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Vieillir - Growing old - Стареть

A road movie by Olivier Linconnu

About the project

Here is my new project in collaboration with the excellent director of photography and dear friend Raphael Federer. A FEATURE FILM

We have made the crazy bet of having an old 1974 caravan as the main character. We will follow the evolution of the caravan and not of it´s occupants.

We will begin in Belgium and we will move through Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and to finally finish in Russia.

In some places, we do feel well, in some other places, we don't.

The casting is being ongoing, here is a photo of the current members of the team.

almost complete

We will principaly use the Blackmagic Ursa mini and a Blackmagic Cinema camera as a second camera. We will not shoot in 4K, but in prores hq full HD.

What are the funds for?

Your help will mainly go towards the following:

We will begin the principal shooting on the 1st of July and ending on the 31th of August 2016.

Petrol (0,12l/km*0,85c/l) 970,00 €
Tolls 61,34 €
Spare tyres 100,00 €
Youth hostels. 1.370,00 € (7 personnes / 2 mois)
Food 1624.00 € (7 personnes / 2 mois) 
Russian visa 320,00 €

Below are pictures of the caravane that will be used at the beginning of the film.

In the interest of the story we cannot tell you in which state the caravan will end up ;).

Old eastern european car 700.00 €

Coupling device 150,00 €
Gaz waffle maker 200,00 €
Paint caravan + accesssories 200.00 €

Tape, Gels, Batteries, Cables 150.00 €

Festival Inscriptions 850.00 €
DCP 500.00 €

The funds that we are raising through Ulule won't cover our entire budget, we are also self funding.

About the project owner

We are Olivier Linconnu, director, screenwriter, sound-engeneer and editor together with Raphael Federer, DoP, gaffer and editor. One year ago we met at the KinoKabaret in Hamburg and decided to work together as we share similar visions of how a cinematic movie should look, sound and therefore finally feel like. After a 7 year career in graphic-design and another 7 years of sound-engeneering, 6 years ago Olivier began to organize and realize several short and some mid-length movies of which different ones were screened at festivals and already won some prices. Raphael studied Media Design, did 3 years of event documentation until he decided to focus on fictional movie productions and ended up participating in Kinokabarets/-workshops in Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Genève collecting loads of inspiration, shooting videoclips and short movies.

Our first reference is to have succeded with our first ulule campaign, we have finished the movie and have already been selected at the Aubagne film festival.
and very recently have also been accepted at the Brussel short film festival.

Following is the showreel of Raphael Federer the DOP

and this is the showreel of the Director Olivier Linconnu (2013)

Currently the film industry is reserved for a small minority of people funded by various regions, the budgets are very high and we have the feeling that it is always the same people benefiting.

However there is a lot of deserving talented people that don't get the chance to be part of these closed circles. It doesn´t mean that their stories aren´t as deserving to be heard as the others.

We would prefer that these budgets be lower and more evenly distributed so that more people could benefit.

But in the end we really want to make films and keep our independent spirit.

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