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Will and Raph Chronicles - Volume 2

Welcome to the incredible adventures of a gay couple with a quite ordinary life.

  • Progression - 3

    The books are on their way!!

    Some people even seem to have already received it! It's awesome!

    If you can, take a picture of your book and share it on Facebook or Instagram by tagging our page on it! You can find us at @WillRaphComics!
    It would be greatly appreciated!

    If you have any comments, don't hesitate to send us an email!
    [email protected]

    Thank you for supporting us and helping us make a difference.

    With the success we got with our visit to the Montreal Comic Arts Festival, we will try our luck in other events.
    If you're interested, follow us on Facebook or check out our website to keeps tabs.

    Until then,
    Let's have a fabulously ordinary life together! 😁  

  • Progression - 2

    Here we are, we have our books! Just in time for the Montreal Comic Arts Festival from May 24 to May 26.

    Click on the picture for more information. We will be at booth #63.


    We want to send you your PDF files  this week while we prepare sending your books!

    Until then,
    Let's have a fabulously ordinary life together! 😁  

  • Progression - 1

    We were not kidding when we told you that you wanted to send your book as soon as possible!

    We already have in our hands the proof of the books and the stickers! Here they are!

    We will start preparing shipments really soon.

    So if you ever want to correct your address, send us a message!

    Until then,
    Let's have a fabulously ordinary life together! 😁  

  • Campaign finished! Thanks!

    We finished with 153%!

    Thanks to everyone who participated! We really appreciate your help! 🥰

    We're working hard to send you your copy by the end of the month. We'll keep you updated of the development in the coming weeks.

    Until then,
    Let's have a fabulously ordinary life together! 😁  

  • Last chance!

    Last chance to get your book!

    Help us show you a world where you have the right to love who you want.

    Who would believe that in 2019, there would be more than fifty countries criminalizing people according to their sexual orientation?

    Where political leaders prefers to abandon their own children rather than accept them as they are?

    The list of those absurdities is too long.

    We are here to add a little positivity to all of this.
    To give hope for a chance to an ordinary life, where walking hand in hand with the person you love is an harmless gesture.

    Thank you for believing in us!