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Honda Type R story: Road to the red zone

For those passionate about the thrill of driving... (classic edition)

  • News #3: Vol. 2: 50 % of the goal is achieved !

    Good evening,

    We’re actually running the campaign for the second and last volume of road to the red zone. We’re almost at 50 % of the objective. We have one month left to achieve it.

    Honda France ordered 200 books. We’re actually talking with Honda UK, USA and Australia.

    We set a very high target with 1000 preorders because we invested a lot in it. Pictures, travels, translations, interviews, technical parts, we’ll go in very deep details.

    Moreover, we also selected the finest materials and textures for the book.

    Let me present you the content of this volume 2:

    Chapter 1: Civic Type R FK8. We’ll offer you a full tour of the plant in Swindon, we’ll analyse every technical aspect, and we’ll check the competition and discover the racing cars.

    Chapter 2: Honda sports story in Europe. We’ll discover the sportiest models such as the CRX and Prelude VTEC, S800 and S2000 among others. The racing part will be about J.A.S. which constructs the NSX GT3 and Civic WTCR. We’ll also write about Mugen UK and a certain ’95 Le Mans NSX.

    Chapter 3: Honda sports story in the USA. Here, we’ll have a close look at the S2000 CR, NSX Zanardi and Civic SI. We’ll also discover the NSX plant in Marysville, the secret museum in California, but also King Motorsports and RealTime racing. We also have a very nice interview with Alessandro Zanardi.

    Chapter 4: Honda sports story in Japan. The very specific NSX Type S, S Zero, S2000 Type S, Beat and S660 will be featured here. We’ll also visit Mugen, the Motegi museum and some tuners. But the best part may be the interviews with M. Shigeru Uehara and M. Hirotoshi Honda. I keep some stuff secret for now…

    Eventually, each part will have a foreword written by a big motorsport name.

    With these 2 books, our goal is to offer you the best knowledge possible about Honda Motorsport story.

    But to achieve this dream, we need your support! As for the 1st book, we’ll offer you some special advantages, only during the crowdfunding campaign.

    Specific bonus offered, only during the campaign, until the end of June.

    - 10 € discount on the price (shipped).

    - All books will be numbered (same number if you have Vol. 1). Factory printed.

    - Custom bookmarks (you’ll have several choices: NSX, Civic, Integra, S2000, etc.)

    - Possibility to show your car on the contributor’s chapter.

    - And last bonus… Each book will be hand signed and dedicated!

    Your book will be unique.

    This offer only lasts during the campaign, don’t miss it.

    Your only risk is to see us achieve our goal. According to a very influent person at Honda Europe, we’re just writing the nicest book ever on Honda sports story.

    Dear friends, it’s the moment to support us.

    We count on you.

    The Road to the red zone Team.

  • Road to the red zone Vol 2: News #1


    Let me give you tonight some updates about our project Road to the Red Zone Vol.2.

    In the next couple of days, we’ll have a meeting with a very high skilled technician who will conceive the cover of the book. We’ll test and compare various materials. I promise an extraordinary quality. We’ll share with you this experience.

    The same week, we’ll be flying to Italy to see J.A.S. We’ll understand everything about Honda race cars. Here again, we’ll share how it went. And we have other surprises that will wait a bit…

    In the meantime, let me give you some news about the crowdfunding campaign.

    It started very well, we’re already at 21 % of the objective. Honda France will order 150 books and we’re in discussion with other subsidiaries for several hundreds of orders.

    We’re potentially at 60 % of the objective! But it’s still a long way to go… I count on your support. This adventure needs to be completed.

    Let me remind you that I offer only during the campaign: a specific sequence number, a custom bookmark and a 10 € bonus on the price.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me for any question, and please communicate around you! This project will succeed with your support and your trust only.

    Thank you,


  • Volume 2: Here we go !

    Dear friends, I'm glad to announce you the start of the crowdfunding campaign for the second book !

  • ...en route vers le volume 2 ! J-3 !

    Chers amis, l'aventure Voyage en zone rouge va bientôt redémarrer !

    Lundi prochain, je lance la campagne participative du second volume entre 22h00 et 00h00... Pourquoi un tel mystère autour de l'horaire ?

    Chaque contributeur du 1er livre aura automatiquement le même numéro sur le second, c'était une promesse de campagne (qui sera tenue, je vais faire de la politique).

    Sauf que... Notre cher ami Pierre Jollet, détenteur du #0001, accepte de remettre son exemplaire en jeu.

    Alors lundi soir, le premier qui réagira aura le fameux premier exemplaire ! Soyez à l'affût sur Ulule... Je vous posterai le lien en news dès qu'il sera disponible. Tout le monde partira à égalité.

    Pour vous faire patienter, je vous présente maintenant le design définitif de la couverture. Il y a encore quelques ajustements à faire, mais le principe sera celui-là.

    Il y a un lien direct avec la couverture du tome 1, en montrant le passage de témoin entre 2 générations de légende.

