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WILD, organic eau de vie

A refreshingly unique, edgy and versatile white spirit for today’s young adventurers and free spirits.

About the project

WILD is an eau de vie made of the best organically grown grapes from our family vineyard in the South West of France, the area that produces the finest brandies. With WILD, we are bringing back the forgotten drink that sailors and merchants from the 16th century were drinking long before anyone even thought to age eau de vie to create Cognac. The wine is distilled twice in traditional copper pot stills where the finest and strongest aromas are created.

Despite being firmly rooted in decades of Cognac craftsmanship, it displays the versatility, playfulness and lightness of touch of clear spirits and promises to attract a trendier, cooler, more adventurous consumer. Clear in colour but bold in zesty flavour, it is an exciting alternative to gin and vodka.

__________  RECOMMENDED SERVES  __________

Enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into cocktails, WILD’s four recommended serves are:

  • Citrus Mountain: 40ml WILD, 20ml fresh lemon juice, 10ml sugar syrup, and finish with 10ml sparkling water. Serve in a short glass with 3 blocks of ice and a slice of lemon
  • Free Spirit: 20ml WILD, 20ml XO Cognac, 20ml Triple Sec, 10ml fresh orange juice and an egg white froth. Serve in a tall Martini glass
  • Pink Rodeo: 40ml WILD, 10ml fresh lemon juice, 10ml fresh orange juice, 10ml sugar syrup, 45ml cranberry juice. Serve in a red wine goblet with a handful of ice and a thin short straw
  • WILD & Tonic: 40ml WILD, tonic water. Serve in a highball glass with a handful of ice and a slice of lemo

What are the funds for?

We have produced a first batch of 150 bottles. With your help, we can buy extra distillation tools to be able to produce WILD on a large scale, bottle, and ship our products across countries. To accomplish this, our goal is to raise 4,000 euros (3,500 pounds) or more within a 30-day time period.

Join the WILD family in three easy steps:
1) Create an Ulule account by going to the sign up page.
2) Log to check our amazing rewards or pre-order your bottle.
3) Share far and wide with family, friends and strangers to help us meet our goals.


Please do join us, we can’t do this without you!

About the project owner

My cousin Anael and I grew up as part of a six-generation family dynasty in the production of Cognac. We set out to craft a very unique eau de vie, which captures the strongest and the most powerful aromas of our organic grapes. We used our knowledge of Cognac making to develop a distillation process that allows us to bring forth aromas that are strong, fresh, but also floral and fruity at the same time – these are the ingredients we needed to create an eau de vie that appeals to the modern palate and our new consumers.

Once the right flavours were found, we then slipped off our overalls and put on our thinking caps:

  1. We spent long nights doing the painstaking work of building pricing, distribution, retail and marketing plans.
  2. We set out to work on the design of the bottle. Because we wanted something special to capture WILD’s uniqueness, we decided to work with designer, maker and owner of 1924US Christian Watson. His lettering is particularly distinctive and his design contains illustrations that nod to the history of our brand.
  3. We secured all of the difficult and stringent approvals from the French regulations and organic certification.

And we are now pleased to say that all of the major hurdles are complete AND that we are close to being able to deliver WILD to you. Taste buds at the ready!

Share this project with your friends and family, just getting the word out is very helpful.

Special thanks to Christian Watson, Iryna Serban, Anne Rivet, Fabrice Blanchefort, Marc Mimouni, Sylvain Chabanne, Jacques Pinault and the TLMALP team, Daisy Do, Geoffroy Diot, Alice Duveau, Ninelle Kavulia, Amandine Dubois, Ash Gray Jay, Coline Carteau, Thomas Girard, Maelle Saliou, Bastien Petit, Dimitry Therese, Lishai Kaufer, Shane Harte @ Ladies & Gents, the Bar Le Fou team and Carl Marletti. You made this project possible!

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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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