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Trois Hivers Sans Soleil

An environmental children's theatre show set in a fantasy world

About the project

'Trois Hivers Sans Soleil' (Three Winters Without Sun) is a new devised piece of theatre by the young company La Puce et L'Acrobate. It is a children's theatre show that tells a profoundly human story at the heart of an environmental crisis. Using the techniques of storytelling, movement theatre, and object theatre, this show invites the audience to dive into the universe of Norse gods and monsters.

It is the story of Midgard, the home of the last survivors on Earth. A thousand years ago, during the Three Winters Without Sun, all civilisation was destroyed by industrial pollution. The world today is but an immense desert of ice and snow, upon which grows a toxic forest called Jotunheim. The last city, Midgard, is protected from the forest's toxic air by a giant wall, but the forest grows and grows and soon, it will take over the humans' last shelter. Freya, the daughter of the Jarl of Midgard, is going to discover that Jotunheim is in fact slowly purifying the planet and its pollution. With the help of her brother, she will have to stop the humans from destroying the forest, as it would bring about the destruction of all life.  

The scenography and costumes for the show are made of recycled materials.
Using six tree trunks, the two actors transform the space with just a few movements; the stage becomes a forest, then a city in ruin, or even a giant snake. With these transformations, an epic tale of humanity can be brought to life- a tale that questions the humans' role in the protection of the environment.  

Without teaching any lessons, the show wants to awaken in its audience a love for nature and the desire to protect it.  

What are the funds for?

The devising process for the show has started on the 13th of October 2017 and will culminate in a first presentation on the 26th of January in 2018.

The first presentation of the work will take place on the 26th of January; several middle school classes will be present, as well as theatre professionals. Our success in booking theatres for the 2018/2019 season will depend upon this presentation, and the presentation will depend somewhat our financial resources.  

This is why we are aasking for your help.

The project costs 18 000 euros. We have already requested several financial aids- from the SACD, the city of Champigny sur Marne, and from the Nature et Decouvertes foundation.  

To be able to finance the project, we need to collect 3000 euros.
These will help cover the fees for the light design, the musical composition, the costumes, and the communication expenses.
Nevertheless, we are requesting 2200 euros to be sure that we can already start paying for the aforementioned. If you so desire, you can contribute to the full production of the show by going beyond what we ask and helping us reach the 3000 euros.

Distribution of the 3000 euros

About the project owner

The theatre company La Puce et L'Acrobate was founded in 2016 by the actors Olga Amelia Silkina and Nathan Chouchana. They share a common desire- telling stories with an important message using a universal language- that of the body. Addressing young audiences is their priority as they wish to awaken the childrens' imagination and invite them on journeys into new and miraculous worlds.  


Olga Amelia Silkina (Co-director and actress)

Olga Amelia Silkina is a Swedish actress who obtained her degree in theatre and literature at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. During her last year in Glasgow, she discovered clowning during a workshop with Alan Fairbairn of the Samovar school, and decided to complete her education with the Professional Course at École Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She wrote and performed in the storytelling show 'Slump' at the festival 'Rendez-Vous Conte' in Champigny sur Marne in 2016. Now, she is working with the Scottish company 'Jeudi' in Edinburgh and London, as well as with the Chilean director Maria Carolina Rebolledo Vera in Paris. 

Nathan Chouchana (Co-director and actor)

After the completion of the Professional Acting Course at École Jacques Lecoq in Paris, Nathan joined the company ADHOK for their newest devised piece 'Immortels', which has been touring internationally for the last two years. In 2016, he directed the storytelling show 'Slump' for the festival Rendez-Vous Conte in Champigny sur Marne. In 2017, he joined the company Art2ailes for its latest show. 

Jeanne Leblon Delienne (Costume designer) 

A free-spirited artist that is defined by her open mindedness. She works with designing costumes, but also with sculpture, landscaping, luggage, lights, etc. All of her work has one thing in common- the use of recycled materials. 

Ross Somerville (Composer) 

Ross is a graduate in Film and Theatre Studies from the University of Glasgow. During his time at university, Ross contributed to 18 shows mostly as an actor and has 4 Edinburgh Fringe runs under his belt, the most recent of which saw him composing and performing original music in addition to his acting duties. He has contributed an original score to a touring production of Kara Sevda - a piece of new the company Now What Theatre, and has contributed tracks for the Manhattan Repertory Theatre's production of "Imprint" by Meghan Crosby. His sound is inspired by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and Post-Rock bands Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky. 

Colin Bernard (Technical manager) 

Colin has completed a degree in Audiovisual Technology at the INA, after which he started working on several live television channels as a stage manager. He is always looking for new challenges and adventures, which has led him to start working with several performance art companies. 

Manon Menage (Administrator) 

Manon obtained a degree in Production Management at the INA, as well as a diploma in Cultural Mediation. After this, she decided to complete her professional training with the company Les Paladins, under the direction of Jerome Correas. Since then, Manon has been managing several performance art companies, such as Le LAABO, Grand Ménage, L'Expérience Harmaat, Et Rien d'Autre, and now La Puce et L'Acrobate.