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Unisex Bomb : one designer tracksuit like no other

Let's design together your own custom eco-friendly jacket!

About the project

After months of undercover work, we proudly present our Unisex-Bomb!

Shemse’s posing with our prototype, homemade by Maud…
This wax print fabric is out of stock, but hundreds are available… How is yours?!

Almost a year ago, we were selected to enter Jean-Luc François’ fashion incubator. We qualified on a project aiming at strenghtening our small designer brand : the release of a mid-season, unisex, reversible and eco-friendly designer bomber tracksuit that respects our commitment to Slow Fashion practices...

In order to show our commitment to sustainable fashion, we will donate 1€ per contribution to support Fashion Revolution.

We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we’ve always been trying to do our best, at our little scale… Because we know the solution will probably come from the gathering of everyone’s little actions!

Now let’s take a good look at our bomber tracksuit, with full transparency to show you exactly why it’s like no other, and why it celebrates slow fashion, being…

unisex + reversible + innovative + blended + respectful + responsible + ethical + original!

Alassane and Virginie both enjoyed trying on our tracksuit prototype...
... and both of them liked the way it fits!

Unisex = No discrimination! Neither the style, nor the choice, nor the price…

👧🏾👦  All sizes available from XS to XXL so that we can all wear it both sides proudly!
👧👦🏾  All styles but each one’s own swag : fitted, oversize, casual, street or whatever!
👧🏾👦  Always one in a million because of the amazing choice of wax print fabrics!

Audrey and Quentin also tried it on and they loved it...
...Meanwhile confirming us that the jacket is 100% unisex!

Wear this tracksuit one side or the other, depending on your mood or the venue…

And support slow fashion by deciding to buy quality!

💶 Buying a reversible 2 in 1 tracksuit means
              ✌️ make 1 purchase, for 2 jackets
              ✌️ get twice the possibilities of style…
              ✌️ for half the storage space!

💶 Buying quality supports slow fashion as
              👍 an alternative to mass-consumption and waste
              👍 a way to reduce pollution and exploitation

'Buy less, choose well, make it last' (Vivienne Westwood)

As an alternative to fast fashion, and so as not to be bored too quickly, slow fashion often focuses on worldwide favorites, hits or it-s! Therefore we obviousely picked the bomber tracksuit...

Our inspiration goes beyond frontiers and continents, mixing traditions and innovations, bringing ethnicity to the city, halfway between show-off and low-profile... This bomber tracksuit is like a journey across styles, materials, and manufacturing techniques : a designer jacket that's innovative and blended!

Thanks to the training in fashion design as part of the incubator of Jean-Luc Francois, we did everything ourselves, from designing the jacket pattern to sewing the first prototype… Are we our best servants?

More like the guarantee for us to get full transparency through all the steps, and to respect our wish not to lower quality just to make things easier!

This hat was made back in 2012, we’ve always loved wax print designs! ❤️💛💚
Maud and Martin in action, each and every step is homemade…

We’ve sourced all our ingredients from farm to table, staying as local as possible : France, The Netherlands and Portugal… only places to go by bike!

The use of eco-friendly fabric made of organic cotton and recycled polyester better respects the environment, and our commitment to the well-being of those who make and those who wear our clothing.

We can guarantee you get a sustainable jacket, because our suppliers are internationally known for the quality of their products. Moreover our suppliers are also certified for their transparency.

🙏 Thanks Margarida for the perfect eco-friendly fabric, thanks Jan we love the wax prints to the max, thanks Virginie for the knitted that's unlimited, and thanks Ben for the zippers… fingers crossed for our upcoming orders! 🙏

This 'Dodo' wax print bomber tracksuit is available from our menu (see 'our recipe' below)

✂️ All the rewards are either homemade or made in France with our loved partners. Guidance through the atelier of Jean-Luc Francois gave us the opportunity to aim for the highest quality finishings for our bomber tracksuit, instantly making it a designer jacket! Therefore we will produce at the atelier if you help us reach the goal!

Zooming on Maud’s prototype finishings, setting the quality standard for production…
Quality check = flawless!

The cooperative atelier also provides retraining programs for the unemployed. Therefore your contributions will have a social impact too : if the launch of our bomber tracksuit is successful, its production will keep the schedule busy at the atelier, hopefully on a long-term scale! ✂️

Jean-Luc Francois and his team have qualified our project and give us full access…
Thank you all so much for your help throughout, now we’re keeping fingers crossed!

