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Vinyl Lovers

Vinyl loves music

About the project

First time we asked ourselves this question was a few years ago.

At a time when it seemed that CDs and "liquid music" had definitely taken control of our feelings, we tried to find out what was inside the vinyl.

What did we find? What makes the experience of listening to a record such an irreplaceable experience? What triggers the contact between the stylus and the record?

Vinyl Lovers the film” is the first documentary made in Italy entirely dedicated to the Vinyl: a journey through the places and history of the Vinyl, from the creating phase of the record to that of entertainment. We will meet the stars of the black disco. We want to interview disc jockeys, show dedicated fairs and meet the owners of independent shops. We want to meet all the people whom are again beginning to approach this world with passion. We want to tell the stories of collectors and of their passion.

A fascinating discovery, for many a re-discovery, of the support that attracts and make people fall in love so much that is now, finally, pulling up high numbers in the industry of purchased music.

Vinyls wants to be the evidence of our interest and passion for the support. The physical record, often an object of desire, is now fueling a virtuous circle that is getting many different areas involved: from graphics to creative artist, just to mention a couple.

What determines this renewed attention towards the Vinyl? The film wants to inspect those reasons, such as the emotions linked to it during the creation, purchasing, and, of course, the listening phases.

In this Docu-film, we want to be able to tell it all: the love for the records, the vision on the market dynamics, the relationships between operators and the bit of magic that connects them!

Vinyls is the support, Vinyls are the grooves of the tracks that one by one nourish our souls. Vinyl is we, who love music, especially when listening to vinyl records!

For all of these reasons, we decided to realize a project together with all those who share this passion called music. because vinyl loves music and we love vinyl!

Join us!

Choose your exclusive reward from the menu on the right and engage with your passionate friends sharing the link to the project.

What are the funds for?

The campaign aims to support the financial resources necessary to:

- create, produce, distribute and promote the documentary (around 70 minutes long) This campaign itself will be a pointer of the growing passion for this re-vamp.

- produce a Limited edition collectible DVD, made exclusively for the supporters of this campaign. A booklet packed with extra information, backstage reports not present in the film will make this item a real little tresure.

- create DVD subtitles for the film, to benefit international vinyl lovers.

- produce all the special and exclusive rewards for supporters of the crowdfunding campaign. The rewards, in a limited edition and collectible, will only be granted to those who will back the project.

About the project owner

We work in the field of cultural promotion for ten years, organizing exhibitions devoted o the record, concerts and DiscoDays, the biggest record fair and music fair of the South of Italy, a stream of 10 years of events that brings to Naples all the Vinyl lovers, musicians, collectors and exhibitors.
Here you can find out more about DiscoDays

The movie project is the brainchild of Nicola Iuppariello, written together with Vincenzo Russo and be will made by Napoli Film Industry, directed by Fulvio Iannucci.

This film is the natural continuation of the success of the publishing project "VINYL. The passion for the disk." that has been achieved thanks to a crowdfunding campaign here on Ulule, four years ago


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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