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Wally l’autre sapin

A different Christmas tree, totally flat but in relief at the same time, for kids and also for grown-ups.

About the project

Easy and fun!

Wally l’autre sapin is a large poster 1 meter (39 inch) wide and 1.40 meters (55 inch) high with a printed Christmas tree, and in the pack, all the elements to decorate it: a pretty 10-meter (393 inch) light copper wire, a multitude of decorations with their own attachment systems, stickers and letters to write your names or any other messages. Wally can be your living room’ star or an additional Christmas tree to decorate the children's room for example...

A few minutes to install and decorate it and ... it's done! Wally l’autre sapin is now ready to celebrate Christmas with you!

A parent version
Red, gold and silver with a mono-colour garland.

A children version 
More colours, more stickers and a multi-coloured garland.

  • The Christmas tree poster: 1 meter (39 inch) wide and 1.40 meters (55 inch) high.
  • Stickers: in the gold and silver version for parents, shiny letters and Christmas balls. For the children version, animals, Christmas balls, fun characters and gifts...
  • The colourful garland: it is 10 meters (393 inch) long and as is made of copper wire, so it’s very light. Economical with its 100 LED lights, it’s multi-coloured in the children version. It works with 3 AA batteries (not included).
  • Small aluminium balloons to inflate.
  • Many other decorations: Christmas balls, tassels, stars and knots...
  • The tote bag Wally l’autre sapin: to clean up everything after Christmas.
  • But also... all the necessary equipment to attach the items on the Christmas tree, the straw to inflate the balloons and a small flyer to explain everything!


You want to become a dealer of Wally l’autre sapin in your shop, concept store for adults or children at a special price?

Contact us at [email protected]


When our project objective will be achieved, we will e-mail you to know which model(s) you choose. Boxes will be sent in early september.

What are the funds for?

About the project owner

We are mother and daughter. For twenty years, we have been working together, we write and make books.

Brigitte: I wrote all sorts of books ... a lot of cooking books. And I especially like to combine cuisine and art de vivre. The meal time appeals to all sensations... My idea was to suggest an entire menu around a theme, and its associated decorations...

Caroll: I'm a graphic designer. First, I "staged" the books published by my mother. Soon, I was involved in the styling of photographs and I worked on the creation of table art decorations.

Brigitte: ... and we created together a collection of small books, edited at Cherche Midi Editeur, combining our common tastes for cooking and DIY : “I plan, I decorate, I cook”.

From November, in our family, we begin to "think" Christmas and all the things that we have to do to make this moment successful: prepare the gift list, confirm to family and friends that we are expecting them, and of course, think of the Christmas tree in front of which the gifts will be arranged.

Brigitte: Ah! the Christmas tree ... you have to go out to buy it and carry it in the street. Pull out the decorations of the previous years and add new elements to create a brand-new atmosphere.

Caroll: And then, you have to find a place for it – big enough anyway – so that the children do not shake off all his spines that will end up  on the ground… before Christmas day ! The best time is when you decorate the Christmas tree and that step by step it shines with a thousand lights.

Brigitte: ... and what we hate is when we have to put this old dry tree in his bag, then throw it ... uh … where already?

Every year we look for an idea to do things differently.

Brigitte: And why not a Christmas tree printed with decorations pasted on it, and sticker letters to write the name of the whole family.

No sooner said than done. And our Christmas tree was installed on a wall between the kitchen and the living room.

Caroll: Everybody had fun putting a sticker, a Christmas ball or a balloon and we all wrote our names!

Brigitte: But the surprise was that all our friends that came to visit us during December loved "our creation". They all wanted to participate too in the decoration of our Christmas tree, to add their own name! This Christmas tree finally stayed with us until mid-January.

Caroll: And through Ulule, other people could also have their printed Christmas tree!

With Wally l’autre sapin, only the good times are preserved.
Discover our project and tell us about your Christmas experience with your own Wally!