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#UnaVidaSinMiedo - #ALifeWithoutFear

Because everyone deserves to live a life without fear

  • #ALifeWithoutFear - Chapter One: Eneko

    We are delighted to share with you the first chapter in our “A Life Without Fear” Campaign. The campaign seeks to highlight some of the stories of our beloved residents who, without your help, would have had a very different future to the one that they are living today at the Sanctuary.

    We will start with one of our most special residents: a pig named Eneko. Eneko is a cross between a pig and a wild boar and arrived at the sanctuary in 2012 with his brother, Koke. Had the pair not been rescued, they would have been used as “bait” to train dogs to hunt boar. These affectionate, playful and, at time, naughty, babies very soon captured our hearts, along with those of the volunteers and visitors.

    Eneko left behind his difficult start in life and now, as an adult, he has become a calm pig who loves his home comforts. He adores taking long “siestas” and mud baths – particularly during the long hot summer in Madrid. He is very happy in his own routines and he loves to choose exactly how to spend his time. The only thing that will break Eneko from his daily rhythm is when he hears (or smells) that it is time for dinner! He is very intelligent and has learned how to help us clean his sleeping space.

    After five and a half years living with us here at the sanctuary, the two brothers had never spent a day apart until, two weeks ago, Koke fell ill suddenly and tragically passed away two days later. The vets did all that they could but there was nothing they could do to save the life of our beautiful Koke. Eneko is missing his brother terribly and now needs all the support that he can get.

    One of the greatest challenges faced by sanctuaries such as ours is that we are caring for animals who are bred by the farming industry to live just months or, at most, a few years. Animals exploited in farms have been manipulated over many years genetically so that they grow faster and to much larger sizes than is normal. This is done with the sole purpose of securing the maximum profit for the farmer from the bodies of the animals. That is to say, chickens are bred to produce more eggs than their delicate bodies can handle, cows are forcibly impregnated over and over to ensure that they continue to produce milk at levels which are totally unnatural and animals bred to be eaten are forced to gain abnormal amounts of weight, with no thought of the impact on their health. And to the farmers, there is little reason to concern themselves with the potential future health problems that the animals will suffer as a result of this cruel treatment for the very simple reason that these animals were never intended to have a future.  

    In the moment that these animals become ill, or when their exhausted bodies simply cannot withstand the abuse any longer, they are taken to slaughter as they can no longer be used for economic gain. Their lives are so short that, shamefully, vets generally lack sufficient knowledge and experience to treat adult “farm” animals when they fall ill, as was the case with Koke.

    We know that, thanks to the support of people like you, Koke lived his life surrounded by love and without fear. In his memory and that of all of those who have left us to early in the past, we will continue to work with the same dedication and energy to give the best life possible to Eneko and the other 300 animals under our care at present.

    And this is where you came! By supporting our “A Life Without Fear” campaign, you are giving hope to Eneko and his companions. You are making sure that, when an animal becomes ill and needs veterinary attention, they will be given everything they need. You are ensuring that we are able to open our doors to those animals who, while we have not yet met them, we know will need us in the near future.

    You are giving a life without fear to an animal just like Eneko.

    Thank you <3