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Crossing the Sarek massif

Ski touring in the Arctic Circle

About the project

We are a group of 6 Officer Cadets from the military academy of Saint-Cyr, which trains the future officers of the French Army. All fond of mountaineering and ski touring, we have decided to set up an ski touring expedition : crossing the Sarek massif, located in Sweden above the Arctic Circle. The expedition will last 12 days, in April 2019, during which we plan to cross about 150km and climb a few major summits.

We have decided to share this challenge with an officer from the German Mountain Infantry, Lieutenant Ralf Graf, as our expedition will take place a few months after the 100th anniversary of the 1918 armistice.

This long and harsh expedition represents a technical and physical challenge, as we will face long distances and extreme temperatures in a remote area. Our goal is to bear high our academy’s colors, by doing a major crossing in a polar area, but also to tighten the links between the French and German Army by inviting a German officer.

Zsolt Osztian, former member of the French National Mountaineering Team will be our mountain guide. His extended experience will be essential to the success and safety of our adventure. To prepare collectively this expedition, we have set aside as much time as possible to prepare ourselves, as soon as winter is on.


Timeline : 11/04/2019 to 22/04/2019 (12 days). Spring is the best period of the year for this kind of expedition. Temperatures are less extreme than in winter, and days are longer.

Location : The Sarek national park, located in the north of Sweden. It is a very isolated mountain range, difficult of access.

Route : Our idea is to cross the Sarek from South to North. The use of pulkas (small sledges used in polar hikes) will force us to take relatively flat valleys. However, we also chose to climb 2 or 3 summits, from a base camp that we will set up on our way.

Along the expedition, we will do our best to shoot spectacular pics and videos in magnificent landscapes, to contribute to film festivals and photography contests. This will enable us to put our class on the map, but it will also provide advertisement for our sponsors.

What are the funds for?

Total budget of 19,530€

  • Transportation : 1411€/person = 9877€

- Plane tickets Paris-Stockholm-Gallivare
- Transportation of heavy equipment in freight
- Transfer in bus from Gallivare to Saltoluktoa
- Transfer in snowmobiles from Saltoluoktoa to our starting point
- Transfer back from Ritsem to Saltoluktoa, and then to Gallivare

  • Housing, food : 511€/person = 3577€

- Lyophilised food
- Hotel night in Gallivare
- Gite night in Saltoluktoa

  • Rental : 190€/person = 1330€

- Tents The North Face
- Stoves
- Pulkas
- Satellite telephone

  • Mountain guide : 677€/person = 4739€

About the project owner

Here is the facebook page of our school year :