Cutting room floor fabric waste is estimated to be 15% of yearly worldwide textile production. Most of the time it ends up in the trash can! 👎

As everything is homemade, we guarantee to use materials in the most sustainable way. To avoid making too much waste, we also offer counterparts made of our upcycled wax print fabrics cutting leftovers. 👍

A quick look at our upcycled t-shirts and accessories…
We need your help on these too, no waste is best!

To keep our recipe genuine, we started from a blank page. And we designed this bomber tracksuit according to our business ethics. We don’t pretend to be perfect, just doing it our way, as usual, with a lot of work and a lot of passion! ❤️

Our intention is to celebrate slow fashion and its sustainable practices, with this tracksuit that respects the environment, as well as the one who made it, and the one wearing it…

🎨 You’re invited here for a collab’ to design your own custom tracksuit.
✂️ Cutting is random which also makes each bomber tracksuit 100% original.

Ok, enough talking, let's cook yours now! 🍴

Cooking is very easy, and all the ingredients are ready...
Just follow the 3 steps of our recipe, and be the cook!

- FROM THE MENU, choose between the 11 wax print fabrics we’ve selected with love:

Before choosing these wax print fabrics, we've sourced all distributors from Paris to Amsterdam for months. Searching for fabrics being unisex, diversified, sober, colorful, serious, funny and even a bit crazy! We've also seen many new releases replacing some old ones that sold out... And in April we finally made up our mind to buy them, so as to be able to offer you this actual collection, only available here and now at Ulule!

For the 'au menu' bomber tracksuits, you can choose between these 11 wax print fabrics...
...Available in limited series, here at Ulule and nowhere else!

- OR À LA CARTE, choose your own wax print fabric, straight from the producer :
Visit Vlisco's webshop and make your choice!

Design your own custom tracksuit!

Considering how important is the choice of the wax print...

And considering there are hundreds available at Vlisco in The Netherlands...

Just order your own wax print fabric from them, and join in to design a unique custom jacket!

No overcharge, just order the fabric at your expense, to be delivered at our premises...
📧 Take it easy, we'll send you an email with all the info you might need!

NIGHT BLUE or HEATHER GREY, your choice!

Our eco-friendly fabric made of organic cotton and recycled polyester is availaible in night blue or heather grey. We picked these colors that perfectly match all wax print fabrics…
Now the choice is yours!

Night blue or heather grey, and matching the 11 wax print fabrics from our menu, for 22 possibilities :
Also for the 'à la carte' tracksuits, you must choose the color for your custom reversible side...

You also choose the finishings for the eco-friendly fabric side, with or without the sleeve and shoulder bands. (The welt pockets are made of wax print fabrics on both sides of the jacket.)

And that's it!

Relax, it's very easy and you don't have to decide everything today!

For your bomber tracksuit from the menu: please first pledge to support us and ensure we'll be able to guarantee your limited edition jacket is available for you. Then we'll send you an email to confirm everything : size, color, finishings...

For your bomber tracksuit à la carte: please first pledge to support us, and we'll let you know how to easily choose your own wax print fabric from the webshop of the producer. We'll also send you an email to confirm your requested size, color, finishings...

For your upcycled T-shirts and/or accessories: please first pledge to support us, and we'll contact you to confirm eveything together: choice of wax print, and for the T-shirts also the size and gender...

📧  We'll send you an email in the 3 days following your pledge, in order to confirm everything with you! And of course we'll be there to help you define what's your exact size in our unisex size chart, or anything else you might need...

📦  All the rewards will be delivered in September 2018 (delivery is CO2 neutral)

What are the funds for?

💶 That’s the price for a designer jacket in limited edition.
💶 That’s the price for an eco-friendly jacket that’s made in France.
💶 That’s the price for a direct sale, no middleman involved.
💶 That’s our love price just for you, here at Ulule!

And considering it’s reversible, you get almost two jackets for that price!

It is the minimum amount we need to be able to :

    💶  order the eco-friendly fabric that only sells per roll,
    💶  launch a small production at Jean-Luc François' atelier,
    💶  release the collection in September.

Now we're relying on you to gather this amount, so that we can move on to the next step of our project : manufacturing and retailing our bomber tracksuits. Because so far, we've spent almost one year developing everything, and we invested 1500€ on wax print fabrics, but now we just can't go on without you!

⛵  Because it stayed out too long on the sea, alone in the doldrums, our little boat almost sank many times… To avoid any shipwreck this time, we’ve decided to call on you!

👀  Ulule is definitely the place to be, especially to show full transparency : perfect since we have nothing to hide!

🚀  The sky is the limit, and Ulule is like the Millenium Falcon! Your pledges will help define the exact quantities to order, especially for zippers and ribs, thus minimizing the risk of such a journey!

