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Biodegradable + Sustainable Sunglasses for the Fashionably Bold

About the project

TYCHE + ISET is an artistic line of premium-quality, designer eyewear; based in Los Angeles, inspired by the Universe.

This is a self-taught, self-run, and self-funded venture fueled by passion.

My intentions have always been to create a product that people will want to keep and cherish. The past couple of years (on and off) I have been R&Ding a recycled material that I would like to use for eyewear. The prospect is exciting and the material is beautiful, albeit discarded plastic.

I have been told multiple times, by various manufacturers, that this material is too difficult to use. This leads to what feels like a dead end. However, I do not believe it is impossible; with more time and resources, I would like to find a solution to use this material to help with our plastic crisis.

Due to this hold-up, I have found an alternative route that still aligns with my sustainability goals and something I can put into action now. 

I plan to use a biodegradable acetate for my future eyewear collections. This material has been developed by Mazzucchelli, an established, well-known Italian acetate manufacturer. I have also been expanding my collections to include more sculptural eyewear, with moving parts on the design; something I have yet to see in the industry. I am hopeful for a successful outcome.  

Art and design are at the core DNA of this brand.

We enjoy creating pieces that are exciting -- that will make strangers stop you on the street to complement or ask you about your glasses.

Being eco-friendly does not have to be boring!

We would like to take our sustainability goals into a fun adventure through design.

If you support our brand, you will be impressed by our storytelling and research. You will always find that the details have significance, making each pair of sunglasses memorable.

The eyewear industry is incredibly competative, especially for an independent eyewear brand. The manufacturing process is also very slow. My product is all handmade. Due to this, I cannot share my upcoming design at the moment in order to protect my intellectual property. But, do trust, it is exciting and worth the wait!

Exceptional quality and taste will be expected. Do you trust me?

If so, we are able to offer several tiers of rewards for your generous support that you can choose from.

Las Mariposas means 'butterflies' in Spanish.

A futuristic, yet functional silhouette that portrays the delicate details of the famed insect. 

This design is an imagined journey of a butterfly twisting and dancing with the wind across each island; bringing joy to anybody who has the chance to see it.

My great-grandmother used to say that whenever she saw a butterfly, it was her mother coming to visit. LAS MARIPOSAS is a metaphorical visit from each of the strong women throughout my life, who have inspired my creative journey.

LAS MARIPOSAS took several years to design and perfect. It is special for so many reasons.

Our signature music note charm on the temple tip is an homage to the
universal relationship we all share with music.

A reminder that life is a melody.

All of our eyewear can be shaped to fit any customer.
Depending on customer preference, the temples can be shaped wider or tighter on the temples.

All lenses are 100% UV protected

All eyewear lenses can be changed to prescription (Rx) at a licensed optician.

Our eyewear is handmade, using only premium-quality materials.

All product undergoes strict regulatory testing and is upheld to high standards of manufacturing.

The Galápagos Islands are famous for their wildlife and untouched nature.

It is the inspiration behind our collection of sunglasses.

One of the Galápagos Islands, Floreana, is famous for a green sand beach and is a nesting area for sea turtles. The color of the sand consists of green Olivine crystals (a raw form of Peridot that is formed by geological volcanic reactions and water). This beautifully marbled, luminescent green acetate draws from key features of the island and our love for gemstones. 

Las Islas is a visual ode to art deco. This square-framed style is a customer favorite!

With gold-rimmed lenses, thick, premium-quality acetate, and gold embellished details on the temples -- these geometric stunners are sure to be a great addition to any accessory closet.

Our most popular acetate color from 'The Velvet Moon Collection'
...a twinkling, midnight sky filled with stars and clouds.

Rábida Island in the Galápagos was the inspiration for this speckled acetate color.

The island is famed for its red sand beaches and rocky, volcanic coastline.

Much of Galápagos’ most rare birds & animals can be found on this tiny, uninhabited island.

While swimming or boating along the archipelago, OCEANA is a two-toned style representing the flow of morning to sunset as you go from one adventure to the next.

