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TriOSV, the modular, open source and DIY trike.

The collaborative velomobile to ride further.

About the project

The project changes its name to TriOSV but remain 100%:

- Open Source


- Green

- Lowtech

TriOSV is a modular tricycle project with electric assistance, supported by the TOSC association.
Our short-term goal is to provide a simple, fast, energy-efficient and do-it-yourself vehicle for a fraction of the cost of a conventional velomobile and trike.The plans (.pdf and .skp) will be published in open source at the end of the development. A pdf notice and video tutorials detailing all the stages of the assembly process will be available for our backers (see our roadmap below).

The TriOSV project is also a website www.tridentOScycles.org, with forums and ressources for the makers community, and a Trident Map mobile application.

A velomobile is a streamlined recumbent bike with 2, 3 or 4 wheels. The fairing provides weather protection and improves aerodynamics. The aerodynamic gain is quite remarkable compared to a traditional bicycle, the speed records of velomobiles exceed 100km / h without the assistance of an electric motor, like the Aerovelo for example and its 144km / h in 2014.

In the interwar period we designed and manufactured velomobiles all over Europe like the Mochet velocar of the 1920s.

Velomobiles will decline after the war, and cars, symbols of economic development will prevail.

Nowadays, transport accounts for more or less 30% of CO2 emissions, and almost 70% of car journeys are made alone, for an average of 92 tonnes of CO2 per inhabitant per year (source). A velomobile is 40 to 50 times lighter and more efficient, you can imagine the reduction in emissions if half of these lonely journeys were made by velomobile.

For now, velomobiles are little known, and even if the progress of electric assistance has made them more relevant than ever, they are still expensive; between 6,000 and 12,000 euros are required to buy one in store. Hence our idea:

A vehicle using locally available materials (steel, aluminum, wood) and standard bicycle parts, designed to be simple to assemble and maintain. With open source plans, this vehicle can be a basis for the development of other vehicles that best respond to the different local transportation issues.

To all ! And that's why the TriOSV is a different bike. We want it modular, adaptable to all body types, economical, durable, using standard bicycle parts (yes, including recovery parts) and, above all, simple to use and maintain.
On the other hand, the trident will not be the lightest velomobile on the market, nor the fastest, nor even the most stylish, quite simply because it is not our ambition. See the Trident as a 2cv rather than a Ferrari.

> OVehicles

The TriOSV family will initially be available in 3 versions:

  • "T" for Trike is the lightest "naked" tricycle.
  • "C" for Cargo, designed on the same basis as the T model increased carrying capacity and high torque thanks to its 2 motors. A C model can easily be converted to a T model and vice versa.
  • "V" for Vélomobile. It is a T model with a fairing added. The velomobile remains reversible to Trike easily

TriOsV model T 1.0 Release date: December 2020 Type: Trike Geometry: Delta Frame: Steel/Aluminium (1) Wheel Size: 20" Braking System: Front and Rear Discbrakes Weight: 22 kg2 Motor: Pedelec 250w (europe) or see your local law. DIY Cost: 800 euros (3) TriOsV model C 1.0 Release date: Spring 2021 Type: Cargo Trike Geometry: Delta Frame: Steel Wheel Size: 26" Braking System: Front and 2x Rear Discbrakes Weight: 24 kg to 31 kg (2) Motor: Up to 2 pedelec 250 watts (europe) or see your local law DIY Cost: 880 a 1400 euros (3) TriOsV model V 1.0 Release date: Autumn 2021 Type: Trike based Velomobile Geometry: Delta Frame: Steel/Aluminium (1) Wheel Size: 20" Braking System: Front and Rear Discbrakes Weight 45 kg (2) Motor:: Pedelec 250w (europe) or see your local law. DIY Cost: 1100 euros (3) (1): Welded steel or bolted Aluminium (2): Recovered materials may vary the weight. (3): Standard DIY cost estimation with 20% recovered parts from old bikes. Price may vary in your area. Open Source Vehicles

Et aussi TriOSV Map, a GPS/mapping app for android.

