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Vinyl Release More Fuzz Records

Get Your Triple Dose of Fuzz on Vinyl !

About the project

For 3 years now and as the name suggests, at More Fuzz (morefuzz.net) we take very seriously our mission to spread the fuzz and it keeps growing day after day. Last year, we decided to take it to the next level and founded More Fuzz Records, helping bands to craft some of the best fuzzy vibes on the planet.

When we signed Augustine Azul, Leafy and Decasia, we already had in mind to make a physical release of each of their wonderful albums. Now that all three of those bands have released their albums, we want to make it happen, for the three of them at once!

As you may know, pressing records is pretty costly, as a young label, we do not yet have the financial means to do it on our own, so that's why we're asking you to help us (and the bands) to get their music out there, on vinyl!

Augustine Azul from João Pessoa, Brazil - Instrumental Stoner/Prog/Groove

Augustine Azul crafts a unique blend of Instrumental Fuzziness, Insane Grooves & Progish/Bluesy Vibes, instantly recognisable that'll be stuck in your head from the first note! With influences ranging from Radio Moscow, Earthless, The Atomic Bitchwax or even Captain Beyond, you’ll be submerged by energetic songs with this complex proggish side while at the same time retaining that fuzzy heaviness we love so much.

Leafy from Kristiansand, Norway - Classic Scandinavian Stoner Rock

Leafy have a strong Northern Europe Stoner Rock sound with burning riffs that will hook you in instantly! Strong vocals will definitly hook you in this avalanche of fuzzy riffs with high Temperature Level ala early-Truckfighters, Lowrider, Dozer or Steak.

Decasia from Paris, France - Deep Heavy Psych

Get ready to experience some deep Heavy Psych sounds, alternating between powerful fuzzy riffage and softer melodic guitar parts with unique vocals. If you’re familiar with fuzzy ripping off distortions, cosmic lunar reverbs, underground crypt bass sounds and gigantic LSD elephant style drumming barrels you’ll be served! To give you an even more precise idea, we often compare Decasia as the child of Elder & Colour Haze.

As you understood, the main objective of this campaign is to release each of those 3 releases on vinyl, so these will be the main rewards. 

Though we also know not everyone has a turntable (you should!) and one of the first rewards you can have is the digital version of the 3 releases.

Each band will have its release printed on a 12" 180g LP in a single cover.

You'll be able to order 1, 2 or 3 LP. And of course the more you order the less it costs you.

Concerning the vinyl color, black will be the only one available when the campaign starts. BUT we plan on adding more options if we meet our goal, as you can read below.

Augustine Azul's & Leafy's albums are mastered by the talented sound engineer Jack Townley, also lead guitarist in the UK band Elephant Tree.
Decasia's EP is mastered by Christophe Chavanon from the 100% analog studio Kerwax, France where the guys recorded it.

If we meet our initial goal we'll unlock more "Stretch Goals" to offer you the possibility to order Splatter/Sunburst records.

If you already pledged black LPs, you'll be able to change your Ulule pledge to get the special edition instead if you want.

We know it's always nice to get some merch along with your LPs, so we have some sweet stuff to fulfil your needs! 

If you want one or several items you just have to select the corresponding reward.

Don't worry you can pay for several rewards. So for example if you want a vinyl + a patch + a t-shirt, you'll have to pay for 3 different rewards separately.

Here are the different merch items available:

"More Fuzz Logo" Patch

"More Fuzz Logo" Slipmat

"More Fuzz Logo" T-Shirt (available for men and women S-3XL)

"Follow The Smoke" T-Shirt (available for men and women S-3XL)

"Fuzz Priestess" T-Shirt (available for men and women S-3XL)

"Fuzz Eater" T-Shirt (available for men and women S-3XL)

"More Fuzz Logo" Sweatshirt (XS-2XL)

"More Fuzz Logo" Hoodies (S-2XL)

What are the funds for?

The global cost of this project is higher than 4000€, but a part of it is already funded with our own $$$.

The majority of the funds collected during the campaign will serve to print the highest quality records possible in a renowned European pressing plant.

Then, the rest will be used to pay the mastering and the marketing costs associated with this crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign is set to run for approximately one month from the launch date, with a fixed target of 4,000€ (approx. 4,500$). Only upon full funding of the campaign will we be successful and can move on to get the vinyl pressed. If everything goes as expected, the vinyl will be ready to press around the end of August.

Given the constant pressure on the pressing plants that run under ever increasing demands for more vinyl releases from both major labels alongside a number of smaller DIY labels (like our own) there is always a risk of the press being delayed at the plant. But rest assured, we've took as much info as we could while putting all this together and our partners assured us there was no reason to worry, so the records should be in our hands around November. 

Then it'll be up to our small, careful and gentle hands to pack your rewards and send it to you in secured and comfy boxes before sending it to you.

As you may know, shipping records can get quite expensive, especially for international orders.

That's why we decided to do something special that could help you lower your shipping fees: Group Buying.

What does it mean? We can obtain better shipping prices if we send several orders in the same package to the same address

How will it work for you? When ordering a reward you'll be asked your address but you won't be charged for the shipment yet. At the end of the campaign, we'll send you a survey to know if either:

  • You want to lower your shipping fees because you and your friends ordered a package on the campaign
  • You want to lower your shipping fees if we find people living in your area who'd accept to do a Group Buy with other people
  • You want to lower your shipping fees by getting your package directly from the bands (during a gig or if you know them personally)

Then you'll just have to agree on a recipient for the global order and meet up to get your records. That's also a cool way to meet some fellow fuzzers !

Pricing fees (to be paid once the campaign is over):

  • France Orders :
    • 1 LP: 8€
    • 2/3 LPs: 10€
    • Group Buy (eg: 10 LPs) : 15€ - if you're 3 people with 3 records each you only pay 5€/person.
  • European Union Orders : 
    • 1 LP: 15€
    • 2/3 LPs: 17€
    • Group Buy (eg: 10 LPs) : 24€ - if you're 3 people with 3 records each you only pay 8€/person.
  • International Orders : 
    • 1 LP: 23€
    • 2/3 LPs: 26€
    • Group Buy (eg: 10 LPs) : 54€ - if you're 3 people with 3 records each you only pay 18€/person.

To take the necessary precautions to prevent a package to go missing, we'll send ALL of our packages with tracking. We won't issue the tracking number initially but it can be obtained upon request to us if needed.

However, in case anything shouldn't go as planned, be sure you'll be informed right ahead and we'll make our best to get over the inconvenience for your best satisfaction.

We DO NOT issue refunds or replacements for minor cosmetic damage, such as corner dings, bends, split inserts, and so on that might happen due to rough treatment during transport to you. As said before we'll make sure each package is perfectly wrapped, as records lovers we know the disappointment of a damaged package. But in some cases this type of wear is simply unavoidable in shipping and we cannot be held accountable for how the items are handled during transit in the arms of the postal services.

About the project owner

More Fuzz (morefuzz.net) is a music blog specialised in all things Heavy, Psych and obviously Fuzzy. As the blog was doing great, we decided to take it to the next level one year ago and launched More Fuzz Records, to get even more involved in helping spread the fuzz. For now, we've signed 3 bands and only did digital releases. The next step was obviously to get these 3 records pressed through this crowdfunding campaign.