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Make the most of Paris !

UGoMap : a decorative and connected city map

About the project

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A map of Paris both practical and beautiful
To hang at your place, it was designed to help you memorize the districts and the streets of Paris

To be customized like an address book
Use the supplied stickers to pin your favorite locations on the map

Connected with an application !
Synchronize quickly and simply all the addresses on your smartphone to access them anywhere and share them easily

The goal is simple : provide you with a beautiful, useful and unique object
That combines the advantages of a physical product with the benefits of digital


1] Get to know Paris faster and better

From some distance, you can see the arrondissements and the districts, in order to help you situate yourself easily and memorize the city organisation. From close up, all streets appear and dozens of points of interest are shown so you get to discover the special features of your neighbourhood.

Did you know you live just between Paris courthouse and the Beaux-Arts school ?
I discovered where the national assembly was while developing the map ...

2] Learn and memorize how to get around in Paris labyrinth

The map contains all necessary informations to get around : streets, metro stops and even a metro map ! If you get used to plan your trips from your place, you will know Paris by heart in no time.

"I have to take rue de Rennes until it crosses rue d'Assas" you won't get to know the Paris maze by following blue dots on a 2 inch screen.
I still occasionaly get lost, especially driving my scooter, but I'm working on it :-)

3] Collect your favorite locations directly on your wall, make your map a unique memory of your time in Paris

You discovered this awesome coffeshop today ? Write down its name on a sticker and stick it to your map. You can't forget about it next time you look at it for inspiration ! And when you'll hold your house-warming party or simply have friends over, ask them for recommendations.

Plus, it simplifies the organisation of gatherings : find within seconds your favorite restaurants that optimizes everyone's journey. Or just yours …

4] « Connect » your address book

From time to time you can synchronize your paper map with the application by simply taking pictures. An algorithm will detect the stickers, read what you wrote on them, find the location it represents and save them for you with all the useful information : phone number, address, opening hours ...
Someone at your place can easily access all your locations by simply scanning the QR-code that's on the map.

Share your life with the people you actually spend time with ! And if you rent or lend your flat, you won't only be handing them your keys but also your knowledge of the city ;-)




(29 € - price on Ulule, instead of 39€ - future launching price)

A splendid map of Paris in gigantic measurements : 140cm*100cm

Printed on a half-silk, half-mat 170gsm paper, for a high quality impression and strong colours stability, with a plastic lamination for durability and robustness !
The design was worked on with professionals for good aesthetics, and the information displayed was rigorously selected with professional mapmakers to facilitate orientation.

An 80-sticker sheet with different colours and sizes

One colour is for the restaurants, one is for pubs and coffeeshops, one is for your friends and you can use the fourth one as you wish.
All stickers are made to measure on micro-perforated vinyl so they can be easily relocated (and we provide you with a permanent market suited to write on them) !

The application for free forever

The application is what enables you to digitally enhance your paper map. From pictures that you take, the application will save your locations and look for all useful informations you can need.
This way you can access your addresses book from anywhere and you'll be able to share it easily.



Ever since the digital revolution and the smartphones advent in particular, more and more everyday life objects disappeared and were replaced with applications. The alarm-clock, the camera, the watch, the calendar, the newspaper ...
For sure it's a lot more practical to download an application than to hoard many objects. Yet sometimes by replacing the medium, you also transform the use and its associated benefits.

The way I see it, that's what happened with the city map and the address book. Who needs them when you can access google maps or tripAdvisor from your mobile phone ?
But did you ever experience having to wait for your phone to charge before leaving your place cause you were afraid of getting lost without it ? Not being able to provide a simple instruction to a lost tourist in your own neighbourhood ? Nor to suggest a restaurant in the 11th arrondissement despite having lived there for a year ? Forgetting about places that helped you discover Paris and its districts and forgetting related memories ?

I think as our dependency on the smartphone increases, we lose the advantages of the practical objects it is supposed to replace. In this case, our ability to get to know in a personal and unique way the city we live in.

That's why I decided to take the plunge and start this project : create a 21st century Paris city map. Finding a way to bring together the pleasure of manipulating a paper map with the practical features of digital.
I had to learn how to make a map, develop an application, manage a server, use image processing and machine learning algorithms, work with a designer ... but 8 months down the line the UGoMap was born : the first connected map of Paris.



The application that allows for digital synchronization of the map rests upon 3 technological areas :

  • Image processing : the signal processing algorithms enable for switching between the picture you take with your smartphone and the matrix of pre-formatted informations that will be easy to exploit for machine learning models.

  • Machine learning : in order to reliably detect stickers and interpret what's written on them regardless of the camera used or the lighting conditions, artifical intelligence is necessary. A nice hand-writing from your part can also be useful ...

  • Web APIs : which means the possibility to look for informations put online by digital companies. That's what makes it possible to get the opening hours or the phone number of a restaurant from its name for example.

The combination of those technologies allows a picture of the map and handwritten stickers to become the digital address book you access from the application.

What are the funds for?


The prototyping and testing phases are over. The map is ready for printing. The application is working and technological obstacles have been overcome.

The financing has 3 purposes :
1 - Start producing the maps
2 - Finalize the application
3 - Enhance the map design - if the 100 units sold goal is exceeded

Distribution of collected funds for 100 units produced :

About the project owner


I have always loved maps. The immense roadmap my parents pulled out at the front of the car when we were leaving for holidays. The old maps of the world where you can still see USRR and Indochina. And especially city maps : when you just got to a new place and you run your fingers accross the streets you're going to discover, for a couple days or a couple months, to start exploring them already.
It is in order to revisit that object, that's a little old-fashioned but still fascinating, that I got into this project.



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