! 

    Inspiring to see this snow ball rolling, despite a bit of a bumpy road in start. We have absolutely no doubt that we will reach our goal, because we are confident you, our friends and family world wide, will support us. It's not even like it's a donation or anything, you actually buy the product to ensure it will be made! And at a good rate, mind you!

    Thank you for your support!

    PS Media

  • Changes Soon!

    We are both sorry and frustrated about the payment problems that have caused our fundraising to freeze. The actual amount of books ordered is in fact a lot higher than listed. In order to change to a different payment option, we will be changing the prices to Euro and be able to accept credit card payment. This will allow our supporters to use Visa or MasterCard andhut anend to the problems we have been having.

    PS Media