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Triberia - a new stage of RTS gaming!

Are you ready?

About the project

Please be patient we are working on a prototype video should be up very soon.

When I say RTS, you probably think of a game where your main objective is to destroy your enemy, usually by using all your buildings to make as much troops as you can and then spamming your target. Triberia is, while still a RTS, much different than the norm.

In Triberia, building your tribe is very important. It is here that all your decisions are made, troops are trained, wood is cut, food is grown, etc. In your tribe you can build a large variety of buildings. The buildings available to you all depend on what resources and technology you have and the landscape around you. For example, you can't make a blacksmith unless you have access to a metal and some knowledge of metal working. Or you can't farm most crops unless you have a nearby river and some seeds.
Technology is also very important in Triberia. An army with better technology can easily defeat a less advanced army, even if they are outnumbered. Technology also effects your tribe, as mentioned previously.
Animals are quite useful in Triberia. There is a large amount of animals to find in Triberia,all of which can be hunted and tamed. Taming animals enables you to make them work or even fight for you. There are mounts such as horses, camels and elephant, war animals such as dogs, wolves and bears, food producing animals such as cows, chickens and goats and simple work animals such as donkeys and yaks.
One of Triberia's most unique features is the ability to "possess" your tribesmen. This allows you to take control of any member of your tribe and play as them, which brings a completely different perspective to the game. You can take control of one of your warriors and fight as them. You can take control of hunter to bring some food into tribe. Or, if you want, you can take control of a simple farmer and plant some corn.

Single Player vs. Multiplayer: Single player and multiplayer are very different. While in single player, players can play multiple two main modes 1. Skirmish 2. Survival.

If you choose to play skirmish your objective is to simply destroy all enemies on your map of choice. Last tribe standing wins. Tribes may not create alliances with each other. These games are usually 1 – 6 hours long and allow 2-12 tribes on an average sized map. All tribes are equal at the start of the game.

Survival mode: Survival mode is capable of holding double the amount of tribes than on a skirmish map. Games last much longer and involve a lot of strategy. Before Survival mode is launched the game system randomly picks out tribe sizes and places them randomly on the map. Some tribes are huge and some are small. Your tribe starts of very small with very low resources. The large tribes will attempt to conquer your land and take your civilians as slaves. Creating alliances and trading routes is a key method to survival. The game is finished once a certain goal is achieved or when all the enemies are defeated.

Multiplayerhas a very unique mode of play; Single player skirmish is available in multiplayer although the enemies are real humans. (For information on skirmish mode please check above)  My favourite multiplayer gameplay mode is Tribe wars. In this game mode you must setup your own tribe by recruiting real members. The game is in 3rd person view and there is no npc tribe members. Meaning that all resources must be collected by real players. Tribe’s sizes may not exceed the limit of 10 members and no more than 8 tribes can be placed on a multiplayer map. Your tribe’s statistics will be available on the community leader boards, Yearly completions will be held for the best tribes (competing for real money). All decisions such as creating buildings are decided by vote. Equipment such as weapons and armour can be crafted using the crafting system. All players have inventories to place gathered resources and created equipment. More information about player characters will be released in the pre-alpha

Why do we need your help?

Good question, We need funding for one main reason, to pay our developers, if the funding was to fail, the game would still be released but with very little content, it would take much longer to develop and graphics, lighting and servers would be very cheap. If the funding goes as planned the game would benefit from for example its own soundtrack , better graphics, more features, more characters, Online leader boards, faster servers (Lag free) and hundreds of more.

And of course what are we meant to do with these awesome rewards!

Creating in game visuals such as trees, buildings, characters, weapons, clothing etc. is allot of work and costs allot. Take a look at this picture, the first is a screenshot of a tree that hasn’t been textured. The second is a final image of the product. As you can see it looks much better in the second image. Believe it or not but the second image has 28 different textures combined together.

Our pathfinding system allows the npc to instantly caluclate what is walkable and what is not.

