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#UnaVidaSinMiedo - #ALifeWithoutFear

Because everyone deserves to live a life without fear

  • #ALifeWithoutFear - Chapter 5: Manuel

    The star of our fifth chapter of our “A Life Without Fear” series is Manuel, a little bull who arrived at Wings of Heart along with his best friend, Ruth, back in 2012. The two babies were terrified when they first arrived and it’s not hard to understand why. Manuel and Ruth came from a farm breeding bulls for the bullfighting industry.

    The options which lay ahead of Manuel largely depended on how much he could withstand before his body succumbed to the torture that those who sought to exploit him had planned.

    It may have been that Manuel died at just a few months old in a school where children who aspired to become bullfighters learned the first steps in torturing young animals like Manuel.

    If he survived that period, he may have lost his life at just one or two years old during a bull festival where he might be stoned, stabbed or dragged by ropes until he suffered a painful, terrifying and lonely death as people around him laughed and cheered at his suffering.  

    If he survived to three or four years old, he would likely have been publicly tortured and killed in the bullring, to the sound of deafening cheers. He would have been killed by the hand of a man who perhaps once learned his “skills” at bullfighting school by attacking and killing babies, the same age as Manuel when he arrived with us.

    Or perhaps, like half of all bulls bred to enter the bullfighting industry, he would not have been considered “angry” enough to use in fighting and simply be sent to the slaughterhouse to die.

    Instead, Manuel and his beloved Ruth were rescued. And so began their lives in freedom. Manuel was given the chance to live A Life Without Fear.

    Before he arrived at the sanctuary, no human being had ever shown him any kindness and so his reaction to us was aggression. On the first day, this brave little bull charged us if we came too close – defending himself and his friend from the beatings that we could not explain to him were never going to hurt him again.

    As he slowly realised that we meant him no harm, his aggression turned to fear and he would do all that he could to avoid being in the same space as us. At the slightest sound or movement, he would dash to be next to Ruth and Javi – his oldest and newest friends with whom he felt safe.

    Those who breed bulls for fighting do not let the animals see human kindness. If they did, then the bulls would develop their naturally sociable behaviours, which would be useless to those who want to make a show of these animals being aggressive and dangerous. Bull breeders do not breed angry, dangerous animals, as they would like us to believe, but animals who are never given any reason to trust us. After time, Manual learned that not all people want to harm him. Manuel learned to trust us.

    Now fully grown, Manuel passes his days with Ruth, Javi and the other rescued bulls at the sanctuary. Manuel spends his time playing and running in the fields, sleeping under the shade of a tree with his friends, watching the world go by from the top of the hill or grazing quietly in the cool evenings at the sanctuary. Manuel’s future could have been so different but, thanks to the support of people like you, we were able to help him.

    We were able to give him and Ruth the life they deserved. Because no baby should be born for the purpose of being tortured for “entertainment” and because every animal deserves to live A Life Without Fear.

  • #ALifeWithoutFear - Chapter 4: Evaristo

    Meet Evaristo - A little goat with a big heart <3

    Evaristo came to us in February of last year as a baby. His cruel fate was to be auctioned off as a raffle prize at a fair in Madrid. The selling point of the auction was that the winner could “take their food home while it was still alive”, kill him and serve him as their dinner.Evaristo was just a baby – full of fear and just desperate for someone to love him. Thankfully for him, he was rescued and came to live with us here at Wings of Heart.

    Right from the start, Evaristo was a sweet and affectionate little goat who adored the company of people. He always sought our attention and, if he didn’t get it right away, would pursue us until we succumbed to his charms. Today, at a year and a half old, he remains exactly the Same. He loves being in the middle of everything and having all eyes on him. Above all, he just wants affection. He doesn’t always make it easy for us to get on with our work because, as soon as he spots us, he runs over, pats us with his little hoof to ask for a cuddle or, if that doesn’t work, simply climbs on top of us and stands awaiting his prize: kisses and hugs. He may not make it easy for us to get things done, but he certainly makes it easy for us to love him. Evaristo cannot help but make everyone he meets smile and laugh at his antics.

    As he grew bigger, we tried to move him from the nursery – where new arrivals and young animals live – to join the flock of adult sheep who live in a larger enclosure together. While Evaristo likes to say hello to everyone and see what is happening, he kept escaping from the large enclosure and we would find him at the entrance of the nursery trying to get back in to play with his best friends: Bimba and Domingo. He has decided that the nursery is his forever home and we are happy to let little Evaristo choose where he wants to be.

