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a biker racing game in which you ride a chopper on wild roads

About the project



The Cool Biker Game With a Temporary Name* is a biker racing game in which you ride a chopper on wild roads. It’s all about speed, fun and rock and roll.

The game takes place in the wild biker’s world with a light and fun atmosphere due to a cartoonish graphical style, and an arcade oriented gameplay.

*there is a perk to give your name to the game. If that perk is not claimed then players will be able to vote to choose the final name



   Key features  


  • Infinite number of tracks

The tracks are procedural, that means that your experience is different every time you play because roads are randomly generated by your computer and there is an infinite number of possible combinations. In this way one will not have to lean by heart a track to be able to compete with hard core players.

  • High Speed and fun

The gameplay is foremost arcade to focus on the fun and the speed sensations. The controls are simple and the handiness is high. However there are little subtilities such as boost and position managment so that hardcore players will find a real challenge to master the game.

You can also kick and punch your opponents, and you have to avoid crates, barrels and wild animals on the roads.

Being a bad ass

This game with its many possibilities of character and bikes customization allows the player to embody the bad ass he has always wanted to be.

  • Bike customizations: pipes, handle bars, fuel tank picture, wheels
  • Character customizations: jackets, headgears, tattoos.

Metal up your ears

The soundtrack will be composed and recorded by Deïmos a local Trash band. You do not know what trash is? Well you know Metallica don’t you?

   Game modes  

There are classical racing game modes like single race against AIs, and online race and championships, but with fewer formalities:  just start from the bar and try to end at the bar in first position.

There will be also more original game modes like:

  • Moustache race : pick up power-ups along the road to get advantage over your opponents or to anninilate them (hell gate appearing in the ground, satanic sheeps tribe crossing the road, puddle of oil, portal, flat tires, homing boot, ghost rider, angel wings, puddle of glue, nitro pack …)
  • Crab hunt: crush as many giant evil crabs as you can along the road in a limited time.
  • The long jump: get the longest jumps along the track and end up with a nice long jump in a lake (no water wings provided)
  • The off-road tree slalom: no road this time, just ride as fast as you can through the forest and try to avoid trees. You may get an artistic bonus anyway if you make a nice crash


   Planning and platforms 

The game will first be released in a free to play version for PC/Mac/Linux. Free to play and free to win. You will not be disadvantaged in the game if you do not buy it. (We are gamers too, and we hate pay to win games).

An alpha version is already downloadable and playable on the game site

Gold accounts will be available for 5 euros which will give acces to a lot all the customization elements for the bikes and characters.

The full version will be achieved within 3 months – 1 year according to funding goal reached and number of employees

According to the funds raised there may also be an Android (Ouya), an IOS, and possibly on XBLA, PSN and WII-U (e-shop) versions

 Gold accounts will be valid for all platforms (You won't have to pay another 5 euros if you want to play on another paltform)

   Be part of the decision process  

Gold accounts will also allow you to vote for the next developped features during the game development

   Follow the development live 

And learn how video games are made.

We will allow you to follow the game development closely giving you access to development versions, planning, tasks lists, and explain to you many of the secrets of the game development through videos and web pages dedicated to the “making of” of the game.

   How you can help us without money  

Test the demo, give us your feedback. Talk about the project to your friends, link it, share it, tweet it, facebook it, greenlight it with only 4 clicks.

What are the funds for?

The game is currently in Alpha version, which means it is playable in a PC and Linux version (available here), but the content and the quality are not final, and that's what we need your help for.

Making games is our passion. Nowadays the game industry is splitting into 2  types of developers:

Blockbuster companies with hundreds of employees, tens of millions $ budgets, making sequels of successfull titles, but taking few risks to be original.

And indie developpers with no money but a lot of passion.

The first year of this project was made with no budget at all, just on our free time with free softwares. But to improve the quality and the content of this game we need a little money now. We do not want and do not expect to be billionaires with this game. We just want to make a good game, and we swear we will not sell it to Facebook once it is finished.


If this game makes any profits, we will give 50% to research against cancer because it is a stupid disease that should not exists, and use the rest to develop new cool games.

   Professionnal softwares cost  

  • $1500 for each Unity pro licence.
  • $1500 for each Unity IOS Pro licence.
  • $1500 for each Unity Android pro licence.
  • $35000 for Unity XBLA global licence.
  • $35000 for Unity PSN global licence.
  • $3900 for each 3ds max licence
  • $1000 music softwares and plugins.

   Hardware cost  

  • $3000 for each X-Box development kit
  • $3000 for each Playstation development kit
  • $3000 for each Wii-U development kit
  • $1000 Macintosh development computer
  • $1000 IPhone and Android test devices
  • $200 Sound recording material


The final content of the game will be determined according to the funds raised. But funders will have the right to vote the features they want to be developped

 The minimum content will be for each goal. But we will do our best to add the maximum content at each goal.

  • 10 000 euros

3 characters 3 bikes 5 headgears 1 environment 1 song

  • 40 000 euros

5 characters 5 bikes 10 helmets 2 environments 2 songs

  • 60 000 euros

IOS and Android versions

8 characters 8 bikes 20 helmets 3 environments 3 songs

  • 100 000 euros

10 characters 10 bikes 30 helmets 20 customizable parts 5 environments 5 songs + crab hunt + long jump + tree slalom

  • 200 000 euros

Playable trikes (3 wheels)

  • 300 000 euros

Playable roadster (4 wheels)

  • 400 000 euros

Add traffic cars on the roads

  • 500 000 euros

XBLA, PSN, WII-U versions

  • 600 000 euros

Build and share your tracks with a Map editor

  • 750 000 euros

Power ups game mode (M... Kart  mode!)

About the project owner

The core team based in France and in the UK and is composed of

Benjamin Levy

Software engineer with 10 years of experience

6 years of experience in racing games such as Moto Racer DS, Garfield KartTruck racer and some other confidential projects on PC, PS3, I-Pad, Androïd, PSN and XBLA.

1 solo project in 2002 :

 Fantasy Battlefields (40 000 downloads)

Hugo Leo Chaves

Professionnal musician and 3D artist

Colin Merrick

Senior Game Artist with 4 and a half years of experience on XBox 360, PC,Wii,PS2,PSP games

worked on  Kinectimals, Outsider, Off the railsFootball superstars 


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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