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UB°K - the album, at last!

mediev'altaian musics

About the project

We are UB°K, playing mediev'altaian musics... and we want to make our album!

UB°K is a meeting of three musicians, three worlds, three visions that collide and melt to create a new composite audio space where medieval western tunes, altaian traditional songs and modern compositions live together.

Imagine Marco Polo teaching trouvères* songs to khoomei** singers while he was in Mongolia; imagine that he did not stop at learning how to speak mongolian but also took morin khuur*** lessons and brang back some of these instruments in XIVth century Italy: how would sound such an experience heritage? There you are, you can see now what we do. And if not, you better listen to our Summer Demo (recording, mixing, mastering: Pascal Gaillard, studio de Kerbolven):

After several years playing gigs we want to cristallize our music in a special sound case, our first album. You can help us reaching this goal in many ways, we prepared many rewards: goodies, invitations to concert, lessons and even private gigs!

Do not hesitate to share information around you, maybe your little cousin would be interested also!

(credit: l'Arterie)

* trouvères were poets living in XIIIth century France

** khoomei is a global word for throat singing techniques

*** morin khuur is the horse-head fiddle, one of the most representative traditional instruments of Mongolia

What are the funds for?

Money will be used the following way:Le budget sera réparti de la façon suivante:

Professional studio sessions (recording, mixing, mastering) : 2000€
Physical album copies: 1000€
Everything else! 800€

And what if we overshoot? Well, we  thought about it: 

'Who can do more can do better' step with 120% (4560€): 

Album booklet will be more complete, and contain exclusive artworks from people we love !

'On stage and on rage" step with 150% (5700€):

A new video clip will be shot, very probably to illustrate the exclusive track you will get if you participate !

"Life, the Universe and Everything" with 200% (7600€):

One week work dedicated to scenography and lighting, for a more unique live experience! Needless to say that if we ever reach that point we would have gone crazy since long.

About the project owner

Before anything else, UB°K is passionate and crazy people

(credit: Steve Morel)

Utelo is in love with musics, every music, and that makes him equally enthousiastic for electronic music, XIIIth century trouveres songs or throat-singing technics. He started to study khoomei on his own in 2010 and in the following two years he could explore Tuvan and Mongolian technics, before he initiates UB°K project.

Bouzhigmaa (aka Bujee), which meaning is 'Dance Spirit', shows multiple faces: she is at ease in musics as in dancing, and express her creativity fully when composing. Bujee was initiated to music when 5 years old, with piano and classical dance lessons. She enters Mongolia Music and Dance College when 13, where she takes morin khuur (horse-head-fiddle) as specialty.She then goes to Paris in 2008 where she pass the Ethnomusicolgy Research Master of La Sorbonne. As an ambassador of Mongolia she was invited to play on numerous international music festival stages. 

Khristowf graduated in the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. He was member of the Mala Punica ensemble from 1992 to 1998. He co-created Millenarium, where he was director for two huge productions : Officium Iusorum (inverted mass, 2005) and the Montserrrat Llibre Vermell (2007) for Ricercar label. His recital disc 'XIVth century Florentine masters of the Organetto' was elected as 1998 year disc by Le Monde paper. He worked with numerous ensembles: Diabolus in Musica, Amadis, Le Voir Dit, Compagnie Orion, Trob’Art. His discography counts more than 30 records for numerous labels among which: Arcana, Erato, Jade, Studio SM, MA recordings, Ricercar. 

(credit: Steve Morel)

If you wish to talk about the project or learn more about us please check our website (french only for now, sorry):

~~ https://ubktrio.wordpress.com/ ~~

We can meet on facebook and several music platforms too.

This is our first call for money as UB°K but not for our project manager François Touvet. In the past he raised more than 10000 euros on another crowdfunding platform to bring a famous band from Seattle to Paris. Goal was achieved with more than 300 backers, and a pure madness concert night!