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give me a hand to help me get settled !

  • A thousand thanks !

    Hello everybody,

    I am happy to announce that the crowdfunding is over, and it has been a great succes. I am delighted and overwhelmed by everyone's generosity so thank you all very much.

    We smashed the target and reached 122% raising 4910€ which is more than I could have ever hoped for. The extra money will contribute towards the gas installation. This is a huge bonus !

    Your rewards will be sent as soon as possible, but giving the current situation, unfortunately I am delayed. I will keep you all updated.

    Thank you all once again

    Take care and be safe.


  • Objectif atteint !

    Thank you everybody for your help and your generosity, the crowdfunding has reached a 100% !

    It is amazing ! I am delighted and I can not wait to proove how grateful I am by delivering your rewards.
    You will have to be patient, because of everything going on here, the gas connection and the first firings will probably be delayed.

    The goal is reached but the crowdfundng is still on for 5 days for those that would like to participate, it is still time !

    If there is extra money it would help me pay for the gas connection, the slab, the shelter, the first gas delivery...

    1000 thanks, I still can't believe it !

    Please take care, and see you soon


  • 6 days left

    Hi everybody,

    Covid-19 is persisting but the crowdfunding will be over in a few day !

    Thanks to you, we have now reached 90% so far! There is only 6 days left and it would be the perfect timing for you to share the crowdfunding. There is still a tiny effort to provide before it ends and I would be really grateful if you could help me reaching the goal !

    To remind you what it is all about : the money collected during this crowdfunding will help me with my kiln investment, it will help me paying for all the costs related to the kiln : the transport, the gas connection, the shetler for protecting it...ect.

    Thank you, I really appreciate all your help, we have done the biggest part !

    I hope being able to meet you all soon, when conditions permit.

    See you soon


  • Last effort !

    We have never been so close to reach the goal !

    There is only 13 days left before the crowdfunding finishes and we have reached 82% so far !

    It is huge, thank you, you guys are awesome. I will be soon able to fire my new pots, they are nicely waiting.

    I can't wait to fire your rewards !

    There are pictures of the slab for the kiln we had to build with Joe, it was weeks ago.

    Please do not hesitate to share the link, there is still a little effort to make before we reach a 100% !

    Any help is highly appreciated

    Lots of love



  • 65% reached !

    Thank you everybody ! Thanks to you guys the crowdfunding has now reached 65% ! Your messages and generous donations are encouraging me loads.

    We are nearly there ! Only 35% to go now, and 21 days left ! Do not hesitate to share this page around you !

    Shelves are filling up at the workshop, I have started to work on your rewards and to make pieces for the upcoming events this spring ! They are slowly drying out waiting for the first firings...

    I really appreciate all your help !

    See you soon