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a short absurd movie

About the project


We almost reached our goal, but don’t worry, any further support will be useful!

Why ?

Funds will help us to cover the submission-fees when we submit the movie to festivals!

Thanks so much for your support <3

A few months ago we shot a self-produced short fiction movie. How did it happen? Marta, who is an actress, wanted to direct her first movie; Nils, who is a director, wanted to try himself on the other side of the camera for the first time. That's how Marta and Kevin began to write the script. Writing this story we took advantage of the fact that we come from 3 different countries, so in the movie is a real mixture of languages and cultures.

The shooting took place in Valence (France) - the home town of Kevin and Nils  and it took about one week. This was really a family project: there were mostly four of us on the set (Marta, Kevin, Nils and Hyejin) and we did all the work together. Making a movie in such a small group was really challenging, but also a great adventure and a new exprerience for each of us. 

The movie is already finished if it comes to shooting, now what’s in front of us is the postpoduction. We did the shooting on our own, we did the first rough editing on our own, but as we want this movie to be perfect, now it’s time to use some help. You can see one of the movie teasers above. The movie will last about 10 minutes.

What is it all about?

A lonely hard-working man in his thirtys' comes back home from work. As usual. As every day.

But this day something disturbs his well-known, learned-by-heart precious habits. Someone is there, in front of his gate. A girl he has never seen before. Not only is she a total stanger to him, but also he doesn’t understand a word of what she's saying… What happens when he lets her into his totally organised life? Will they manage to communicate and create a connection? Or maybe inviting strangers to your house is a big mistake and it must become a nightmare?

This is not a romantic comedy with a happy ending. This is not a horror movie, either. This is a short, crazy and absurd study of the meeting of two different worlds, with a big dose of humour.

This is a story about the fear of what’s unknown.

What are the funds for?

- sound editing and mixing

- colorgrading

- music

- DVDs and posters 

- if we have enough money also submission fees for festivals

Why you should help us?

Because you certainly will laugh if you see this. That's the first point. Yes. (at least we hope so)

Because we love this story and we believe the movie deserves to be seen.

Because we already sacrified a lot of time, money and our hearts into this project and our dream is to finish it correctly so that it might do appearance at festivals and be shown to the world.

And last but not least - having this project finished with some professional help also means for us having the material to present to producers of our future movies (as we have heads full of ideas, the scripts are already writtten, waiting to be shoot!). So this movie, if we get the postproduction made by professionals, is also a step forward in our careers :) .

About the project owner

Uninvited crew members:

Marta Chyczewska - polish actress (and director)

She studied acting in Warsaw Theater Academy and in the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Paris. She lives in two countries - Poland and France - depending on her professional occupations. 

Recently becomes the more and more interested in directing and scriptwriting. She shot her first short fiction in Albany participating in the project "Balkan's Gate" in October 2017.

Co-writer, co-director and sound technician on Uninvited

Kevin Bouvyer - french scriptwriter/director

Studied philosopy and cinema in Lyon, France and Udine, Italy (University Lumiere Lyon 2 and University of Udine). Lived in Italy, Macedonia, Poland.

Directed short movies in Macedonia, Poland, Albania, this will be the first one in France.

Trying again and again to be (un) invited to some movie festivals. 

Co-writer, co-director and DoP on Uninvited

Nils Bouvyer - french scriptwriter/director

Born in France in 1985.
He studied cinema first in Lyon (France) where he got a bachelor degree, and then in Seoul (South Korea).
Since he finished studying in 2011 he is exploring many ways to make movies. His works could be fiction, or documentaries, or something in between.
He likes to experiment and is currently working as script-writer/director/cameraman on independent movie projects.

In Uninvited he plays the main male character, and was also DoP assistant.

Hyejin Kim - corean student of screen culture theory at Korean National University of Arts. 
I am Hyejin Kim, 
an actress in very limited films,
To present myself frankly, I am a kind of person whose presence can make all the familiar things around you so strange all of a sudden. You'll know what i mean if you watch this film. All I did for the film is just being me in a slightly different way.

Hyejin plays the main female part in Uninvited, and was Corean language consultant.

Pavel Brès - art uncle

Pavel worked with the bests: Godard, Truffaut, Spielberg, Coppola and Polanski. (well, actually, only with us but ...)

He was our sound guy for some difficult shots. He lives in Portugal and he is a retired economics teacher. 


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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