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Ushba & Tetnuld concert version

2nd goal : 150% => to hire s/o to help find more concerts

About the project

 The first goal has been reached and we now aim for the second, which is

to hire a sale agent to help get more preformances. We need to reach the 150% mark!

Already, thank you very much for your support, regardless of the amount. 

We also count on you to spread the word and raise the awareness of this creation.


In Upper-Svaneti still sound the chants of work, love, battle and mourning. There, Ushba et Tetnuld were changed into mountains. A traveller - whom we all are within - is in search of this legend and meets the daily life, intermingled with the past in a mosaic of sensations. 

Nicolas Vérin here pays homage to Georgia through a sonic and visual polyphony that confronts modernity and tradition.




Written for the voices of Roula Safar, Nicholas Isherwood and Javier Hagen and an electronic part combining varied sources with live processing of voice. The video part is very important, created by Robert Cahen with help from editor Thierry Maury. Live projection and several supplementary videos are from Thibault Walter

 The challenge of this piece is the confluence of elements of reality, captured in situation in Georgia, with a sonic, msucial and visual work of creation, producing a dialog between daily life and art, testimony and homage, tradition and modernity. 

Music and video will be adapted to give a new life to the piece in a concert form with video projections, so as to bring out the essence in a sensitive way.

 A preview performance will be given at Festival Forum::Wallis in Switzerland on 12 May. The premier will take place on 9 July within the Rencontres Musicales de Jaugette in Obterre (Indre, Centre region) in conjunction with a concert by the great vocal ensemble Riho (8 singers) coming especially from Upper-Svaneti (Georgia), offering converging perspectives on tradtion and modernity.



USHBA ET TETNULD  -  უშბა და თეთნულდ
concert version - for three singers, electronic music and video projections

Nicolas Vérin, conception, composition 
Nicolas and Dominique Vérin, original texts and adaptations of Georgian poems
by Kote Kubaneishvili, Nicoloz Baratachvili, Shota Rustaveli  
Robert Cahen, images, composed video
Thibault Walter, real-time video
Thierry Maury, video editing
Roula Safar, mezzo-soprano
Javier Hagen, tenor/counter-tenor
Nicholas Isherwood, bass-barytone

What are the funds for?

The first goal has been reached : it covers the cost of the week of rehearsals in Evry this coming April : travel, food and lodging and a small remuneration for the team.

NOW our second goal is to hire a marketing officer. Some dates are in the works : a preview performance at festival Forum::Wallis in Switzerland in May, others to be confirmed in Paris and Georgia. We need a marketing officer that makes a personal commitment to extend this quest, which thanks to your help will bear fruits. For this we need to reach the 150% mark.

The multimédia opera was a co-production by Césaré and Opéra de Reims, with participation of INA-GRM, Radio-France and help from DICRéAM and Institut français.

For the creation of the concert version in Jaugette, a grant application has been sent to Regional Cultural Affairs, but would not cover all. This campaign's success would not only allow to cover the costs of rehearsals but would also solidify greatly our grant proposal, thus multiplying its effect.

About the project owner

Created in 2011, the association Jaugette - Manoir des Arts, located in the Jaugette mansion, in the Indre department, aims to promote events of high quality and artistic level. Already organizer of six classical music festivals, it intends to continue and diversify its activity, having already proposed for a broad audience several rare events.


Captivated by musical gesture and the life of sounds,  Nicolas Vérin explores in a singular manner a fascination for time and its complexity. He draws into this open field a plurality of languages, to achieve a synthesis beyond dogmas and trends.

Nicolas Vérin received commissions from the French Ministry of Culture, Radio-France, INA-GRM, etc. He was composer in residence in the Midi-Pyrénées region and was awarded the prize Villa Médicis hors les murs and the Fulbright Grant. Recordings : 4 pieces for soloist and tape (INA-GRM - available on iTunes, Virgin). Chassé-croisés ; In Vino Musica ; Chassé-croisé III in Contemporary Violin duets, etc.

Web : and 


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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