As you can see the character below is in a low polygon state and is not yet finished. He also needs to be textured. Areas such as the face and body need more work.

Cant see the video below? Try this link

Don't miss out on the official concept art book signed by our development team.


T-shirt design not final, art work being composed

  • Players get to choose their role on their tribe , you can do multiple roles at once. Some roles include farmer, explorer, woodcutter, butcher, merchant, hunter, spy and much more.
  • Player progress such as total resources gained, gold amount ,etc are saved on all servers.
  • You will need to collect resources such as wood, stone, iron, gold, food, water, wool in order to ensure survival of your tribe.
  • When you first create a tribe you are randomly placed on the servers map.
  • A crafting system which allows you to create weapons,tools and other useful items.
  • Non-player character such as wolf, deer, bears(dangerous), birds, cows, sheep , wild dogs and other animals freely roam the map.
  • Non-player character such as wolf, birds, horses, elephants and wild dogs can be tamed.
  • Maps can support up to 1250 players and 25 tribes.
  • Players can communicate in game using either text chat or voice chat.
  • Leaders are elected by members of the tribe every game year ( 48 hours ) , once the time is up a new election must take place.
  • 3rd person mode.
  • Awesome graphics that any Personal computer can run.
  • · Play online with your friends as one tribe
    · Create your own ranked clan and compete for real life money.
    · Create buildings.
    · Upgrade buildings.
    · Destroy buildings.
    · Create or destroy troops.
    · Upgrade troops.
    · Gold , Lumber, Food, Stone, Mineral’s., Animals for breeding.
    · Assign tasks to individual NPCS
    · Travel on land, over water.
    · Travel on land, over water.
    · Carry out tactics – Rush! , Barricade and wait!, Ambush , Split and flank enemy, Wedge, Hit and run
    · Surrender
    · Force units to suicide (may be necessary for victory)
    · Patrol
    · Set way points
    · Pay tribute or demand obedience from your units
    · Lay a trap
    · Activate unit abilities
    · Pause the game to build a complex queue of moves of strategy
    · Capture buildings
    · Heal/repair units/buildings
    · Grow farms to feed people
    · Breed animals
    · Attack ground
    · Buy and sell items on the black market
    · Possess any character on your team.
    · Progress a story
    · Stealth your units
    · Sell units to make up resources
    · Hunt/Fish 
    · Escort units
    · Fortify buildings
    · And so much more unlisted features.
Cant donate? or wanna help us even more? Please share with your friends and on socializing networks.

What are the funds for?


We need funding for a few things which will really impact the game at the end. At the current moment we are at a stage were the games functality is brilliant but the visuals are poor. Thats fine because this is how almost every single game development process starts, first the functuallity is focused on and later when the team feels ready they begin to add the visuals. 

The funding from this project will allow us to create amazing visuals.

Visuals? : When i say visuals i mean stuff like, Charecter models,Buildings in game, Weapon models, Texturing,Animation,Enviroment effects and a never ending list of possibilites.


The funding break down :

20% Programming : The left over programming is mainly bug fixes and left out features that need adding.

55% Visuals.

9 % Ulule backers rewards.

5% Licensing fees and other expenses.

1% Dedicated servers

10% Original music Composing

What if the funding goal is exceeded?

Additional funding will, of course, open up additional possibilities for us, such as better graphics, more servers , more characters to choose from, more weldable items, more player buildings to choose from and so much more content.


Triberia is currently in early alpha. A playable release will be available as soon as mid January. The alpha will only be available to Ulule backers.The game will run on Windows, Mac and Linux, 

The game has been estimated to ship in early summer of 2013, development will continue with regular updates and new releases every month.

About the project owner

XcilomStudio was founded in 2008 by a indie developer. We have since then grown into a small development team of 5 people. We are hoping to switch to full time development after or before this funding.

Make sure to follow us on twitter and like our Facebook page for updates

Make sure to checkout our sponsors : CloudBoo Server Hosting

And i just want to thank Autodesk Game Ware for all there support in this project.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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