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>> UMM is going to record it's first album (EP) <<

About the project

>>> UMM mesmerizes with experimental seasoned pop music. Ingredients are catchy grooves, square rhythms, intrigious, songstructures, prominent synths and mysterious, silky vocals. Warpaint lurks around the corner and Wild Beasts gives an approving wink. <<<

Hi, we are UMM, an experimental pop music band. Since 2017 we are playing together and touring different venues in Belgium and the Netherlands. We won or nearly won during several local music contests (Verse Vis, De Zes, …) and Radio 1, one of Belgium’s national radio channels, played our first single called ‘Papercut’.

We are very eager to record our first EP and we aim to spoil you with five or six tracks. During a show in summer we met Jeff Claeys, a producer, and we almost instantly had a good feeling about working together. Jeff Claeys played in Admiral Freebee (BE) and did (among others) produce records of bands like The Van Jets (BE), Millionaire (BE) and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (US).

We just started our pre-production sessions in January 2018 . Recordings will start near the end of January at the closed sessions studio (BE).

Our goal is to release our new EP single early March. Afterwards the whole (EP) will be released early automn (September 2018) after producer Jeff Claeys finishes the record in his home-build studio in Costa Rica (for the curious ones amonst you for more information: see link below).

>> Get to know us -> Poppunt came to our rehearsal-space: UMM (no subtitles) <<

What are the funds for?

We will need a budget for hiring the recording studio, the production and mixing, the mastering and artwork. 
All bandmembers will chip in their part of the funding, but we can’t fund the whole project ourself. Therefore, a reward-based-platform seemed an appealing idea to us in order to turn our dream of a first EP into reality!

Fear not, because you don’t need to be a true altruist at heart in order to be able to support us. Many exciting products are up for grabs at insanely low prices, thus don’t suppress your consumerist urges and award yourself a bargain right now. In exchange for your support, you can choose  to buy our EP, book a concert, … Feel free to take a look around (see list on the right).

The budget of €4.860 will be spend on: 

  • Pre-production: 3 days of gathering ideas, polishing songs and testing recording methods
  • Recording: 4 days at the studio
  • Mixing: 1 day at the studio to mix the first single
  • Mastering 
  • 8% commission for Ulule and transaction costs

All of this involves paying the studio and our producer, Jeff Claeys.

UMM invests in (not a part of the Ulule-budget): 

  • Running costs during the (prerecording): lodging, …
  • Artwork made by KRU (graphic design, see link below): design of cover-artwork
  • Musicvideo made by KRU and Lucas Selfslagh (specialist 3D-video, see also link below) for the first single of the ep.
  • Pressing CD and printing cover

In case we don’t collect the whole budget, the Ulule-campaign fails and the gifts so far are returned to our sponsers and it’s likely we will need to postpone the release of our ep.

But we are very optimistic people… We even think one step ahead: If the project goes well and we collect €1500 more we will be able to release the EP not only on CD but also on VINYL.

No mather what contribution you'll make, we would like to thank you very deeply for your interest and support. We feel only as big as the enthousiasms of our fans, listener, audience, critic and lover. Spread the love, come to one of our concerts, talk to us! We would like to know who you are!

Wink, wave, hug (especially from Brent),
Jonas, Hanne, Brent, Roos & Lise

About the project owner

UMM managed to produce music with these amazing weirdos: :

Lise Daelemans: songwriting, vocals and keys
Roos Denayer: vocals and keys
Hanne Vandekerckhove: bass, bass-synth, vocals
Jonas Everaert: guitar, synth
Brent Buckler: drums

UMM collaborates with a graphic design-team to create our strangly original visual candy: :

KRU = Karl Kipper en Fru Pintér; originally from resp. Estonia en Hungary. They have a passion for traveling and stayed in Ghent (BE) for a while to study at the art academy, KASK. That’s how KRU and UMM met. KRU made live visuals for UMM and a second opportunity to work together followed almost instantly. At the moment they’re gathering ideas for the artwork for the ep and together with the know-how of Lucas Selfslagh -3D-video- they’ll come up with a great musicvideo for the first single.


Jeff Claeys


Lucas Selfslagh