Artist's impression of Trike Model T by Lorris.Tremelo.(left).Plan of the Trike Model T version 0.4 in sketchup by Ben (right). TriOSV model V by fab (below).

What are the funds for?

TOSC is a non-profit association law 1901, the material (tools) and the places (workshop) are made available by the voluntary members. The sum collected during this campaign will be entirely dedicated to the prototyping of the 3 models as well as to the production of pdf assembly instructions and detailed videos to guide you whenever you want to assemble yours. The major part will therefore be devoted to the purchase of bicycle parts, engines and batteries.

  • For the 3 prototypes
    • Bicycle parts                                         307 Euros
    • Steel and aluminium pipes                    212 euros
    • Seats                                                     220 euros
    • Screws, bolts, bearings                         120 euros
    • Lightings                                                240 euros
    • Motorisation (kit and DIY)                     1200 euros
    • Batteries and chargers                           680 euros

                                                                                   2979 euros

  • Plans, videos tutorials
    • Video lights                                            150 euros
    • 2nd Camera (used)                                200 euros
    • Lightstand, tripod                                     60 euros

                                                                                     410 euros

  • Servers, website, forums:                                  200 euros
  • Apps Triddent Map and Trident Control             480 euros
  • Ulule commission                                               352 euros

Subtotal                                                                       4421 euros

Unforeseen expenses                                                    179 euros

Total                                                                              4500 euros


About the project owner


At the time this text is written, The Trident Open Source Cycles association has seven active members, and involved in the development of Trident.

TOSC is a non-profit association, the four founding members are Steph, Fab, Caro and Ben.

In 2009, following the economic/oil crisis, searches began in an attempt to free ourselves (at least partially) from the car. We realize that a clean way of transportation already exists, and it works on pedals.

At the same time as the (relative) "boom" of electric bicycles occurs, electrifying one's bike seems to be a good way to extend one's range. We are also discovering the velomobiles which, without electric assistance, already seem capable of travelling at 50km/h and more... as well as their prices comparable to those of a small car...

Obviously not the vehicle of Mr. and Mrs. Everyman. But here and there, projects of self-built bicycles, in the United States and also in Europe, often inspired by commercially available high-end bicycles, begin to appear. Successful projects remains expensives, take months or even years to complete.

The concept is chosen: our vehicle will not be thought of as a High-Tech product but as a Low-Tech product, simple, accessible, inexpensive, achievable by everyone, everywhere in the world.

TriOSV is a project for the creation of an electric tricycle, designed from royalty-free plans, i.e. guaranteeing free access to construction plans, the possibility of free redistribution, and the creation of derived models.

In order to best adapt to different situations, several assembly formulas are proposed, including one that uses recycled materials as much as possible.

The association TOSC by its various campaigns and public actions has the following objectives:

  • to participate in the promotion of alternative mobilities by providing open-source data for the construction of Tricycle, vélomobile.
  • to encourage and support the creation of active communities wishing to develop projects for the construction and development of eco-functional vehicles locally.

TOSC is not intended to sell finished products or parts of tricycles or motorcycles. Trident Cycles is part of the Do IT Yourself movement, offering advice, videos and tutorials so that everyone can try the experience on their own, in complete autonomy.

As part of our approach to reduce our ecological impact and free access, we do not offer any derivative elements, stickers, goodies because of their ephemeral nature. However, with the agreement of the artists, our logos and certain visuals can be downloaded and used in a non-commercial context. As part of the Ulule campaign, you agree that we may collect your data for non-commercial purposes, in order to keep you informed of progress and to send you your counterpart.

We care about your personal data. If you have any questions about the collection and processing of your data via this contact form, please do not hesitate to write to us. The storage period of your data extends until your request by e-mail to be removed from our lists. If you have any questions concerning your data, please write to:

[email protected]

If you wish to take part in this adventure or support us, you can write to us at [email protected] and share our facebook posts (@triopensourcevehicles) and instagram ( trydentoscycles).

See you soon!

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