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A BlockChain against Fake News

About the project

Veracious is a public and decentralizedBlockChain* network. Its purpose is to protect information and its creator, while ensuring his/her remuneration and the spread of the information.

Today, BlockChain technology and the fight against fake news are quickly expanding.

The truthfulness and history of each piece of information is jeopardized by the complex organization of the internet and ill-intentioned influencers. Moreover, with a simple copy and paste, one can steal all the content, whatever it may be ! It is therefore necessary to organize our knowledge within an infallible system. Veracious makes it possible to verify the information and to pay its creator directly when his work is cited.

The author of an article, be it scientist, news item, statistics, or other, uploads the essential information that he has produced in the blockchain. Any person or organization that decides to use this information cites this article. Then the blockchain validates its quote against a certain amount. This gives him a bigger audience because all his readers know exactly that the info is true and that the creator is quoted correctly.

For example today, it is impossible to rely with certainty on publications on social networks or collaborative sites like wikipedia, because sources are very poorly cited, and Internet links usually refer to sites not more reliable than the article itself. Imagine a world where you know that every click of your mouse will lead to true content checked by a global network. This would save internet journalism, wouldn't it?

* Veracious's major innovation is based on BlockChain technology. What is BlockChain? This technology is now mature and allows each user to be part of a large network. Each node of the network is an active user who checks the data exchange. This system is all the more infallible as the network is large. Indeed, to change a piece of information, you must be able to hack not a simple server poorly protected, but millions of computers! A blockchain has information creators who want to transmit it, for example journalists with Veracious or a transfer of funds for Bitcoin, and information verifiers, miners. A miner is working against some remuneration to verify this information, be it manual verification of information for Veracious, or a very energy-intensive mathematical calculation for cryptocurrencies.

Currently an engineer, I am passionate about new technologies. I followed the growth of BlockChain technology, including cryptocurrencies. Miner and user of Bitcoin, I master the stakes and the fundamental implications of these technologies on our world. I think indeed that despite the power of cryptocurrency, they represent only a tiny part of the potential of Blockchain. And it is on this observation that I propose to you Veracious.

To conclude, I invite you to help me finance this promising technology of a truer world, where bad intentions will not be able to interfere in our connected world.

What are the funds for?

Developing the system I propose will require massive public interest. Each donation will be rewarded by firstly a little gift from us and for the most generous sponsors, with a mention of thanks on the Veracious website but also by the opportunity to be part of the first testers and users of the system to build a future where all journalistic and scientific articles will be verified by Veracious.

About the project owner