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POPPOP : "Plus On Partage, Plus On Possède"

More than our trip's slogan, a real philosophy of life...

About the project

WHO ? Remy and Zoe, a young couple of 27 years old Frenchies

WHAT ? A one-year long trip across 13 countries (South America, Oceania and Asia-Pacific) with a very special goal…

WHY ? To compare the different kinds of collaborative economy establishments within the hospitality industry to come back with a concept proving that collaborative economy and ecology don't rime with discomfort but with sharing, conviviality and wellbeing instead.

HOW ?Primarily with Transportations linked with collaborative economy, and if not available with any alternative medium of transportation.

WHEN ? From the 26th of February 2018 to March 2019.

A SLOGAN ?Yes, « Plus on partage, plus on possède » (Leonard Nimoy) which means "The more you share, the more you get".

A FACEBOOK PAGE ? « POPPOP » of course !

And a few more details, for the curious ones...

It's a young couple of 27 years old (us, Remy & Zoe) who have decided to leave everything for a whole year of traveling across 13 countries in South America, Oceania and Asia-Pacific with a very precise goal...

Our goal isto compare the existing collaborative economy concepts within the hospitality industry (such as Airbnb, Abritel, Couchsurfing, House Trip, BedyCasa, Roomlala, Homelidays, Vizeat, Voulezvousdiner, etc...) and to build awareness of the collaborative economy and Eco responsibility’s possibilities and stakes. Abroad, yes, because these principles are far more advanced in some parts of the world than in our country ! All of this with the objective to come back with an awesome concept or different ideas and to start our own project !

But NOT ONLY! We also want to enrich ourselves and learn from others, to open our minds to what exists elsewhere, to see what others do, eat, drink, like, dislike, create, know and don’t know…. And finally, let’s be honest, to discover the world and its awesome landscapes, to put into perspective our privileged lifestyles, step outside of our comfort zone, go beyond our limits and beat our fears… Because it’s in these moments that your brain is the most creative.

We are all aware that nowadays, Eco responsibility is more and more a part of our daily lives, buildings, ways of living; Eco-responsibility is awarded, rethought and even legislated ! Therefore, we would like to be part of this growing tendency.

Our dream is to come back to France and be capable of proving that collaborative economy and ecology don’t go with discomfort. To this end, we would like to create an energetically self-sufficient establishmentwho will welcome you under the labels of sharing, conviviality, discovery and modernity !

By the most collaborative economy mean first : carpooling. When it won’t be possible, we will go for any other way of transportation available where we will be: train, bus, car, plane, boat, tuk-tuk, donkey, pony, balloon, legs… it will all depends on the place and the situation !

What is already sure: we will have our 4 mains trans-continental flights, which will be :

MADRID (SPAIN) => LIMA (PERU) on the 26th February 2018
SANTIAGO DE CHILE (CHILE) => AUCKLAND (NEW-ZEALAND) planned for the end of August 2018
PERTH (AUSTRALIA) => RANGOON (MYANMAR) which can change depending on the situation in Myanmar at that time. We should anyway leave Australia by the end of December 2018
MANILA (PHILIPPINES) => PARIS (FRANCE) planned for March 2019.

Knowing that our trip is based upon sharing, meeting people and discoveries, our roadmap might change during our travel ! Anyway, for now, here it is :

26th February 2018 to August 2018: SOUTH AMERICA

Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile.

September 2018 to November 2018: OCEANIA

New-Zealand and Australia.

December 2018 to March 2019: ASIA- PACIFIC

Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thaïland and Philippines.

March 2019: BACK TO FRANCE

All done, you now know everything !!!

What are the funds for?

Your help will give us a major boost for:

  • allowing us to try as much collaborative economy-linked establishments as possible during our trip,
  • buying our travel equipment: backpacks, hiking shoes, first aid kit, good knives, etc…,
  • fulfilling our basic needs: eating and sleeping safely during the trip.

But it will also allow us to bring you with us and keep a little bit of each of you, while realizing your challenges (was it really a good idea to offer this pack … ?!), photos, videos, posts, and preparing our adventures speech when we will be back!

Good to know : you don't HAVE TO go for a pack; if your contribution goes with "The Male" pack for example, which you are not interested in, you can of course choose the one you prefer amongst the previous ones !

About the project owner

« A 27 years old woman who makes me happy every day. She is glowing, always smiling, and above all she is full of life and loves partying. The first thing that struck me when I met her is her open mind (certainly due to her past travels). She has a very marginal way of thinking, which gives her huge social and listening skills. Always here to help, give advice, guide and talk to « others », she is always sharing with anybody. Zoe also likes to take care of herself, her body; she eats healthy and Eco responsibilye. Graduate from a Master’s degree in International Hospitality Management in Birmingham (UK), she has been a major consumer of Airbnb for 5 years and of Blablacar since its creation. In fact, this young lady has always been interested in collaborative economy, in the hospitality industry at first, but is now more and more interested in its application to other industries. »

« With an average of 45 ideas/second, Remy is an epicurean, a very social and creative man who has been illuminating my life for 2 years with his energy, his generosity and his « super » jokes… In my opinion, what immediately struck me about him was his spontaneity, his confidence and his entrepreneurial spirit. Great orator, almost showman in his spare time, he is also and above all a big-hearted man with very high sharing and conviviality needs. Where does this come from? When he was young, his mother (Sicilian in her blood and in her heart) always had a plate at the end of the table for « the stranger who may come ». Business school graduated, he has naturally linked this maternal heritage and his desire to be entrepreneurial. And once he has an idea, he will torture his brain (and yours) until he finds THE thing that will make the difference. It is finally a trip in Ivory Coast which motivated him to jump ahead and to start discovering the world to find more ideas (God, please preserve me…!) and here we are! »

 For any question you may have, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]