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Face as territory

Exploring The Picentini Mountains In Photographs and Sound

About the project


A multitude of faces and voices. Seven photographers. A sound artist. Just one territory.

The Aurelio Petroni Foundation is proud to present the results of five months of work, meetings, education and exchanges.

Large size photographic prints will be on display in the streets of San Cipriano and at the Palazzo Petroni, headquarters of the Foundation from the 30th of June to the 31st of July 2012.

A book-catalogue and an audio CD.



The project Face as territory comes to life from the combination of these elements, promoted by the Aurelio Petroni Foundation (FAP) in San Cipriano Picentino (a small town located about 50km Southeast of Naples). The project which joins photography and sound with an ethnographic study is a window on the Picentini territory and its population, a mine of landscape treasures, memories, knowledge and old costumes and traditions. 

The photo exhibition will blend with sound-art performance by english sound artist Angus Carlyle, our artist in residence, who studies sounds and voices from San Cipriano and will offer to the audience a magic journey among photographies in the Foundation's wide spaces. This performance needs to be seen as the result of the residency period and of the process site specific and it will represent a work of art developed at the end of a period spent in this region.This work could eventually be the first step taken towards a broader project called "Memory Bank", the construction of audiovisual records intented to collect tracks of people,places, traditions, songs, old crafts, to tell them and hand them down. 

Entry to the exhibition will be free of charge. Book-catalogues with a CD albym will be available. Th exhibition will include a guided course for blind people.






In autumn 2012, the exhibition will move to the Marte (Mediateca, Arte, Eventi) in Cava de' Tirreni (SA), a new exhibiting space and media gallery.




Following these preliminary remarks, the project provides for two important stages:

  1. A study and a photographic work on the topic “face as territory” :when representing and telling a territory, it is not possible to leave the face’s conception  and representation out of consideration. The photographer has got a personal way of looking at blending/combination/opposition between face and territory/face as territory

  2. A study and a sound work on the topic “face as territory”. The places’ soundtrack is a testimony and an integral part of the territory and the sound memory is a sort of territorial photograph in that specific historical-social context.


 According to FAP’s goals,a sound artist will be in residency and his performance will be enjoyable all over the period of the photographic exhibition.

At Aurelio Petroni Foundation the exhibiting itinerary will be unique. As a matter of fact there will be an alternation/combination between photography and sound art performance.

The exhibition will include a guided walk for blind people.

The project Face as Territory will develop two main points: a first step is based on the creative process and so on the research for the photographic and sound material. Seven photographers from Salerno and from the province will be in charge of the photographic work. They will interpret freely the track  Face as Territory, trying to respect the project’s main guidelines (the project doesn't aim to become an advertising campaign, through the final exhibition, but it will keep a theoretical unity that will find its testimony in the catalogue created for the occasion).

After a period of creation lasting about 5 months (from January to May) each photographer will have to submit a specific number of shots to the Foundation’s managing Committee for the selection of the final 10 shots which will form the final exhibition material.

Once the material has been selected, the project will entirely be managed by FAP. An exposition itinerary at Petroni’s Palace will be created. An advertising campaign at the town hall and in the town square will start. A conference-meeting at the Culture’s Building and/or at the Foundation will be held. The Foundation will be in charge of printing the photos and presenting the exhibition.. 

On the occasion of the lecture and talk, the scientific committee’s members  will be present, in order to set a higher value on the project and to give it visibility. 



The Aurelio Petroni Foundation wants to promote young European art. The project Face as territory starts in a local context, and aims to promote and support the local emerging photographers. They will be guided by a professional and qualified photographer, Franco Sortini.

A fundamental contribution to the project is the work of Angus Carlyle, a sound artist form London, who will supplement the photographic work with his sound work . Angus Carlyle's time spent at the FAP residence will result in a sound track linking local knowledge about the territory. 

Angus Carlyle’s stay on our territory contributes to create the idea of residency carried out by FAP: residency as a link between the creative artistic process, knowledge and perception about the territory in which this artistic process takes place.


The photographers collaborating on the project are:


What are the funds for?

The new Foundation Aurelio Petroni is supporting large expenses to provide accommodation and exhibition premises for local, national and international artists.

The funds will be used specifically to print the catalogue and for the advertisement of the event. If possible, the lighting and sound installations of the exhibition will also be covered. 

About the project owner

FAP’s main mission is promoting projects of artistic residence and supporting the emerging artistic creation, through integration and interaction between contemporary art, in all its expressions and forms, and territory, encouraging the idea of cultural and artistic exchange as an instrument of richness and a place for new experimentations.



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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