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Deck Building, Competitive Sandbox Strategy Board Game, based on adaptation.

About the project

20 000 hours.

That's the time spent creating VDimension.

Passionate about all types of games and members of Ubisoft creation team on multi-players maps of Far Cry, game balance on King Kong and many other independant projects, I secretly built a laboratory in which I was able to create the ultimate board game: VDimension. 10 years and over 200 players in focus groups later, I offer you my game in a home made, printable version. Whether you are a casual board game player or a fan of franchise such as Magic the Gathering, Settlers of Catan or even Monopoly, you will love this game for these 5 reasons:

- Its versatility: You can win the match from 5 different ways

- Its complexed simplicity: You will feel like climbing mount Everest, but without losing your breath

- Its replayability: 20 000 hours and still always a different ending!

- Its game balance : all the cards you play has the potential to lead you to victory

- In addition, since I wanted VDimension to be played everywhere as quickly as possible, I offer you the whole game at the most affordable price, into a digital version that you can print and assemble yourself at home, IKEA style.

VDimension combines the best elements of board games and card games all in one. A game that unites all gamer types around the same table; casual, experienced or just curious. With 5 different victory conditions, 5 realms (+4 in construction) all offering a different playstyle, you will be able to discover a new way to play a board game: your own!

GAME RULE BOOK:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/eth3g96ezwjodwo/CARD%20GAME%20RULE%20BOOK_Final%20Edition.pdf?dl=0

NOUS SUIVRENT SUR FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/VDimensionPC/

SITE WEB: http://www.vdimension.ca/index.php/en-ca/

What are the funds for?

About the project owner

From my young age, when people were asking me what I wanted to do in life, my answer was: Play games. When I became a teenager, I found a passion in actually make them. So I started building a pen & paper and was offering my friends to play in that universe I was improvising as they were making new choices. People grew excited and soon enough, I didn't have enough spare time in my life to make everybody play. This is when I realized that I had a talent to make people resonate into the fantastic universe I had created. From that moment on, I didn't want to do anything else with my life aside from bringing the rest of the universe into mine.

25 years later, I stand before you with my lifetime accomplishment; VDimension. A game that doesn't target gamers only, but every human being who likes to be brought around a table with pleasant people to have an epic time.The avatars and minions of VDimension are all based on the story I created during my 15 years of pen & paper.  The essence of each card you will discover are the fruit of the prowess and historical gaffs made by all the characters populating that universe!

Having invested my soul into this project, I incarnate VDimension. The board on which you will play and the cards you will manipulate are the extension of my interpretation of the universe at every level. All I am lies in that box, ivory tower in which you will also take place.

So come resonate with us, and unite the world around the same table!

-Seen Justice