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Walter Magazine

Inspiration . Creation . Emotion / Mr Cup

Walter magazine . Volume 1 . Available on August 24th

Grab a magazine is totally different to make a blog. For the blog, that I started 9 years now, I find a project that inspires me and I share it with you. Simple ! The presented creative are in 99% of cases very pleased that I speak of them or their work.

For a paper magazine the approach is different. There should be a subject (this is not a simple "portfolio" magazine), see if there are enough pictures available, then contact creative ... And some just do not have time to send pictures or participate. Suddenly, the first issue of Walter takes much longer than advertised. But knowing this, we have already started working on the next issue!

Among the other elements that justify the delay (I say justifies, no apologies ...) is the fact of wanting to make a bilingual magazine, in English but also in French, and want to print it in France as locally as possible . This is why even if the layout of the 180 pages Walter is more than in phase correction, we prefer announced August 24 for its release, because we prefer to advance necessary printing deadlines THE magazine need to be as nice as what we have in mind!

Thank you all for your support, all of which are participations in the crowdfunding sent from August 24, followed by pre-orders on the site. Here are more pages to (try) to make you wait, and thank you again for your support!