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About the project

After a first EP "Dreamtime" in 2014 and an album "Ensō" in 2015, I present you today my new work"Nebula".

You maybe already saw me in a city's street during one of my street-performance, in a live show or on the Internet. There is now 3 years since I started this project Waagal, and for my last two records I produced everything on my own: music, recording, mixing, and mastering. I funded the various editions of my cd with the money I collected in the streets and on stage. And today you're more than 1400 to have one of my previous cds !

But this time I do differently, for becoming better in what I do, and to grow as an artist. I work this time with the sound engineers form HQ Production who will help me on mixing and mastering. A lot of people do not know, but this is a very important step for the final result of the album, and rather than try to mix/masterise myself like the previous records, I prefer give it to professionnals and get a far better result !
It's why I need you to help me finance this album. The money will pay the cost of the sound engineers' work and printing cds.

I started recording late February, and for now half of the album is done. The release is planned for July-August 2017; I will announce a release date when I'll finished all the recording.


About the video of my title "Ahura Mazda":
I wanted to do a video of one of the title from this new album to show you the content. It was directed by Arnaud Teillet of Mojo Pictures, and the crew he recruit to help me shoot it. They work for free on this project to help me launch this crowdfunding. I wanted to thank them all, for the lights, the make-up, the shooting, their good mood, their time and so many more: Arnaud, Vincent, Manon, Suzy, Oussama, Agathe, Marie Charlotte and Lilian. :)
The dancer is my friend Oussama Khalid. We wanted to collaborate for a long time, now it's done ! :)

What are the funds for?

The main goal is to cover the cost of the sound engineers and the editing of cds. 

The ammount is 1100€ as:
-500 € for mixing and mastering

-500 € for editing 1000 cds

-100 € for Ulule

In exchange you can find counterparties such as preorder the new album, or my entire discography.




About the project owner

Waagal is a one man band from french multi-instrumentist Erwann Texier-Harth.
After 3 years of street performances and show across France, Italia and England, the artist propose a unique musical experience mixing elements like ethnic music, rock, ambiant, looping and percussive guitar, which will drag you into is oniric world. The goal is to create a real innovation through an original musical experimentation, and to push the boundaries of what a musician can do alone.


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