🃏  Ride or die! If this crowdfunding campaign is successful, thanks to you all, we swear we’ll be back to present you all our future collections, here at Ulule in preview!

Our wish would be to have this jacket for sale all year long, both online and at our Paris store. Therefore we really need your help in order to achieve this! Reaching our goal, or even exceeding it, would definitely help us establish this collection on a long-term schedule. Thus having a wider social impact, through bigger orders for the social workers at the garments atelier. That would also surely brighten the future of our small family-run ethical clothing brand.

Then if, thanks to you all, this crowdfunding campaign turns successful, we'd love to come back here and present you our future collections. Because this is not the end! This project would be the start of a long story we won't write without you!

Fashion Revolution is a worldwide movement initially created in 2013 in response to the Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh. On April 24th, 2013, the building that was hosting many garment ateliers collapsed, killing and injuring thousands of workers.

The catastrophy pointed out the scandalously poor condition of people working in garment ateliers supplying famous worldwide brands. Indeed that day, in spite of warnings from inspectors that required the building to be evacuated and shut down, the workers were forced to go back to work with threats of being fired with no pay check at all.

Fashion Revolution involves both brands and buyers, so that together we can make things change. By showing and asking more transparency, by producing and buying more responsibly, and by telling everybody, we can act at our level to support sustainable fashion.

During last Fashion Revolution week, from April 23rd to 29th, 2018, many events happened in countries all around the world.

To support the movement and show our commitment to promote slow fashion, we donate 1€ (one euro) per pledge to Fashion Revolution, if you let us achieve the goal!

1 pledge = 1€ donated!

...Help us support the movement!

About the project owner

Maud and Martin, we're brother and sister and we designed a bomber tracksuit that fits both of us as nice as all of you! With a true slow fashion alternative : pledge and instantly be the designer of your own custom one! For a jacket that's more original, genuine, and maybe even unique...

No the T-shirt isn't weird, it's Maud who's expecting a baby!


ONE ONE ONE is our small ethical clothing brand, established in Paris in 2007.
That same year we copyrighted « exclusive conscious wear » at INPI. Indeed the brand has always been promoting the respect of nature, and of people and their cultures.

A boundless inspiration mixing ethics and aesthetics makes ONE ONE ONE the clothing media for a universal message of peace, love, respect and unity.

Now join in and let's participate, at our little scale, in the big fashion revolution!

ONE ONE ONE in 3 words?

...all our designs are either homemade, or done in collaboration with related friends and artists.

...all our fabrics are more sustainable to better respect the environment and your health : organic cotton, bamboo, as well as innovative eco-friendly fabrics such as Tencel, Modal or recycled polyester made of plastic bottles...

…all our suppliers and manufacturers are certified (Oeko-Tex, Fair Wear...) to ensure that production respects both the environment and the Human Rights. Moreover, all our printings are made in France.

ONE ONE ONE is also our little concept store located at 108 Chemin Vert in Paris...
...Come over to meet us and try on our bomber tracksuit prototype!

ONE ONE ONE, Martin, Maud, and one big family! Many thanks to everybody, our parents, friends, brothers, sisters and kids... Thanks Jean-Luc, Shèmse & Elie, Laetitia, Paulette, Anthony, Joanna, Loïc, Emmanuelle, Quentin & Boon, Matt, Abou, Soussou & Edélé, Manjul, Balik, Ismael, Darig, Steve, Christian, Franck, Sara, Monica, Marina, Mike & Vera, Mikey, Julien, Judah & Roger, Arnaud, Jamie & Thandi, Gaspard & Laura, Hughes & Flora, Jason, Jimmy, Romain, Thomas, José, Benji, Vava & Nico, Nico & Laurie, Aboudi & Priscilla, Calypso & Claude for the Mate, Marisa (Garnier), Christina (Prieth), Ingrid (Shirine Hobaya) and all Jean-Luc François' designers, Virginie, Alassane, Cyril, Alex & Macha, Max & Sanae, Philippe & Marina, Sebastian, LN & Romain, Amélie, Joe, Had & Bapt, Galette & Cyp, Arno & Bob, Martin & Pauline, July & Bertrand, Fleur & Ghis, Eric, Pierre, Marin, François & Perrine, Nico & Isaure, Early & La Bouledogue, Karim, Seb, Erika & Mat, Zombina, Greg, Grego, Ryan GRC, David, Chico, Magda... the list is too long, forgetting too many!
All those who have been participating, collaborating, and supporting us from the start, every season, every year, and who might help us as well carrying out this new project...
We are one big family!