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Classical music in a stage truck

Help uNopia free the music!

About the project


Classical music in a stage truck: travelling concerts from Paris to Moscow

Music transcends borders and makes up part of the common culture of Europe. Our wish is to bring this music directly to all by way of a tour stopping in many countries during the month of August 2019. The uNopia project consists of two stages: a French tour in 2018 followed by a European tour in 2019. 


We want to give new impetus to classical music, to reach audiences in a society where listening is increasingly rare and “artistic effectiveness” is the buzzword. We hope to bring back purity to this music whose codes have too often scared people away.

We think that classical works have a deep meaning that continues to touch us today and that their messages are destined to be shared as widely as possible. We want to prove that these works’ traditional forms do not constitute an obstacle to their discovery.

We find it unfortunate that musical styles continue to be segmented by time, space, and social contexts.

We wish to give back to classical music its freedom of movement beyond any constraints.

We think that music is meant to be shared, that it lives through the exchange between the one who gives and the one who receives. That live performance gives way to unique moments be-tween the public and the artists, regardless of the setting.

Finally, we think it is vital that young musicians take the initiative to play by any means, anytime, anywhere, and in any style the music they are passionate about.

uNopiaendeavours to turn these words into a human, musical adventure. We have therefore set up a participative association open to all along these lines – a mobile, modular place of performance creation (stage truck) that connects with European audiences … a laboratory to develop new forms of artistic expression!

For its 2019 season, uNopia is planning a travelling musical adventure across Europe: a large caravan celebrating European culture heritage with stops in the lands of Debussy, Beethoven, Bach, Dvořák, Bartok, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky. This adventure will be preceded by a French tour that will take place in cities across France in August 2018.

The tour itinerary has been designed around a crossing of Europe from west to east, starting in Paris and ending with a grand finale in Moscow. uNopia will therefore cross 12 European countries: France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and finally Russia. 17 cities will host the musicians so as to share classical music with the broadest, most varied public possible.

uNopia will adapt its programme to pay tribute to the great composers and musicians of the countries on this musical adventure. We will, for example, celebrate Bach and Beethoven in Germany, Liszt in Hungary, and Tchaikovsky in Russia. Moreover, we will invite a local musician to our concerts in order to showcase each country’s repertoire and the diversity of classical music.

We would like to organise large, open-air public concerts in the squares of the cities and villages crossed. Reviving the medieval tradition of minstrels who spread the cultures along their routes and returned home more experienced and with enriched perspectives, we want to re-establish this ancestral link and make this musical adventure a great human and artistic encounter.

And this is what gives the originality of our project its sense: the stage truck, mobile and independent, makes it possible to think of each space as a concert venue. Open to the world, the stage comes directly to the spectator. A privileged environment for the artists and public to come into contact and interact, this stage will be specially fitted to the inside of the truck that will accompany the tour. The truck can accommodate a grand piano, sound equipment, and lighting. Capable of opening and attaching to a platform, it offers a spacious stage for the musicians.

In addition, a video crew will follow this great human adventure. The crew will record rehearsals, concerts, and meetings to enrich public relations and produce a documentary series.

The uNopia Artists

uNopia is a collective bringing together several young artists from diverse backgrounds. Together, we conceive and create the performances of the 2018 and 2019 tours.

The fruit of musical meetings between artists rich in different experiences and artistic backgrounds but sharing one passion, the uNopia project sets out to offer classical music in all its richness to the European public.

With the objective of realising this project and offering quality, original concerts, uNopia is currently mobilising numerous artists across Europe.

Since September 2017, the team has gained four young new members: students from Sciences Po. Thanks to their dynamism and enthusiasm for the project, these team members, coming from diverse backgrounds, are helping to making uNopia a fantastic human experience bursting with exchange and sharing. 

Here is a small preview of two of our musicians in action:


What are the funds for?


The money collected will mainly allow us to finance the truck in which we will organise our concerts – first during the French tour in summer 2018, and then during the European tour in 2019. Once we find the perfect truck, we will transform it into a real travelling concert stage that will spread the music high and low!

Here’s how we will use the money from this fundraising campaign: 

Going further:

Why stop there? With your help, our truck can reach these levels:

  • €10,000: purchase a larger truck than initially planned
  • €14,000: enhanced equipping
  • €18,000: compensation for the artists, plus setting up a fund for the expenses of the 2019 tour
  • €25,000: reserve for the purchase of the minibus that will accompany uNopia's European tour in 2019
  • €30,000+: installation of a spoiler and turbo pack on the truck 😄

A transparent campaign by your side:

Throughout the project – from purchasing the truck to equipping it for the tour, from rehearsals to the moment we hit the road – we’ll keep you up-to-date on our progress. 

Information will be posted regularly on Ulule as well as on our Facebook page and via our newsletter. We welcome and value your opinions and look forward to making the best possible project together! 

About the project owner

uNopia: utopia at the piano

“Utopia is not what is unachievable but rather what has yet to be achieved.” – Théodore Monod

The idea of uNopia seemed obvious to me when I was looking to combine seemingly contradictory desires: a yearning for freedom through travel, my passion for the piano (second only to the organ when it comes to stationary instruments!), and the aspiration to modernise the world of “classical” music.

Recognising that this kind of music requires initiation or else instant attraction, but also avoiding any elitism or preconceptions of social class, I sympathise with the idea of utopia as described by Thomas More in the sixteenth century. His book, Utopia, was at once a travel narrative and a rational project to establish an ideal society. For him it was about expanding the field of literary and political possibility. Let us do the same in music!

My experience with concerts, various audiences, and especially “forgotten” audiences like those in boarding schools for youth in difficulty or in prisons showed me the immense impact of this music that I was raised on.

Considering that this music can touch the heart of whoever, wherever and whenever, we must go, cross the borders, bring the music to its audience … We must play everywhere, all the time!

Guilhem Fabre