    Pour rappel, voici le sommaire du tome 2:

    Chapitre 1: Civic Type R FK8. Usine, technique, course, préparation, comparatif avec la presse, Mugen... vous saurez tout !

    Chapitre 2: Découverte de l'histoire sportive Honda en Europe: JAS, le BTCC, Mugen UK mais aussi la découverte de tous les modèles spécifiques à notre vieux continent.

    Chapitre 3: Découverte de l'histoire sportive Honda aux USA. Idem, on découvrira l'usine de la nouvelle NSX, mais aussi la course, préparation et bien sûr les modèles exclusifs tels que S2000 CR ou NSX Zanardi !

    Chapitre 4: Découverte de l'histoire sportive Honda au Japon. Là, grosse claque culturelle... On ne s'en est toujours pas remis.

    Chers amis, je compte sur vous. Ce projet est extrêmement ambitieux, nous avons besoin de 1000 précommandes cette fois-ci, mais je sais déjà que nous allons y arriver.

    Les conditions et les bonus seront annoncés lundi soir sur la nouvelle page Ulule.

    Enfin, sachez qu'une fois de plus, j'ai eu plusieurs avertissements d'Ulule: "Monsieur Lucas, votre objectifs est beaucoup trop ambitieux, soyez raisonnable !"

    On les fait mentir encore une fois ?

    A lundi, de mon côté, je vais profiter du week-end ensoleillé... les 3 prochains mois risquent de me demander une implication totale ! Je compte sur vous, nous devons clôturer cette aventure en beauté.

  • The six degrees of separation concept.

    Ninety years ago, Sir Fringyes Karinthy founded the six degrees of separation concept. According to him, people are six social connection away from each other on earth.  My first book Road to the red zone has been a way to test it: our goal was to interview Soichiro Honda’s son: Hirotoshi. Now it’s time to tell you how we did it through six crucial meetings.         

    Step 1: The story starts 4 years ago under a torrential rain, few crazy blocks are burning petrol on an empty racing track. I met Caroline Fontanelle, she heard of my project and strongly encouraged me to communicate via social networks about my passion. Her enthusiasm lifted me up, this overwhelming meeting was a chance not to miss. Even though I’m really not into social networking.           

    Step 2: I needed to go for it and international contacts came quickly. I met this Belgian guy Michael Poitoux who helped me a lot. Like Caroline, Mickaël has been a major supporter since the beginning. He gave me the advice to contact Jason Richmond.                                                          

    Step 3: Jason secretly gave me a short list of very precise contacts to see while we were in the US. More passionate than him I don’t know any, defending heart & soul our favorite brand.  In terms of passion, Jason evolves in his own division! He's the # 1 ambassador. 

    Step 4: On that list was a certain Scott Zellner of King Motorsports, the official Mugen dealer in the USA. The connection was so fruitful that Scott helped me define the outline of the American chapter of the next book. The interview finished by the idea of going to Japan.  

    Step 5: January 2019 Tokyo airport. We had the opportunity to chat with Mugen’s top engineers. Scott knew what my goal was (interviewing PaPy Honda) and he personally took care of this to happen.    

    Step 6: After a short visit at Mugen’s factory, I have been told that the entire lobby is all for me. Hirotoshi Honda is here and planning to spend the afternoon with us... he'll even stay for dinner with us!   

    Social networks should help to shorten the number of steps but here the theory is checked; well done Mr. Karinthy! This quest is already fascinating  but it takes more commitment and means to step up, human contact remains the same. Passion and mutual help remain unchangeable regardless of the functions or nationality of the people we meet all along. 

    By presenting a project in a committed and serious way, we opened doors that were supposingly shut.  Four years of hard work we had the chance to meet Hirotoshi Honda after all. According to observers that day, Hirotoshi-san gave us the longest interview of his life. 


    This moment was unreal and sometimes even more moving than the meeting with Shigeru Uehara. Leafing through the book, Hirotoshi paused a minute on a photo from which I had bought the rights.  It presented his father sharing lunch with employees, they seemed so close and  working together for a common cause. The interview is at least as fascinating as the interview with Shigeru Uehara. 

    We even went further talking about our car passion and our way of living it . We talked about everything from his childhood, his relationship with his father, his beginnings, his passions.

    Hirotoshi-sans highly enlightened, I was so glad, I spend a wonderful moment. Immersed in his memories, he took my pen to draw one of the first cars he remembers that belonged to his father, with a juicy anecdote. A thought for those who have a book numbered in purple ink ... I learned a great life lesson that day.  I have to take some distance with what I have been told. 

    Before my Japan trip, i was quite pessimistic about living for my passion and sharing it. These interview changed my mind, I definitely will transcribe these teachings in the second opus.  

    Finally I would like to thank my American friends who have done so much to help us, I found this great advertising campaign performed by an American agency in the 60s. It's still accurate.