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#UnaVidaSinMiedo - #ALifeWithoutFear

Because everyone deserves to live a life without fear

#ALifeWithoutFear - Chapter 6: Rita

We have just two weeks left until the end of our Life Without Fear campaign and there is still a long way to go before we reach our target of €5,000. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we have already raised €1,500 – donations that will provide medication, food and care for our most recently rescued animals. BUT if we do not reach our target of €5,000 in the next two weeks, we will LOSE the money already raised and end up with nothing!

As such, we are asking for your urgent help in sharing and supporting the campaign as it comes to its vital last days. Please help to ensure that we do not lose this amazing opportunity to receive urgent support for the animals.

This week, we would like to share the sixth story of our series. Today, you will learn about the rescue and rehabilitation of Rita the donkey and her little family. The family of donkeys came from a horrific situation to live in freedom and safety with us here at wings of Heart. Read on to find out more about our beautiful Rita.

One March morning in 2013, we received a call for emergency help.

In the municipality of Labastida, in Vitoria – Gasteiz, a family of donkeys which had been brutally mistreated for years needed a place to go. These three donkeys, mother, father and son, had been seized by the Provincial Council of Alava, after repeated complaints, along with other animals such as dogs, goats and two rabbits. A local resident said that the site where the animals were being kept had no licence of any kind. Despite this, the local city authorities had donated the farmland where animals were being hoarded and kept in appalling conditions.

Tied, chained, without veterinary care or proper food, it was only thanks to the secret intervention of concerned neighbours that any of the animals survived. Unfortunately for the goats, by the time we learned of the situation, it was too late. The defendant got rid of them when he found out about the complaint. We don’t know to this day what he did with them.

Rita is the mother of the family. She is a donkey that was abused and had marks all over her body when she first came to us. When she arrived, we were appalled by the poor condition of her coat and saddened to see how submissive she was. She was suspicious. Not as suspicious as Martin but when you raised a hand to caress her face, she backed away, afraid of the hand delivering a blow.

With time and socialisation, Rita has regained an impressive shine on her coat, she gained healthy weight and, importantly, we saw her self-esteem grow. Rita’s recovery is undoubtedly thanks, in part, to her son and his infectious love of life. In part, the love and care she has received at the sanctuary has also helped her. Here the animals are free to enjoy their lives and there is something contagious about that freedom of freedom and safety. Rita has turned into a loving and affectionate donkey who, although is still wary, allows herself to be embraced and has learned to accept that affection and tenderness are things to be enjoyed.

Now elderly, Rita likes to spend most of her time with her best friend – another elderly donkey named Moni. The pair like to spend their time wandering round the sanctuary at their own pace, eating, sleeping and paying visits to their carers for some affection. The traumatic memories that Rita carried with her for so long are now long in the past and she can breathe easy because, in the final years of her life, she is free. Now Rita lives a life without fear.