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A documentary about astral projection from a humane point-of-view

  • We are almost there...

    Dears Flyer's Crowdfunders,

    If you know a little bit of Portuguese or Spanish and have been following us on Social Networks, you already know that we have been through so many things during these years and that's why the premiere of Flyers was considerably delayed. We started editing the original movie again (the one that some of you had the chance to watch in the pre-release for Crowdfunders and Crew), we returned some colaborations because we were not able to assume the compromise of the reward promised, we had to remove some of our interviewees in order to reduce the duration of the film... so many changes since 2017!

    But we are finally approaching the moment where you could all watch the definitive documentary, Flyers. Some months ago we started sending this new version of the film to festivals, so we will keep some time gap untill the "world premiere" on the Internet, since for some of these festivals the movie must be inedit. Be that as it may, during the first semester of 2020 we will prepare ourselves for this long-awaited moment and, as a part of it, we will start getting in touch with you to confirm adresses for sending the rewards, the rewards that you really want to receive, sizes of T-shirts, who wants a DVD or Blu-Ray dependind on the reward you had, etc. It's going to be a long process again, but we are happy to announce that we are almost there and the time is coming for you to finally watch (and share) this movie that we all made together, thanks to your help.

    For any doubt or question, we are still available for contact through the e-mail [email protected]

    We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a 2020 plenty of lucidity and happy flights ;)

  • ¡Necesitamos saber tu nombre! *Últimas semanas*

    Hola amigos mecenas,

    Hace algunos meses enviamos un mail a todos a través de Ulule pidiendo que nos indicárais con qué nombre queréis aparecer en los créditos de Voladores. De momento nos faltan 75% de los nombres, así que os volvemos a escribir porque... ¡finalizaremos los créditos en algunas pocas semanas y necesitamos los nombres definitivos!

    Si has colaborado en nuestra campaña de Crowdfunding indícanos por mail a [email protected] (con el asunto NOMBRE CRÉDITOS) con qué nombre quieres aparecer en los agradecimientos.

    Esperamos tu mensaje,

    Gracias ;)

  • Your Name in the Movie Credits

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • Where have we been flying...?

    (You can also read this post at www.lookingforflyers.com - o en castellano en www.sebuscanvoladores.com ou em português em www.procuramsevoadores.com)

    Hi there, flyer’s friends and company!

    After many months since we last published, most of you might be asking, where is the Crew of Flyers? where are they? When are we going to watch the movie? The truth is, although we disappeared a little bit from Internet, it doesn’t mean that we went on Holidays  and abandoned the project, quite the contrary! We had very intense months of work.

    Right now, we have just finished watching all Flyer’s material for the 2nd  time. When we finished doing it for the 1st time (in July) we were so happy! But… the truth is that we have SO MANY HOURS of video that when we finished, we’ve already forgot what we have seen at the beginning!!! While we were doing the interviews, we already knew that this was going to be the slowest process: selecting the necessary material to tell the story we want to tell, where are the main points, where to cut, to link, how to get the flow. To facilitate this work, although it looks crazy for some people, we decided to transcript the most interesting parts while we were doing the 2nd revision in order to “play” with them, italicize, cutting and playing with schemes on the house’s floor. Last week, when we were finally ready to print and bind a version of “Flyer’s Bible”, we had 289 written pages with the material we have… and that’s without the 2015 material, that we may use in some moments of the film…! This is the face of happiness to see the work of months finally “materialized” in our hands. For those who asked where Nathália was during this summer, without a social life, here’s the answer!

    Looking like this, it doesn’t seem so huge…

    But like this, it surely does!

    This is not just a material advance (yes, we could have a book about Flyers right now, and actually, we have it! LOL) but it was vital in our process, in order to see more clear every time which answers work for what, how each profile fits in the documentary, etc.

    Now, it’s when we’re really starting the editing of the sequences, after synchronizing all the audio and paying a visit to Antaviana, the post-production company who supports Flyers, for the whole material to be in the right format and names to keep ahead without any problem. The adventure goes on… we have great news for the next month, and when it’s finally official we’ll announce it in our social networks. But… October will be great! 😀

    We also realized that we just have the pictures of the shooting on Facebook, so we’ll start to publish again on Instagram so you can check them there! You can do it by clicking here!

    For all those who follow us, who send us messages of greetings and support, a huge thank you and a great Flyer’s hug! We are willing to get great results during the next months so you can enjoy it :) We keep planting to harvest soon!

  • 1st stage of shooting... concluded!

    Dear Flyers & Company,

    We already did it at social networks but we want to thank you again, each one of you, for making this film possible. Thanks for making ours a Crowdfunding campaign of success :) We have had 30 days of intensive work and we thank you for your support, for sharing our publications and for helping us to achieve more than our minimum goal.

    After the end of the campaign we've had only 12 days to prepare everything for the trip to Brazil, where we have been shooting with great success 15 interviews to Flyers and some personal sequences in the script. If you want to check out some pictures from the shooting, you can go to our Flyer's fanpage on Facebook (in Spanish or Portuguese, but pictures are universal! hehe). They are all there, but we want to leave you a small sample:

    So what do we have left? During the next three months we'll start the first edition of Flyers, while we shoot some small sequences that we still have to shoot. If everything goes well, by the end of the year we'd like to be fully involved with the post-production to release the documentary during January, 2017. We have a full semester of work but we'll keep you informed about it in our social networks and website.

    When the movie is ready we'll start sending the rewards as promised, but don't worry, we'll get in touch before to ask you about your names in the credits, size of T-shirts, language of posters, etc. (depending on the rewards you've chosen during the campaign)

    A big hug and thank you all, again!