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Tupicycle Sound System Pimp Up!

Let's contribute to Montreal's multi-cultural music scene!

About the project

What about a mobile tricycle sound system that plays vinyl records
on public spaces in Montreal - Canada?

It exists! Let’s pimp it up? 



“Tupicycle” is a Tupi Collective summer project created in August 2014 to bring the joy of Brazilian music to Montreal’s open air spaces. It consists of a sound system (2 turntables + mixer + speaker + battery) adapted to a customized late 60s Schwinn tricycle that plays only vinyl records. It is designed to offer music for people in public spaces like parks and subway stations entrance. The volume and the selection of songs are adapted to the people's mood and the environment, transitioning from “jazzy bossa nova” songs and “classical Brazilian music”, to groovy “forró” and “electronic/boogie/funk” Brazilian artists. The majority of Tupicycle gigs are free and open air. In 2015 it was selected to play at the Mural Festival and at Jardins Gamelin, winning there, the title of “coup de coeur” from the public. In the summer of 2016, Tupicycle was invited to participate at the Marché de Possibles (Champ des Possibles parc) and CinePop - Pop Montreal (Jean Billant parc), Jardins Gamelin (Emilie Gamelin parc), Mapp Festival (under the Van Horn Viaduct - Mile-End) , Ma Ville en Fête - St Catherine city, Mural Festival (at Portuguese parc St Laurent street ), Cinèma Sous les Étoiles (Laurier Parc) and many others, contributing in developing Montreal’s multi-cultural scene

Making some changes on the existing Schwinn 60’s frame (strongest wheels, electric motor and 5 speeds options) the project adds a weather resistent front and back wooden boxes placing speakers and electronic components. These modifications are proposed to improve sound quality and power usage.  

About the project owner


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Created in August 2012 by Marcus Freitas (Dj Mks) and Wallace Roza (Dj Skambo), who are known as the « Tupi Collective». They’re deejays who have started a music project that explores the different rhythms of Brazilian music.

The duo are vinyl collectors that have invested their time in building a collection of many Brazilian records, that explores all genres of their native grooves. From reggae to samba, hip-hop and forró, plus an amalgamation of new and old school Brazilian rhythms, the collective mixes a diaspora of styles in their sets which takes their fans on a tropical journey. Their avid listeners and fans are very enthusiatic about their projects and parties, displaying an array of dialects that are a lot more than just bossa nova and samba rhythms.

The concept, goes beyond their monthly parties which includes showcases such as the OIMC - Ottawa International Music Conference 2015, Mapp Festival 2016, Mural Festival 2015/2016, Pop Montreal Festival 2015/ 2016, Marché des Possibles 2016, Jardins Gamelin 2015/2016, Village au Pied du Courrant 2015, Uma Nota Festival Toronto 2015/2016, Montreal Jazz Fest 2015, Weekend du Monde Festival 2013, Nuit Blanche Festival 2014, gigs at Théatre Fairmount, La Sala Rosa, Le Bleury Bar, Groove Nation, Divan Orange and Casa del Popolo between some others.

The Tupi Collective monthly parties welcomes deep collectors of Brazilian sounds, as well as bands that bring Tropical rhythms to the stage. The music serves an up beat tempo to their clientelle, which exemplifies the true essence of Brazilian culture. The collective has opened acts and invited well known artists as Quantic (NY), Nickodemus (NY), Captain Planet (LA), Joel Stones (NY), Greg Caz (NY), Dj Jonathan Kim (LA), Mundo Livre S/A (BR), A Man Called Warwick (TO), Nomadic Massive (MTL), Voyage Funktastique (MTL), Dj Andy Williams (MTL), Nego Moçambique (BR), Dj Don Mescal (MTL), David Ryshpan (MTL) Rommel Ribeiro (BR-MTL), Dj Lexis (MTL), Dj Kobal (MTL), Canicule Tropicale (MTL), Vovô Saramanda (MTL), Diogo Ramos (BR), João Lenhari (BR) and many others.





If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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