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About the project

About the project owner

This story of trust has been for me something that has surpassed any previous idea about how could have been life experience.

It has been a path of profound transformation of someone who roamed learned life walking, from an unconscious and superficial way into more consciously way, with more depth in the experience that is being alive, with fewer needs, a simple life as a human being.

When people ask about the project I usually always answer the following...

Not even in my best dreams I could have imagined that life IS like that, I always thought: "We must fight, achieve a lot, compete strong, do what it takes to win and protect the interests of everyone," now I have come to realize that “we are life”, that when we can put ourselves on an attitude of openness, creativity, in connection with our gifts, with ourselves and from there opening to service  others. Things appear in a magical way, with effort and dedication accepting the inherent pain of life without need of sacrifice or suffering.

The human heart is more than what we have been taught and what is socially accepted, is not so much about a romantic experience from the movies,but more as a part of us that when we interact with it, from the consciousness, makes us beings endowed with boundless creativity, in addition to place ourselves in an attitude of cooperation and unity that enables us to live another live, a life full of love, peace and compassion.