A medium-sized, yet slim-fit cat eye shape that is colorful and playful is sure to suit many faces.

OCEANA is available in (TWO) temple style options:

Minimal (No Temple Pattern)

Avant-Garde for a little 'extra' flash (with Temple Pattern)

The temple pattern on OCEANA is inspired by the delicate, twinkling light that gently touches the sea each day, either from the sun or the moon.

When you tilt your head or move throughout your day while wearing OCEANA, the pattern is refracted in the light, creating waves.

The geometric pattern of squares and rectangles appear liquid and bent.

OCEANA captures the sparkling reflections of the sun across the sea in a neatly organized geometric temple pattern.


The Marine Iguana species can only be found on the Galápagos Islands.

It is the only lizard species on Earth that lives on land, but swims in the sea to forage
and feed on algae. Through evolution, it's snout has been perfectly formed for this task;
which inspired our nosebridge shape.

Perched on a bed of lava rock, basking in the sun, the Marine Iguana has claimed it's territory along each coast of the archipelago.


LAS IGUANAS is a timeless, unisex oval shape with creative details that simulate the textures
and features of the islands' most prominent lizard species.

This style is sure to adapt and survive the test of time, such as the Marine Iguana.

If you are interested in option two, I am proud to say that you truly BELIEVE in us! You will have the option to be among the first to have our upcoming collection, as well as THE ONLY people who will have access to customize your pair of sunglasses. We believe this option is extra special and we are so thankful to you for helping make our dreams a reality.

We will be in contact with you once designs have been finalized for your selection and customization.

What are the funds for?

I will use the funds in order to purchase the raw, biodegradable material and to develop my newest design (samples and manufacturing). I plan to also update my product packaging (case and box) to utilize sustainable materials as well.

"Mazzucchelli — faithful to its “Tradition of modernity” — has developed its new eco-friendly thermoplastic material. M49 is an innovative formula developed by the laboratories of Mazzucchelli 1849 which blends cellulose acetate with a plasticizer from natural sources. The sheets obtained from this formulation combine the aesthetical quality of all Mazzucchelli products with a great naturalness."

About the project owner

Tyche + Iset is for star gazers, lovers, adventurers, risk takers, searchers, and thinkers

TYCHE, is the Greek goddess of fate, fortune, and luck.
ISET, is the Egyptian goddess of life, magic, wisdom, and water.
They join celestial forces to guide our destiny.

TYCHE  +  ISET  EYEWEAR is about having fun with colors, patterns, and shapes. It is about making a statement without having to say a word. It is confidence and beauty. It is avant-garde, yet timeless. Using premium-quality materials, each design is intertwined with cultural influences from music, art, history, film, architecture, and nature.

The designer, Morganne Leigh, utilizes her training as a painter and graphic designer to bring her ideas to life.


I never expected to one day be an eyewear designer. I am not traditionally from the eyewear or fashion industries. However, my passion for art and design is the fuel to my dedication to succeed.

The feedback I receive from customers is what truly gives me motivation to continue. I am growing at a grassroots level, through various direct-to-consumer shows where I get to meet my customers in person. They consistently share with me stories of their experiences with my brand, how strangers often stop them on the street to complement or ask about the glasses.

My first commercial collection launched Fall 2016 (The Velvet Moon Collection). I worked concurrently full-time and freelance graphic design positions to invest the capital needed for my company’s growth.

For the first time, in November 2019, I have been able to work full-time on my company. Throughout these past several years, I have taught myself many new skills including eyewear design, professional photography, and most recently, 3D modeling/CAD design for 3D printing technology.

My dedication is unwavering and my work ethic is strong. I plan to leave my mark in this industry. When you select my brand, you buy superior quality, attention to detail, and an intricate story woven throughout every design. My product stands out in all the right ways. My goals are strongly embedded in technology, innovation, and sustainability. Along with my commitment to these goals, I also donate to various charities and organizations through my company to help in any way I can.

I look forward to the future of TYCHE + ISET EYEWEAR.

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