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A fun and challenging way to perfect your balance!

About the project


At Montréal B-Board, we conceive and fabricate handmade balance board from 100% recycled wood.  Balance board are an excellent complement for all athletes and board sport addict (Snowboard, SUP Board, Surf,  Skateboard , Wakeboard…) to help them increase and strengthen their core. It’s a unique and fun way to stay active everywhere.



The Balance board is just for everyone! There is no age limitation for using it and it can support up to 400 lbs. We actually offer 5 different type of shape adapted to the many sport athletes practice.


Balance Board offers 100+ exercises possibility both on your feet and your hands. Many of theses exercices represent an excellent improvement to your balance, posture and proprioception. Your core (oblique, laterals, thighs and stabilizer) are all solicitated when using a B-Board

We are collaborating with kinesiologist Nicolas Prud'homme to develop safe, effective and fun exercises.


In some country like Costa Rica, Balance Board is even sport in itself where the best of them show their many skills in really innovative ways. 

There is always a risk of falling while using a B-Board, therefore we added ¨stoppers¨ underneath each extremities to help reduce the risk of falling, but not completely.



With the constant threat of climate change, the biodiversity erosion or even social inequality, we care about launching a project that makes sense in those matters. Since our B-Board are made from wood, we decide to reduce even more our impact on the environment with these 3 implications.

  • We only used 100% recycled wood that are actually industrial waste that we buy from a company  in the wood industry.
  • For each B-Board Sold, we engage our self in planting a tree in order to have an even bigger positive impact on the environment.
  • We make a shout out to all Montreal local artisans who work the wood. We offer our industrial waste. The goal is to reach the ¨Zero Waste¨ status.

At Montréal B-Board, we make our best to participate in a circular economy to preserve the environment, all this by creating a unique, fun and eco friendly product.

What are the funds for?


It’s becoming urgent that we shift into 2nd gear to optimize the production of our Balance board. We are actually renting many workshops to complete the many stages of production that a B-Board requires. The growing demand for our product pushes us to make the purchase of a CNC machine  ( Automated cutting machine) for the cutting of our Board. 

The purchase of this machine, evaluated at 6000$, would help us in many ways.

  • A substantial economy of wood during the cut
  • A better quality control and higher standard of our product
  • A time saving solution during production
  • A reduction of our carbon footprint by minimizing the transportation between workshop
  • A bigger flexibility to create new design

By participating in our Crowd funding, you support a local artisan, you encourage a eco friendly business grow and join a B.I.G movement (Balance is gold)

About the project owner


Montreal B-Board was created a year ago when Nicolas Loiselle (founder) returned from Costa Rica. After spending 6 months in this beautiful country where he discovered this new sport more commonly called "Rolla Bolla", it is without delay that he created his own board on his return. Very quickly he realized that his entourage had an interest in this kind of product. Then he had the desire of wanting to make this sport accessible to the greatest number by creating MTL B-Board. A business that allows him to combine his passion for woodworking and his desire to improve his balance performance.


If you want to test our Balance Boards, find us at a series of events this summer across Montreal:

1st of June : Festival Swap Surf

7-9th of June : Vente de trottoir de Verdun

13th of June : Festival Mural - 3632 Boul St-Laurent

More to come....

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