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The solar backpack

Uvé, your summer must have ☀️

About the project

To go further with no strings attached,
we invented the Jetpak01,
the backpack that powers your smartphone thanks to the sun.

Equipped with advanced solar cellsand a power bank specially designed, 
the Jetpak01 was conceived to power your portable devices with the sun light.

And no need to think about it, your Jetpak01 will power up by itself.
Its power bank will automatically store all the energy produced by the panel,
even from the slightest ray of light.
Some extra battery, that can be used anytime you want.

It doesn't matter if you're heading to work or on holidays,
if you're a man or a woman, the Jetpak01 will be your perfect partner outside.

We designed the Jetpak01 altogether with our community.
Thanks to them, we developed the extra features that will make your life easier.

The backpack is available in three different colors : Submarine, Infrarouge and Polychrome.

Voltaic © Power bank

4000 mAh
Output : 5V/1A USB
Input : 5-6V, 1A

Its unique technology enables the battery to get charged much quicker than regular power banks. It was specially designed to capture low intensity current, so that you won’t miss the slightest ray of light. Moreover, it can be used while being charged; you won’t have to disconnect the power bank from the panel. Last but not least, it is removable and can be charged from the wall. You will be able to take it on the plane, its lithium technology is aligned with the latest standards.

  • What's included ? The Jetpak01 is delivered with its Voltaic power bank and its USB input cable.
  • Color options : No need to select the colors while ordering on Ulule. We will contact you later on, so that you can take the time to choose your color. We will of course remind you of all the color options available.
  • Shipping fees : shipping is free in France, 15€ elsewhere in Europe, and 25€ worldwide.
  • Delivery date estimate : you will receive your Jetpak01 once the first series is produced, in July !
  • Retail price : after the pre-order season , the Jetpak01 will be on sale for 180€. Now is the best time to order one !
  • Contact : we'll be glad to answer all your questions here : [email protected]

What are the funds for?

One month to bring Uvé to life !

Our success relies on you. Thanks to this pre-order campaign, we will launch our first series of Jetpak01.

You have the opportunity to be the first Jetpak01 owners ever, and to benefit from a great bargain. More importantly, you will be part of the crew and contribute to our ambitious adventure.

About the project owner

We’ve been friends for a long time.

© Randolph Lungela

We met at the other end of the world, on Vancouver Island, and we traveled through California, South Italia and former Yugoslavia.

We believe that adventure should be part of the everyday life. Riding to work, attending a random event, learning a new dance, launching a campaign on Ulule, jumping on a train... and moving forward without a second glance.

Our backpack mirrors our way of life; we designed it as a little engine for our micro-adventures. We believe that the most amazing discoveries are to be found outside, and that we can't let a lack of battery get into the way.

So we worked hard to tackle this issue. And we hope that our Jetpak01 we be your new partner in crime.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us through this adventure.

Thanks to Walter Marc, for the making of our campaign movie, and to Randolph Lungela for his stunning pictures. Thank you to Jules Audry from the Future Noir company for his amazing voice. Thanks to Saraf Ohayon and Sofiane Barnat, our talented models and actors. Thanks to Léo from Northencore for his charming music.

Thanks to our community, aka the Uvé crew, who took part in the design process.

Thanks to our community, aka the Uvé crew, who took part in the design process.
Thanks to the Schoolab team, who made everything possible.
A huge thanks to our parents and close friends, who've been supporting us since the beginning.

And thank you to you, who are reading these lines. 

You are awesome ☀️

Follow us and have a look behind the scenes !