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#UnaVidaSinMiedo - #ALifeWithoutFear

Because everyone deserves to live a life without fear

#ALifeWithoutFear - Chapter 7: Pepa

We are now just a ONE WEEK away from the end of our A Life Without Fear campaign and now we really need your help to make it a success and reach our €5.000 goal. If we do not reach our target, we will receive NONE of the donations pledged so far!

Since the campaign’s launch just six weeks ago, we have shared the stories of six Wings of Heart residents – helping to give you a glimpse of the lives that the animals under our care lived before coming to us and the incredible strength and perseverance that they have shown in overcoming their traumatic past. Since the campaign began, we have also welcomed new arrivals to the sanctuary. These new arrivals are sometimes just babies, like little Galicia, and they need our round-the-clock care to help them get well and begin their new lives. But with new arrivals comes new costs – particularly medication and vet’s fees – and for this reason the Life Without Fear campaign is so important. Please help us today to reach our target of €5.000. You will be helping animals like Galicia and Pepa, who is the star of this week’s Life Without Fear update, get the second chance in life that they deserve.


Pepa was found, collapsed and close to death in the middle of nowhere. She had been abandoned to die from starvation; that is, if the infection which riddled her leg did not kill her first. When our team answered the call for help from a kind person who wanted to help Pepa, they were shocked to see just how emaciated she was. It was hard to believe that she was still alive – you could see her bones jutting out from her skin and she barely had energy to lift her head.

Her first few days at the sanctuary were touch and go and our team stayed up with her late into the night each evening. Each morning, our team approached Pepa with trepidation, dreading to find her gone, scared that she may have succumbed to her trauma and passed away in her sleep. But each morning, her eyes fluttered open and she greeted the team happily. She was a fighter.

The vets diagnosed a severe infection in her joints, which had made her completely lame in one leg and was threatening to spread to her others. Combined with her already weakened state due to emaciation, the vet warned us that this beautiful girl might not make it.

Pepa, however, had other ideas! Each day, Pepa stoically allowed us to treat her – even though her the physiotherapy and the constant cleaning of her wounds would have caused her considerable pain. She quickly learned to trust us – something that always amazes us about rescued animals. These individuals have been through so much and yet can learn to trust when shown affection and kindness. Pepa seemed to know that the pain she was experiencing in treatment was in her best interests. In fact, Pepa often tried to (literally) run before she could walk. Her determination often brought us to tears as this brave sheep began to put on weight, began to walk tentatively on her damaged leg and began to relax into her new life in safety at Wings of Heart.

The difference in Pepa after a month with us was incredible. We have rarely seen such a transformation from an animal so, so sick, to one who looks so healthy and happy. Just in the last few weeks, having been eager to join the – ever increasing – flock of rescued sheep at the sanctuary, we finally felt Pepa was well enough to be able to be with others. The day we let her into the large paddock, she behaved as if she was meeting old friends. She ran around and greeted everyone and was welcomed as if she had always been there.

In her quieter moments, Pepa likes to come back to us and spend some time with her head rested in our laps, just as she did during those first painful days. Now though, her eyes close in contentment and her breathing is calm and steady. She knows that she is safe, and she knows that, from now on, she will live a Life Without Fear.