    Evaristo, like all his companions, was rescued and freed from the cruel destiny for which he was born: to become a plate of food. Thanks to the support of people like you, we can continue to give goats like Evaristo or little Galicia, who we rescued a few days ago, the life they deserve. We can give them "A life without fear".

    Will you help us to continue saving lives?

  • #ALifeWithoutFear - Chapter 3: Parchís

    We don’t know much about where Parchís and his best friend, Oca, came from. They appeared one day on the streets of a Madrid suburb, lost, frightened and huddled together in an attempt to feel safe as people passed by, looking at the two little geese with curious stares. The pair would not have survived for long on the streets and, luckily for them, a young couple managed to catch them up and take them to their apartment. That young couple saved their lives.

    The terrified little birds were given a blanket, a box where they could sleep, hide and feel safe and a bath, which served as a swimming pool. Of course, Parchís and Oca could not spend their entire lives in an apartment in the city, so the young couple began to search for a forever home for them.

    So, it was shortly afterwards that we welcomed Parchís and his friend to Wings of Heart and it took them no time at all to establish themselves as members of the family. With their new house, their new swimming pool and their new friends, the pair had come home.

    Now, Parchís is one of the most confident, and comical, members of our family. He explores the world using his beak and hates to miss out on anything that might be happening around the Sanctuary. If there is a commotion going on, you can guarantee that Parchis is in the middle of it, ensuring he has a front-row seat.

    Parchís loves people and has the sweet habit that he would have learned from his mum and siblings of following us around as we get on with our day. Thanks to the support of people like you, our sweet, funny Parchís was saved and now lives a life without fear.

  • #ALifeWithoutFear: Chapter 2 - Trasgu

    In the second chapter of the “A Life Without Fear” series, we will share with a story which could have come straight out of a children’s fairy tale book. It is the story of Trasgu, a blind lamb who was, literally, thrown to the wolves.

    Trasgu’s amazing story began in Asturias, Spain, when the little lamb was cruelly thrown into the enclosure of a pack of wolves with the intention that she would be eaten alive. Incredibly, instead of attacking her, the wolves took her in and protected her. Astoundingly, the baby sheep remained completely unharmed.

    When the story came to light and a complaint was made about the incident by a local animal protection group, Trasgu was rescued and brought to the sanctuary. It was only on her arrival that we discovered she was almost completely blind; possibly as a result of the blow to the head she suffered having been thrown with force, and from a great height, into the wolf enclosure.

    When she arrived at the sanctuary, she was frightened and this, coupled with her lack of sight, meant that Trasgu initially could not be with the other sheep who live here at the sanctuary. Our team became her companions and playmates and she gradually become more confident as the weeks and months went by.

    While Trasgu loved to play with her human friends, we knew that our company was no substitute for that of her own kind so we were left with the conundrum of how to socialise Trasgu with the other sheep without her getting hurt, lost or confused. The solution came to us in the form of a gentle and friendly sheep named Paco.

    Paco had befriended little Trasgu and he became the sheep that Trasgu trusted most at the sanctuary. But Trasgu could easily lose her friend among the dozens of other sheep here and, when she did, she would become anxious and upset. So, we decided to give Paco a bell, so that Trasgu could find him. Trasgu immediately learned that the sound of the bell would guide her to her best friend. She no longer lost him in the herd and she followed him everywhere. After just two days, Trasgu had gained enough confidence to simply be with the rest of the herd and we removed the bell from Paco.

    Trasgu now lives happily as part of her huge sheep family at Wings of Heart Sanctuary.

    Thanks to love, friendship and patience, the little blind lamb who was destined to be eaten alive by wolves was saved. Trasgu now lives A Life Without Fear.

    In the last few weeks, three more baby lambs have arrived at the sanctuary in need of our help. We know that more will come in the next few months. Thanks to your generous support we are able to make the same promise to our newest arrivals as we did to Trasgu when she first joined us. From the day that they set foot in the sanctuary, we promise that they will life A Life Without Fear.

    Thank you.

  • 10% of our €5,000 target reached! Thank you!

    Thanks to your generous support, we have reached 10% of our £5,000 target in our “Life Without Fear” Campaign! We are so grateful – thank you! Tomorrow, we will share with you the amazing rescue story of the little sheep, Trasgu, pictured in this photo. Please keep sharing and supporting the campaign!