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A documentary about surfers fighting against unseen pollution in European seas. WATCH OUR DCOUMENTARY NOW ONLINE: http://movie.whitewaves.eu

About the project

All around the world and in Europe, surfers started fighting against widely unknown cases of pollution in our seas. The documentary WHITE WAVES tells their stories.
About a special love to the sea.

Suddenly a couple of small plastic rings appear on the beach of Guéthary along the west coast of France. Every day there are more and more, hundreds of thousands. François Verdet rides the waves of this beach all year long. He is shocked. The surfer sees these little plastic things for the first time in his life. Where do they come from? François cannot sleep until he finds out their origin…

Litter, wastewater, industrial products and chemicals - it is all ending up in the sea. This is often happening without anybody hearing anything about it. But there are some people that observe and feel the pollution day by day with their own body: surfers. As soon as there is some swell they grab their board and ride the waves, in winter and summer. Water is their life. And they want to protect it.

Their love of nature and the water gives them the strength to go out, investigate and search for the source of the pollution. They start talking to people who were involved, to politicians and to the industry. They even initiate scientific studies in the sea and in rivers. If necessary they go to court.

They want to surf clean waves again. In some cases they reach their goal - in others the polluters win.

We met the surfers to tell their stories in our documentary WHITE WAVES.

In 2016 the documentary is supposed to be submitted to various contests and international film festivals. Already this year in June and July we will present our trailer at the Surfilmfestibal in San Sebastian and the International Surf Film Festival Anglet.

And finally: How we got the idea for the documentary WHITE WAVES - a little story about us...

What are the funds for?

Since one year we are traveling with our van around Europe to meet surfers fighting against the pollution along their beaches. Traveling on a low-cost basis (sleeping and cooking in our car) to this date we have been financing this project on our own.

However we need to regain some of the money that we borrowed to start the project. And we still need to do more shootings: We want to follow the stories of the surfers continuously - do they succeed with their fights? At the same time we aim to investigate thoroughly and understand the reasons for the pollution in greater detail. Following a professional journalistic approach, we do not only want to talk to the surfers but also to official stakeholders, the industrie, scientists and other involved parties.

So to finish the documentary we need your support - be it to pay for the gas on our trips, to rent a drone for filming and production expenses like music rights.

Expenses in detail:
*Not included: postproduction, distribution, and promotion

If the sum exceeds 20.000 Euro…

If the donations exceed 20.000 Euros we will use the additional funds later for the worldwide distribution of the documentary: Travelling to film & surf festivals, environmental happenings & congresses, and other events.

Why crowdfunding?

Here we would like to explain that we choose crowdfunding as the main financing source of our project, because we want to keep independent of sponsoring, and with this independent in our investigation and the issues we cover in our documentary.
In case that later we will need some additional money next to the crowdfunding, we will choose sponsors that are not directly involved in the subjects of the documentary.

About the project owner


Always curious, Inka combines her passion for science, nature and travelling in her work as a science journalist. Born in Germany, she moved to Valencia in 2012 to live near the ocean - a lifelong dream of hers. WHITE WAVES is born from another passion: surfing. The documentary allows her to not only investigate widely unnoticed pollution in our seas, but also show how surfers’ love for nature can positively affect things. “A story can only be a good story if you see the sites of the events with your own eyes and listen to the people.” Website: http://inkareichert.wordpress.com


Before even starting his career in audiovisual communication, Carlos bought his first camera to cover sports events and enter into the production of videos for music festivals. His work gives him the possibility to capture in images all that relates to people and life. In doing so, nature and the sea have always played a special role for him. Surfing himself for almost two decades, water and waves let him free his mind and search for new inspiration - for his life, for WHITE WAVES. This helps Carlos to find the right composition of pictures to show the problem of marine pollution in all its complexity. Website: http://undercreatives.com


Fulfilling a lifelong dream when he was 36, Jesus decided to integrate music in his life and career and become a sound technician. He is not only editing and mastering the audio for WHITE WAVES, he will also create and compose the music that accompanies the documentary. Born in Valencia, he has always lived next to the sea, which makes him feel free and peaceful. Over the course of our travels he will search for the sounds and details for inspiration to produce an atmospheric film score.


Over 20 years of experience in journalism and production, Delia specialized in team coordination in audiovisual areas. She worked for television, music festivals, cultural events and development of projects. Her versatility and passion for different cultures allowed Delia to manage international projects like WHITE WAVES. Born in the Canary Islands, the ocean influenced her since very young age. Surfing her hometown waves along the beach break, she always had deeply strong sense of respect for the environment and surroundings of the world of surfing. “We have a lot to learn from the sea.”


Jordi has been playing instruments since he was five and never lost the urge to keep playing them. While improvising music for WHITE WAVES, he kept the idea of playfulness. His sound is inspired by moments in or near the sea, always keeping in mind the most visceral feelings he has for the sea: his instinctual respect of what lies beneath its surface, awe at its immensity and potential, and sadness and anger with its corruption.


Aarón and his associate Nacho established an independent design studio in 2010 in Valencia; Mr. Simon that carries out graphic and product design projects based on a solid concept, considering that aesthetics are also important. Applying those concepts to the web and graphic design of WHITE WAVES, Aarón's inspiration raise from his passion for free-diving, the calmness and silence that the sea transmits to him. Website: http://mrsimon.es/


César is a web designer and curious mind, enjoys the creativity in his work environment and the multiplicity that every new project brings. His connection with the sea started early by sailing on a boat. After a couple of years living in Netherlands, he moved back to Valencia in 2011 and discovered a new passion: kite surfing. The link between sport and the sea offers him disconnection and at the same time connection. Disconnection from the world of computers and internet, but connection to himself as a human being. Website: http://robotito.es/

Find more Information about our project on
our website: http://whitewaves.eu
or facebook: http://facebook.com/whitewavesthedocumentary